Married at First Sight: Trouble in Paradise


Married at First Sight: Trouble in Paradise

All the couples are officially married and ready to start the rest of their lives together! They were *total* strangers just a few hours ago and they’re officially no longer strangers! I mean technically they’re married strangers now lol! Before we get to the honeymoons, let’s see how the wedding nights went!

Brandon and Taylor

Omg how CUTE was Brandon’s little surprise for her!! That was the sweetest gift and so personal 🙂 she’s definitely going to cherish that necklace forever! I remember on our first night together, Doug made me a little book with pictures of everyone so I could get to know them! It melted my heart and I still have it to this day 🙂 These two are totally hitting it off too…. they didn’t do much sleeping their first night together…. instead they chatted up a storm and just took their time to get to know each other 🙂

Meeting the In-laws

Dun dun dun…. meeting the in-laws!!! I was TERRIFIED meeting Doug and Bonnie for the first time! Not gonna lie, Bonnie wasn’t the most welcoming at first, totally understand though, she was just a mama bear protecting her baby boy! But now they are everything I could’ve dreamed of and more!!

Jessica and Austin

Okay is it just me or do these two just have INSTANT chemistry together?! I mean they just hit it off from the get-go and are joking around and laughing like an old married couple 😉

Jessica’s sissy and brother are definitely looking out for her though! I am so so happy that Austin reassured them though because he’s in it for the long run.

Jessica didn’t get off the hook as easily though! Austin’s mom wants to know her intentions. Being a mom now, I totally understand where she’s coming from! Mamas are definitely intimidating, but she’s just being protective over her baby! I thought it was so so sweet that she wants to build a relationship with Jessica and is looking forward to building that connection 🙂 You could totally tell all her worries went away and she’s thrilled now!

Taylor and Brandon

Their in-laws don’t waste any time!! They’re getting straight to the nitty-gritty lol!! You can totally tell they want grandbabies and they want them asap haha. I mean babies are just SO cute right?!

Brandon was so reassuring to Taylor’s mom and it was so sweet! Buuuutttt, they’re not convinced he’s gonna take care of her. I mean actions do speak louder than words… so only time will tell!!

Katie and Derek

Wowza!!! It is literally a match made in heaven!! Derek just fits right on in with Katie’s family! He was so vulnerable, open and honest with her family. He even shared that he’s never been in love. I really hope he can fall in love with Katie 🙂

Did anyone else’s heart just MELT when Derek pulled her dad aside and asked for his blessing?! You can tell he’s old school and such a gentleman!!! Ah I’m sooo excited for these two!

Mindy and Zach

Zach’s friends were super helpful in giving Mindy some tips and tricks to win Zach over 🙂 The way to Zach’s heart is a deeper connection… he likes to be challenged mentally. I can sooooo relate to him! I am the same way, I had to know Doug in and out before I fell for him and now we’re happily married with 2 kiddos 🙂 dreams do come true!!

Mindy won the family over!!!! It was so cute 🙂 It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies though…one of their biggest concerns is whether or not he’s trying to get more career exposure? What do you guys think?! I just hope he can show her family who he is instead of tell them. I have faith!!!

Meka and Michael

Meka is unapologetically herself and I am here for it!!! Yikes, Michael’s track record doesn’t seem the best with dating and her mama wants to know allllll about it! Michael has apparently cheated emotionally on one of his other relationships. I think Meka’s mom handled it so well 🙂 And you have to appreciate his honesty!! So applauds for that one!


Panama here we come!! What a more romantic way to start off their relationship, than in the warm and sunny setting! They say ya don’t really know someone until ya travel with them and boy is that true! These couples are gonna get to know each other real quick lol!Plus it’s the first time they’re all meeting as married couples 🙂

The honeymoon phase may be over before it even started with Meka and Michael, they’re starting off their first night in Panama fighting.

On the plane, Michael gave her an ultimatum if they don’t have sex on the honeymoon he doesn’t want to be in the marriage. WOW!! I’m honestly speechless!! What do you guys think?! Meka shared that he’s a totally different person on and off camera. I think it was so good though that Meka was able to confront him and stand up for herself! You go girl!!

Ahhh talk about a real cliff hanger!! I cannot WAIT until next week… it seems like trouble is brewing in paradise! Zach’s not attracted to Mindy? Meka isn’t wearing her wedding band? Stay tuned for next weeks episode I’ll be here blogging all about it!

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