It’s Me, Jamie

Some of you may know me from watching my awkward dating life on “The Bachelor.” I was hoping time would take those embarrassing ‘I’m going to teach you how to kiss’ memories away, but I couldn’t be so lucky. I guess that’s why they created YouTube. (And The Bachelor’s Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments.)

After my dating ways were revealed to the world it’s probably not surprising to learn that when someone called and asked me if I wanted and/or needed help from experts while dating in New York City I practically fell off my chair and screamed ‘yes, please!’ Leaving the only question to be uttered ‘How much will it cost?’ Little did I know what that phone call would turn into.

My Wedding Day Look
Yes, I know I come off like a complete B!tCH. I can see my flaws just the same as you can. I am working on it.

I was married at first sight on March 23, 2014. That’s right, married at first sight. I found out that that “do you want help dating” phone call was unknowingly the beginning of a long process to find the man who I am married to today. And no shocker here: our wedding was incredibly awkward and weird. But, turns out crossing your fingers and hoping to God can work out after all. Well, maybe that along with the help of some highly qualified experts and two people who really wanted love and marriage. Or maybe it was just because I was paired with the most handsome, kind, incredible, amazing man. In any case, I am now happily married to the best man in the world: Douglas Hehner.

One of the first things my husband learned about me is that I am a workaholic. I really enjoy working. But that may be because I have the best career(s) in the world! I am a registered nurse. I’m so proud to say that I work at the #1 hospital in New York and it’s ranked #7 in America: Columbia Presbyterial Hospital. The Labor and Delivery unit is incredibly rewarding. 

Nursing is a tough job and I am so proud to be a nurse!
Honored to be a strong nurse standing next to one of the most intelligent doctors in America.

When I’m not helping little miracles be born I love my work as an on-air host. I’m so passionate about this because it’s so versatile. I love chatting about love, food, fashion, health and well, just about everything! I’m the official on-air host for The Chef’s Connection and the new celebrity shopping app Star Shop. I jump at any chance to talk with amazing, talented people on the red carpets at charity, fashion, or other events. (My favorite so far is definitely Rihanna, she’s so down to earth!) I’ve also enjoyed discussing different topics in healthcare with Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, and the amazing hosts at HLN’s The Daily Share. I really love being able to share the healthcare knowledge I’ve learned over the years with my work on the popular website Those are just a few places where I’ve had the pleasure to work as an on-air host. 

I’d be missing a huge chunk of who I am if I didn’t mention my family. I’d be lost without them. I’m one of five children. Second in line to be precise. My siblings and I are very close. See, my three younger siblings came to live with me when I was 19 years old.

My siblings are my everything. We’ve been through it all together. We were just a bunch of kids living together alone, but we grew up strong and ambitious!
On The Red Carpet Interviewing Rihanna and Jim Parsons.

I was a freshman in college. It’s a long story, but my mom had some troubles and I ended up being granted custody of my younger sisters after going through long court hearings. At the time we didn’t have any extended family to depend on. There literally was not one person who came reaching out to help us. So, we just learned to fend for ourselves. And that we did.  We grew incredibly strong and close. Because of my experiences with my siblings I wanted to help more children who had issues like us. I began taking foster parenting classes. I became a certified foster parent during my last semester of college. I took in my first foster child at the same time I began my very first job as a Registered Nurse.

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