Baby Gender Predictor: Is The “Nub Theory” Accurate At Predicting Sex

Always SO excited to see our baby. 🙂

Ok guys, so you all know I’ve been DYING to learn the sex of our sweet baby Hehner. From the moment we found out we are expecting it’s been a constant question in the back of our minds. We are planning a gender reveal party on March 4th, but we have been impatient and doing a lot of gender prediction on our own. (I do not know how some women can wait until birth! The suspense is torturous and I get so excited to try to figure it out!) 🙂

My Instagram Frans are the BEST EVER because they commented on one of my photos and told me about this ‘Nub Theory’ baby gender predictor. I’ve already done the Chinese Calendar, Old Wives Tales, Mayan Gender Predictor, etc. and I’m still left scratching my head in curiosity. Nothing seems to point to boy or girl. I am so THRILLED to hear of this new (and apparently more reliable) way to try to predict our baby’s gender.

Predicting Our Baby’s Gender

This is TMI – but I am sure you guys are used to me sharing TMI with y’all by now. 🙂

We conceived either last week of November or first week of December. We aren’t entirely sure because we were trying real hard for our baby. 😉

Not knowing the exact month makes it difficult for the Mayan Gender Predictor and Chinese Calendar but according to the Chinese Calendar with either November or December as month of conception we will be having a boy. When predicting our baby’s gender with the Mayan Gender Predictor it could be either boy (if conceived in November) or girl (if conceived in December). Nothing conclusive here.

The Old Wives’ Tale is a bit confusing, too. I had consistent nausea for the majority of the first trimester, but I didn’t throw up once. Not having morning sickness usually indicates boy. But using this same gender predictor I should be “glowing” if I’m pregnant with a boy (apparently girl’s steal your beauty). I am far from glowing if you ask me. I have pimples popping up daily…my cheek bones, nose, forehead, and chin all have areas of blotchy, rose colored protrusions these days. (Where’s the monkey covering his eyes emoji when you need it?!) lol.

More on Old Wives’ Tale Gender Predictor:

  • Craving sweet or Salty? 100% cravin’ sweets. (girl)
  • Moody or Mellow? I hate to admit it, but I am SO moody. Sorry hubby. (girl)
  • The Ring Test: Dangle your wedding ring on a string over your belly. Circle motion is boy. Linear back and forth is girl. When my hubby and I did this it was definitely circular. We did it twice just in case. haha. (boy)
  • Baby’s Heart Rate: >140 = girl and <140 = boy. Our baby’s heart rate is always super high and has never been below 140. (girl)

Using these traditional methods to predict our baby’s gender has been so fun but you can see it’s so wishy-washy…the calendars point more towards a boy and the old wives’ tale seems to be pointing to girl. …we are left with no “feeling” of one gender or the other… you can imagine how excited I was to find another way to try to figure out if we are having a boy or girl! 🙂

The Nub Theory

What is the “Nub Theory?” My Instagram Frans told me that this Nub Theory is more reliable than the Old Wives’ Tales and the Chinese/Mayan Calendars. This really had my attention so I researched it. (THANKS FRANS!!!) 🙂

According to the Nub Theory, you can predict the gender of your baby by looking at the “nub” your baby has in his/her 11-13 week ultrasound. The “nub” is the genital tubercles. Here’s my ultrasound photo of our Baby Hehner at 12 weeks 6 days:


I’ve pointed our our sweet baby’s “nub” and spine … look at how adorable his/her little face is. I’m so IN LOVE already. I just cannot wait to hold this amazing miracle. 🙂

How To Find Your Baby’s Nub For ‘Nub Theory’ Gender Predictor

In order to accurately – or I should say as accurately as possible – predict your baby’s gender using the Nub Theory you have to make sure you are looking at the right body parts.

Here are the general rules I found from (who say this is about 88% accurate!!!) when analyzing your ultrasound:

First step: the “nub” is only formed and able to be seen between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy so you need an ultrasound image at this time. The scan needs to be in profile view so that you can compare your baby’s nub to his/her spine.

Second step: if the nub is over 30 degrees up from the spine, it’s a boy! But, if it’s less than or equal to a 30 degree angle then it’s a girl!

