Holiday Gift Guide for New Mamas!


Hey mamas! The Holiday season is here and I know it can be suppperrrr overwhelming to try to find gifts for everyone in your life – especially for your friends who just had a kiddo! It is hard to focus in and find the ULTIMATE gifts because there are soooo many different brands to choose from! Doug, if you’re reading this, I may need refills on some of these! lol

  1. The Zoe Stroller!  OK- I gotta say this stroller is a LIFESAVER! It’s super light, compactable and as you have more kiddos you can add on more sections to it.
  2. True Botanicals – I highly recommend the Mama Glow Bundle! It’s hard to get nursing safe products for new mamas which makes the holidays kinda tricky, but this is as clean as you can get! After I got pregnant with Gracie I really started to focus in on ingredients and True Botanicals definitely stood out to me the most!
  3. Hammitt Bag – Who said you can’t be a mama AND be stylish?! I found the traditional diaper bags to be ugly af so I wanted something fun & chic! I ditched diaper bags when Gracie was about a year old and I just use large, cute purses.
  4. Pique Tea –   OK, I used to be a coffee addict but tea has STOLEN my heart! Ever since I started trying to get pregnant with Hendrix I cut out coffee & became a tea drinker all the way. But does that mean I don’t need energy or drink caffeine?? Definitely NOT! This mama needs allllll the help she can get! Here’s my delicious secret for jitter-free energy that’s packed with health benefits…
  5. Nursing Pillow – I swear by a nursing pillow some nights! I know some mamas love this, others don’t like to use a pillow. This one is def up to the mama but I think it can be super beneficial, specifically in those early months!
  6. Bamboobies Breast Feeding Starter Kit – Bamboobies is Ah-mazing! We have their diaper cream, breast pads, nipple cream, and more from them. I love that it is all-natural and they really focus on safe ingredients. But to my breastfeeding mamas, milk leakage is REAL! Breast pads are a game changer so that you don’t get every single shirt dirty 😛
  7. Third Love Nursing Bra – This has got to be one of my comfiest nursing bras. It’s cute, comfy, and super user-friendly… I whip my boob out in no time lol! A mama can never have too many so this makes for the PERFECT gift!
  8. Diffuser – This one might seem random but boy oh boy I have become dependant on my lavender essential oil being diffused into my room. When I was pregnant I would use this every single night to unwind and relax, and now I use it throughout the day and particularly when I am stressed. I don’t know what it is about lavender but it really is so calming. I think EVERY mama deserves a diffuser- it’s like having a mini spa at home!
  9. Cordless Breast Pump Option 1 – I’m not gonna lie, I have tried TONS of different breast pumps and I am always down to try a new one! Elvie caught my eye because of how small it is and the fact that it is COMPLETELY cordless! throw it on your boob and it does the work for you…soooo convenient for a working mama that has to pump at work or while out!
  10. Cordless Breast Pump Option 2 – The Willow is the same as the Elvie in terms of it being cordless and discreet. I am going to write a review soon on both of them but honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one!
  11. More Affordable Breast Pump – Although not cordless, the Lansinoh Smart pump Double Electric Breast Pump is incredible! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a quality but affordable breast pump! I know if I was gifted this I would be super duper happy about it!
  12. MyD Baby Breast Pump – This is the most affordable of all the pumps! It is travel friendly, and cordless all the while still having an amazing suction. For any mamas that are always on the go and need something lightweight, this is a great option!
  13. The Mom Hook – Also a MUST HAVE! The mom hook is great for a mama who needs extra hands! This hooks right onto your stroller so you can easily access your handbag, diaper bag, etc.

& if you’re looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season, my go-to is Girl Pride Africa!

We had Lolah, the founder of Girl Pride Africa on our podcast recently and the stories she told us broke my heart! Girl Pride Africa is a non-profit organization operating in Masiphumelele, Cape Town, South Africa. Their goal is to help women and children who are child brides, teen moms by having adult mentors teach them desired life skills and get them out of bad situations!



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