Married At First Sight: Which Couple Had Sex on Their Wedding Night


I think it’s fair to say that most men (don’t beat me with sticks and stones for ‘stereotyping’) are more likely to have sex with someone they just met than women. There’s probably some statistic out there proving this, but statistics are boring so I’m not even going to research it. Obviously not all men are like this, and not all women are demure and reserved. Let’s recap last episode of Married At First Sight and see which couple was most likely to have sex on their wedding night.

Which Married At First Sight couple had sex – in order of ‘Most Likely’ to ‘Least Likely’

Yep, they're happy together.
Yep, they’re happy together.

Tom Wilson and Lilly Vilchez are 10000X more likely to have had sex than any of the other couples. Not because Lilly isn’t shy and modest, but because their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS. Its only day 1 and it already seems like Tom and Lilly have a mutual respect for each other – which is SUPER hot, welcoming, and makes the other feel “safe.” This combination is an instant win for consummating your marriage wedding night. Side Note: this couple is kinda my favorite. 🙂 (Here are a couple examples of their respect for each other during their wedding.)

Next I’d say Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast only because Heather Seidel was so overwhelmed by marrying her stranger hubby, Derek Schwartz — weird, I know. 😉

I mean c'mon! How adorable! P.S my fav pose to do with my hubby is this one!
I mean c’mon! How adorable! P.S my fav pose to do with my hubby is this one!

Sonia and Nick are probably the cutest couple, in my humble opinion. They just look so good together. The only thing stopping them from being every bit amazing (and having sex on their wedding night) is Nick’s shyness. (And this is the exact reason why you don’t stereotype. He doesn’t fit the mold I created in my first sentence of this blog. You can grab your sticks and begin throwing your pebbles now.) Well, he’s not the only reason. Another thing that is hindering them from going from 0 to 100 is Sonia has some serious insecurities. Don’t get me wrong, her insecurities are completely understandable! When a man, who happens to be your new HUSBAND, doesn’t seem to find you attractive on your wedding day then obviously you are going to become doubtful. Luckily, she’s got her mother in law on her side and Nick says he’s a momma’s boy so here’s hoping he will be listening to her advice. The reason I say they are still more likely to have had sex and consummated their marriage than our last couple is because I’m 100% certain Derek and Heather definitely didn’t.

These two almost look like they could be either siblings or good friends, definitely not looking "in love" here. :-/ Still rooting for 'em though! :-)
These two almost look like they could be either siblings or good friends, definitely not looking “in love” here. :-/ Still rooting for ’em though! 🙂

If there was a scale of 0-100 when predicting who had sex on their wedding night I am sticking with Lilly and Tom reached 10000 and you could find Heather and Derek wayyyy down at the bottom. Maybe at like 10. They only get a ’10’ because Derek seemed super duper into Heather. And can ya blame him? She’s the all American blonde hair, blue eyed flight attendant. She also seems to have a lot of respect for herself. She is definitely that “stereotypical” shy and demure lady. (Put the sticks away and stop throwing those pebbles now. This one proves my point!) Derek and Heather have had a bit of a choppy start. She seems to be on a roller coaster of emotion. (Hands up if this ever happens to you in a new relationship.) *You can see my hand raised high. Guilty of this myself.* Poor Derek is totally gaga over her and she’s just like, “Hold up. Wait a minute. Let me put some pimpin’ in it!”  Err, actually that’s just Nelly from the early 90’s.

Tonight is HONEYMOON episode. I have a sneak-peak preview video of their honeymoons below. I sense trouble in paradise for one couple. EEK! But, the other two couples look like they’re REALLY getting closer. This season just gets better and better. If you’re watching with me tonight it starts at 8:45p, EST on FYI! And, I’ll be chatting with you and we can all chat with the couples LIVE on twitter during this episode! See ya’ll tonight!

And for those of you who get your Married At First Sight: Unfiltered fix from my blogs, here is the last one. I love finding out these secrets about the couples. 🙂

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  1. I’d say you are spot on about Derek and Heather NOT having sex on their wedding night and by the promo I saw, maybe never will!! She’s really kind of a cold fish in my opinion. No emotions I can see. I say YES to Tom and Lilly and Sonia and Nick but possibly one of the two couple did not. Sonia seemed to feel she didn’t know him well enough yet. Tom and Lilly are SO CUTE together and both real touchy feely, always kissing and hugging. I’m rooting for them all but the last on my list though I do love Derek is he and Heather. Honestly I can’t see her finding the right guy EVER with her personality…..SORRY Heather! Have fun and lighten up girl!! So that’s my take and I can’t wait until tonight’s show!! I LOVE IT!!!

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