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Below is an example of the “nub” from

Photo credit:

 I wonder if this Nub Theory could be accurate for us?! Either way, it’s just so much fun to try to figure it out. We are so excited and we will be extremely happy with a boy or girl! 🙂

My hubby and My Predictions:

I always thought we had another boy (I had a dream we are having another boy) but now that I see this Nub Theory I’m thinking we may have a girl..? My hubby thinks boy for sure. …Based on this Nub Theory what do you think our sweet baby Hehner is – a boy or girl? Please share with us in the comments! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a Maternal Fetal Medicine Sonographer, meaning I do ultrasounds in a high risk OB clinic. I have patients ask about the nub theory all the time, and even with over a decade of experience, I actually don’t make guesses based on the nub theory. But with a patient who scans well (certain maternal body types can make the image quality poor) and depending on fetal position, as long as someone with adequate training and experience is performing the ultrasound, I would say the accuracy is about 75%. In the image you posted, the nub actually is not shown. I think you will be finding out soon enough, though, since you’re in your 16th week now! Yay!

  2. That picture makes it look like a GIRL for sure! With my second, the ultrasound tech taught me all about it and showed me how it worked. She told me she was 85% sure it was a girl….and sure enough, at 20 weeks, they confirmed she was right! Ever since then I have been obsessed with the nub theory and predicting all my friends babies using it! Not to toot my own horn, but ive been right every time. Cannot wait to find out!!

  3. Jamie, with our first boy, I had ALLLLL the signs of girl (Old Wive’s Tales and Chinese calendar). I craved nothing but ice cream and brownies, was sick all day long but never puked, was all swollen and ugly looking, and many more! Our second boy, everything was mixed. Our daughter (born 10 years after our first), MOST “predictors” pointed to girl (I was moody with all of them, but with her it was the worst)! It’s always fun to guess though!! Have you tried the one where you put your wedding ring on a piece of your hair. Run the ring on between each finger, then hold it over your wrist! Circle-boy, line-girl. It’s supposed to predict not only the gender, but how many babies you’ll have!! It was spot on for us!! I did it when I was pregnant the second time. Before we knew for sure. It went circle then stopped. Another circle, then stopped. Then a straight line. And then it was done!!! I thought thebkittle girl would never come, but she did! Just a lot of years later (my kids are 13, 10, and 3)! Good luck!!!

  4. I am extremely happy for y’all! I too have had my share of miscarriage and losing my newborn son at only 6mths old. We are blessed however with two girls now and another boy he was our rainbow baby. I wish y’all the best pregnancy. Blessing to your baby either boy or girl she will be blessed to have such amazing parents. I have seen y’all since in the show. It was very saddening when I seen about yalls loss. So sorry!!! I am speechless on that part. I feel your pain I cried so much. I also can’t wait till y’all find out the babies gender! So excited for y’all!!!!!

  5. I think you guys are having a boy.. Either way I’m so happy God has blessed you with another baby!!! Much love

  6. I want to push a bit on the ring theory only because we did it on my 3rd pregnancy, we used a needle on a string though! First it swung back and forth (Girl) – my first was a girl. Then it stops and then went circular (boy) – my second was a boy – then it stopped and went circular again (Boy) – I had another boy! We also did it on my aunt (much older and done having kids). It did all 4 kids for her (circle – straight – straight – Circle. That’s the exact order she had her children. My sister did it and had accurate reading as well. :0) What an exciting time for you and your husband. BTW… you guys were my absolute favorite on the show… I love that your love for eachother has grown so much.

  7. I’ve always heard opposite for the string theory: circle motion is girl, linear motion is boy. Right now, I am 22 weeks pregnant, and I did this, along with many other of my pregnant lady friends, and they all came out correct!! So crazy, but yet exciting!

    Congratulations on your Rainbow baby! We are pregnant with our Rainbow baby too after losing our first due to an Ectopic by in May.

  8. That’s definately not the nub! It looked like a boy from the nub I saw in your temporary instagram pics. I knew my boy was a boy at 12 weeks…I’m an ultrasound tech. All the best for your pregnancy! Love you two!

  9. I am so happy for you and Doug. And the family must be so excited awaiting the birth of this sweet baby. I have cheered for you and Doug since day have always been my favorite couple. I wish you all the joy and love your hearts can hold..enjoy every minute, this will be the ride of your life.

  10. Girl, the sonogram to me looks like a girl. I have 4 grandson’s and 3 granddaughters and I could tell in every sonogram if it was a boy or girl. plus, the thread on the needle always works too! Thread the needle and hold it over your right hand palm side up. Let the needle such the middle of your palm then raise the thread up and I it circles girl if it goes side to side boy.

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