Married At First Sight: One Couple Calls It Quits


Married At First Sight: One Couple Calls It Quits

Okay, so this is a total FIRST in Married At First Sight history! Production is totally shut down and these newlywed couples are together in lockdown documenting their own journey.
COVID quarantine hasn’t been easy on anyone, so I can’t even IMAGINE what it’s like for our couples! Welp, hopefully, they’ll use this time to grow closer and not further apart… let’s dig into it!

Quarantine Vibes

I think that Amelia has officially hit the epitome of “quarantine boredom”. I absolutely love her new do, I think it suits her so well! I’m totally contemplating having Doug cut my hair, cause mama needs a cut!! Should I let him do it?!

Lemme tell ya, a pet rat would NEVER fly in my house haha! We had a rat in the car and I just about had a heart attack when I saw it! But hey, if she wants to see how he is at taking care of little ones then go for it.

Amani girl, I am pretty sure our hubbies must be the same person! They both snore and I can never fall asleep either, don’t ya just wish you could sleep like your hubby?! Sooo not fair LOL!

But OMG, my heart pretty much exploded when she confessed that she’s ready to tell him she LOVES him!! YES, YES, YES!!! Amani knows the way to her man’s heart.. gifts & breakfast in bed, yep, pretty much the perfect recipe for looooveeee!!!

Love Me, Love Me NOT

Ay, yi, yi!! That fairytale ending went downhill fast! I think it was definitely a wee bit sketchy that Woody was so defensive over her asking to look at his phone. But I totally get it! Some people just like their privacy.. it doesn’t mean he’s hiding something.. but who knows!

YIKES!! Actually, double YIKES!! I cannot believe that Christina forgot his birthday. Like I get that you’ve only known him for a little bit, but that’s kind of a big deal. What do you guys think? Is that a make it or break it?!

Things just keep getting worse and worse! Ahhh I wish Christina was just open and honest with Henry instead of lying about going for a walk until 3am when she actually went to hang out with friends. I think lying early on especially about the little things is not a good sign. But hopefully, they can talk it out and get through it!

Ahh I FEEL for Karen and Miles! You can totally tell that they are hitting a rough patch. I wanted to reach in to the tv and give him a big hug when he admitted that he doesn’t feel wanted. I think Karen totally likes him, she’s just not as lovey dovey as him and that’s okay!! I hope he doesn’t give up on her because they would make a great couple!

Calling it QUITS!

Olivia is super woman!! I can’t imagine going to the hospital daily during a pandemic!! I’m so glad that Brett is picking up some of the slack by cooking and cleaning lol!

Olivia has been working hard so I totally understand that she wants to visit her family! I think that him moving back into his house and taking EVERYTHING is totally uncalled for!!! ! Brett, where’s the communication!?!

Zoom with the Experts

I am so so sad!! I definitely did NOT see that coming! I am so shocked that Olivia and Brett chose to go their separate ways already! I think that they totally friend-zoned each other and couldn’t get out of that! I hope they don’t regret choosing to go their separate ways and I hope they BOTH find the love they’re looking for!

How Manly Are You?

Yikes! I feel like the *worst* thing you can do to a man is come at their masculinity! Karen feels like Miles acts feminine sometimes, but in my opinion, he’s just being personable! I think he has some level of resentment against her. They have no intimacy AT ALL!!! No kissing, hand-holding, nada! I hope they can get out of the friend zone ASAP! I think these two just needed some communication and I hope they can get through this!

From like to love….

Amelia and Bennet are one of my all-time favorite MAFS couples! I just love how they complement each other and I can’t wait for them to have babies… whoops too soon?! Lol Amelia doesn’t think so! Bennet on the other hand wants a more stable career before kiddos, so I can totally respect that! Marriage is all about compromise and sacrifice so I was so excited when Bennet surprised her and let her know that he was going to split his time between LA and VA! I’m wishing these two the best of luck!!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire?

I just don’t think Christina and Henry have been one the page since day one! It seems like there is a lack of communication and always some sort of misunderstanding! I feel like Christina is always trying to figure out what’s going on, he is forgetting about the little things and Henry doesn’t feel like they have anything in common. I think all their problems are stemming from a lack of communication. He feels like she is dishonest which prevented him from opening up, but on the same token, she’s very defensive because she feels like he’s totally checked out. Honestly, I can see both sides and I feel like they BOTH need to put more work in to make their marriage work out!

Amani and Woody are in looooveeee and I’m here for it!!! Okay, so when is a new little MAFS baby joining the club haha?! I was so so happy when Woody shared that he is in this for life and he’s not going anywhere! Lol as of right now they’re waiting on a baby and a puppy, but hopefully, they’ll be expanding their little fam bam soon!

Wow!! I did NOT see that coming!! My jaw was on the floor when Christina told Henry that one of her guy friends admitted that he and Henry were sleeping together?! Like what??? IDK how true that is or not, but that was definitely a shock to hear!

Next time…..

The remaining couples are free from lockdown so here’s to fresh air and a fresh start for the couples on their retreat!! Let’s just say it was far from relaxing for some couples!! I’ll be back next week to blog all about it!!

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