Married at First Sight: In it for the Wrong Reasons?!


Married at First Sight: In it for the Wrong Reasons?!

Boooyyy has this episode got drama!!!! Bumpy roads for all the couples…. except for one of course. As the couples settle into their new lives, and get deep with each other, it seems that Jess & Austin are SUPER capable of mature, level headed convos that turn into positive growth!! I think every couple should take a page out of their book. Good for them!!! The other couples though, I’m not so sure…..


Ok, I have to say, these two seem to be redeeming themselves!! It’s definitely a very slow process and sometimes it’s one step back, but I mean how cute was their little bonding session over doing her hair?!? And how about those pedicures?! I laugh sometimes because she can be so unphased by things that he sees as cute. Although she did find his feet funny, and she def bit her tongue because she knows he’s a sensitive guy! The candy box was adorable too! But again, she really didn’t have a strong reaction to that… lol gotta love Meka!!! I think her guard is still up a bit because she doesn’t trust him fully. What do ya think? He said he was starting a new job and he sounded so excited on the honeymoon, and now he quit?! Honestly, it seems like something you tell your wife AS it’s happening. NOT after. I kinda see why Meka is scared to fully trust him!! One lie can really set you back! I remember when Doug lied to me and I was almost ready to end the marriage (thank goodness I didn’t!!).


Katie & Derek were forced into talking about love which is honestly NEEDED! The more they communicate the stronger their bond will get, and maybe they will both start to actually get more comfortable with each other. I definitely see that they are physically comfortable, but the emotional part they def lack! Ahhh, It’s kind of like an endless cycle for these two where in my eyes,  Katie is scared that she will be more in the relationship than Derek so she doesn’t want to go all in, and then you have Derek who doesn’t want to get hurt because he has never been vulnerable enough for love (or maybe he truly hasn’t found the one?!?).

But regardless, I get where BOTH of them are coming from. Katie doesn’t want to get hurt again and I get it…it sucks. And Derek is clearly feeling judged by Katie for never being in love. I find Derek to be a hopeless romantic! I hope this movie romance idea of his doesn’t get in the way of true love right in front of him, but something tells me these two will work it out. Especially after their health insurance convo!!!


Ay yi yi, I can’t even say these two started on the right foot this week. Taylor & Brandon are a MESS! I don’t like how Brandon acted in the past, and I completely get why Taylor still feels scared by that too, but girllllllll!!! You don’t play fire with fire!! I def see the faults in Brandon, he isn’t confrontational at all – and then he just blows up (which I hope doesn’t happen again like it did on the honeymoon), but wow!! Taylor posting on Instagram…. NOT OK! Like Dr. Pepper said to them, ‘actions speak louder than words’, and let me tell ya, this action did speak louder than words. I almost don’t blame him for leaving because that post had no excuse. Do you think she’s in it for the fame????

At the beginning of the episode I was annoyed at Brandon though because he said Taylor said she was giving attitude even though all she did was try to have an honest conversation, but now I’m annoyed at them both!! Taylor even tried to excuse her video when she talked to Meka (who clearly doesn’t agree that it’s okay!) and said it was supposed to be funny and had nothing to do with him? Not gonna lie it came across really bad so even if she meant it or not- it’s not a good look! & can we just talk about how Taylor was on her phone while Meka was talking! Ahhh, Brandon and Taylor both have a lot of changing to do if they want this to work……


Alright, at the beginning of the episode I felt so bad for Mindy because I felt like things weren’t changing…AKA Zach STILL talking circles. I mean he even used his dogs ‘running away’ as a way to avoid the convo mid-conversation. I guess he couldn’t talk himself out of that one!

I give big props to his sister because she gave it to him straight!!! She agrees with the rest of us- he signed up to be married so he should act like it!!!! No more of his “I don’t want to put a label on us” or any other player behavior! His overthinking has seriously gotta stop and he should relax and actually get to know Mindy! I think the face masks and the card games are def a step in the right direction!! The experts clearly matched them for a reason! 


And next week things get PHYSICAL between Mindy & Zach (finally!!), and things take a turn for the worst for some of the other couples! Are Brandon & Taylor through?!? I’ll be back to chat next week but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!


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