Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert, Here’s How the Weddings Went!


Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert, Here’s How the Weddings Went!

Currently snuggling on the couch with my hubby in Curacao catching up on Married at First Sight! Ahhh, We’re back!! And this time with 5 new couples in Washington, DC!!! I remember being in their shoes like it was yesterday…and we all know how our wedding day unfolded lol!! Buuuuttt, I have faith that none of these brides.. or grooms…will end up in the hallway crying. After all this is supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives. Anyways, let me catch ya up, don’t worry, I got you girl lol. Last episode six complete strangers met- and married- the love of their life… hopefully and here’s how it went!!

Katie and Derek

These two are just so cute! You could feel the nervousness and pure excitement radiating from Katie! She looked like a beautiful bride in her sparkly white dress!! I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight, but it was definitely *like* at first sight (hey, that’s a huge step considering they’re strangers haha). Their families totally approved too, that applause at the end of the first kiss was unforgettable!! Derek was pretty pleased with his wife too, he thinks she totally could be the love of his life.

Taylor and Brandon

The wedding day episode is probably one of my favorites!! I love seeing all the couples start their beautiful journey where they hopefully fall in love!! Taylor and Brandon looked perfect together and the way they look at each other… ahh melt my heat 🙂 They even sealed it with a kiss, I don’t know about you but there was a definite connection, I could just *feel* it!! Plus you can tell that Brandon is all in 🙂 I’m so excited for these two!

Jessica and Austin

I can’t wait to show Gracie and her baby brother our wedding episode lol it is amazing that we have our *awkward* yet perfect day on film! Jessica was so funny!! I mean I 100% agree that it’s a wee bit awkward to kiss a stranger, oh do I get ya girl! I gave Doug the cheek hahah, I would barely let him touch me so you’re doing great!! And I’m a firm believer that attraction grows over time and you get more comfortable the more you get to know them 🙂

Okay, now that I caught ya up to speed, we have the last two couples to say I do and I’m so excited to see how it all unfolds 🙂

Mindy and Zach

Mindy and Zach are up first to say their “I do’s” and girl do I get ya! All I wanted was butterflies and no regrets too! But I felt nothing, zilch, zero, nada and I truly thought I made the worst decision ever. I feel like Mindy and Zach are made for each other, they’re like too peas in a pod!! I totally understand that marrying a stranger is a weird concept, but I felt so bad for her that most of her family didn’t come to the wedding, but I know her sister his with her in spirit. Even though her family refuses to support her, but girl, we’re supporting you!! Ah, I just want to reach in the TV and hug her! I loved that she legit walked herself down!! Mindy is one strong and independent woman and I just know Zach will compliment her so well! I mean I would say their wedding went AMAZING!! They ended it with a standing ovation and sealed it with a selfie;)

Meeka and Michael

Meeka and Michael are next up to finally meet!! You can tell that Meeka is hoping for an instant connect!!! Just don’t expect butterflies, like I did lol!! But hey, ya never know!! Meeka looks stunning, all dolled up in her dress!!! She’s a go getter, he’s goal oriented and I think these two can conquer the world together!! Ps how cute was it that Michael wanted the approval of her mom before they kissed!? Melt my heart!! Southern gentleman for sure. Michael isn’t waisting any time getting to Meeka! He was a bit shocked that she’s only 25 and he’s 31… but age is just a number!!!

Is it happily ever after?!

Okay so hands down all the weddings went better than mine and no one was in the aisle crying so that was a bonus!! This may have be the scariest and BEST decision of their lives! One thing for sure is that their lives are definitely going to change.

Hopefully all these couples finally have a love story to call their own!! I am sooo excited for the honeymoons and to find out who made their marriage official, official if ya know what I mean 😉 Until next week!!

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