Married at First Sight: Decision Day Spoilers!


Married at First Sight: Decision Day Spoilers!

HOLY COW. Decision day is HERE. And spoiler alert: STOP READING if you haven’t watched it yet.

Okay… I warned ya!!!

Nerves are HIGH

WOW! I can still remember decision day like it was yesterday. The feeling in your stomach is like no other…at the end of the day you have NO idea what your spouse is going to say. For Doug & I, we weren’t 100% committed to saying yes. I mean we were no Amelia & Bennett, so nerves were definitely high.

Amani had her first night without Woody in months, Bennett got to sleep in his shed house & Henry really got to reflect about all that has happened. I’d say they’ve all had *more* than enough time to think this through…

When Christina said she didn’t expect to be going back and forth on her decision I was like You and me both sista! I thought she was 100% going to say divorce (I mean she did…but the fact that she thought about trying to make it work with Henry blew my mind)…

Tattoos are FOREVER!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Amelia and Bennett are AMAZING together. I mean, did we expect anything different here?! Of COURSE they’re staying together! Can you imagine if she said she wanted a divorce and he had to get that tattoo removed? 🤣

From staying up all night to making forts together, these two are truly a real-life John Legend and Chrissy Teigen…EVERYONE loves them. I mean Bennett truly has set the bar so high… Douglas, where’s your tat of my initials!!?😘 CONGRATS BENNETT AND AMELIA!!!!

Miscommunication at its Finest…

Yowzaaaa… that hug between Olivia and Brett was AWKWARD. You could tell that Olivia is 100% shut down. I get that she thinks he is being fake & at the end of the day she knows him more than we do, but I truly think that hug might have been genuine?! I dunno…

On the other hand, I can see how Brett is being fake. I mean he MOVED out and then texts her “hi cute wifey.” I mean ya gotta decide, do you want to make your marriage work or not?

Boy oh boy, I really didn’t expect the experts to turn on Olivia like that. They REALLY think she’s being too hard on Brett. I think this was the closure they needed & hopefully these two find love. I don’t think either one of them suck as people lol.

Pandemic Saved a Marriage?!?

Wow, I was really on the fence about if Karen & Miles would make it! Of course, I *really* wanted them to…but it was so hard to read Karen! For these two the pandemic was kinda a blessing. I mean no one wants it and it’s def really bad, but in a way it allowed these two to enjoy each other without camera and crew. Emotional trust and bond only grew in the last 3-4 weeks which was so needed. But…sex is still holding Miles back in terms of intimacy and you can tell Karen is adjusting to what her idea of her perfect man is.

Drumroll, please!!! Did they decide to stay together or go their separate ways?? I was literally SQUEEZING Doug because I was so nervous but YAY THEY STAY TOGETHER! I think if they had made their decision on the original decision day 2 months ago, they might have had a different fate because they wouldn’t have grown as much psychically and emotionally. Miles was a trickster because for a second I really thought he was gonna say no but as soon as they both said yes I was smiling like a kid with candy…


Was it just me or did Henry call Christina out by saying he needs a partner that is gentle and kind- lol. Henry has seemed disinterested since the beginning to be honest but this is the first time I have seen him have this much emotion and anger! I have no idea who is telling the truth here, but if she did use him “being gay” as blackmail that is soooo not cool. 🙅🏼‍♀️

Also, I SWEAR Henry is intimidated by Christina…he never even gave her eye contact when he apologized or at all really…

So Many Tears…The Good Kind 😉

Dr. Vivianna is what everyone in America watching is doing… CRYING TEARS OF JOY over Amani and Woody. These two are *so* heartfelt in their words and you can tell they love each other so deeply. If I wasn’t already crying when Dr. Vivianna was, then I sure as heck was when Woody starting crying. I mean melt my heart why don’t ya?!? Welcome to the MAFS couples club Woody and Amani!!!!! We are happy to have yaaa!

Final Group Meet Up!

Olivia said it best if you didn’t get a husband or wife out of this experience, at least you got friends! I totally wish we did more group activities when Doug & I were married at first sight because it would have made things a lot easier to have others to relate to throughout the experience…

& this final group sesh was kinda their last time to throw digs at each other... I mean for Brett and Olivia at least. There was so much obvious tension and passive-aggressive behavior! I could totally sense that the girls (especially Amani) don’t like Brett either…& I’m kinda lovin’ the girls supporting girls thing that this group has going! What do you guys think?

& Tonight…the Drama Continues…

OK, the final episode after decision day is *always* my favorite. I swear it’s juicer than decision day by far! I’m *so* excited to watch it & I can’t wait to hear alllll your thoughts! In the meantime, chat with me in the comment section & find me on Twitter!!!

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