Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace


  1. Loretta Felts 2 years ago Reply

    I absolutely adore my spoonie necklace. As a 36 year married to the same man, we still like to spoon. I so enjoy watching, listening, and hearing all about Doug and Jamie’s marriage and growing family. Doug and Jamie have touched my sweet southern Alabama heart. I also purchased Jamie’s book and her “STORY” just broke my heart. It just makes me love her all the more. I appreciate how she and Doug just throw themselves out there and share there lives with all of their fans.

  2. Beck 2 years ago Reply

    I absolutely LOVE my “Spoonie” necklace. I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy and lupus. Years ago, I was in a support group that gave out little spoon pins. One day, I realized my pin was gone. It was so disappointing. Years and years later, after searching for a replacement, I gave up the hope of finding anything like the pin. I was so excited to see that Jamie had created a line of jewelry AND that she’d created a spoon theory necklace! And it’s even nicer than the pin was. I love, love, love it.
    Thank you Jamie! ❤️

  3. Heidi 2 years ago Reply

    I bought this necklace, way back when Jamie first started making jewelry. I never take it off! It’s my favorite piece of jewelry. It’s so delicate & beautiful. As a chronic illness sufferer, the spoon theory holds a very special place in my heart. This necklace also holds a special place in my heart, because Jamie is such an amazing, strong & inspirational lady. I’m buying another necklace for a friend, right now!

    • jamieotis 2 years ago Reply

      Hi Heidi! I am so happy you like your Spoonie necklace! 🙂 I hope your friend likes hers, too! That’s so kind of you!

  4. Brittany 2 years ago Reply

    I am in LOVE with this necklace. It is so dainty, delicate, and feminine. It’s really high quality and well-made. Suffering from a chronic illness, the spoon theory has really resonated with me. This spoon will give me strength on my tough days and gratitude on the good days. Thanks, Jamie! Xo

    • jamieotis 2 years ago Reply

      Thank you so much, Brittany! I am so glad you like it!!! Enjoy! xoxo

  5. Tina 2 years ago Reply

    Omg I thought I did a review when I first got my spoonie necklace! I’m sorry for not doing so but as they say everything has a reason. I have nerve damage in both feet from 2 surgeries the dr messed up and 3 more in each foot trying to correct. I’ve had this for over 15 years and its the most painful I had ever gone through and I did 36 hours of labor all natural to deliver my 9 lb 8 oz daughter! But you have to use your feet you can’t push through it or get off them. I often run out of spoons often feel like I let my family and kids down as my kids were in jr high and high school during this time, my mom had dementia and I was trying to do it all. To add to this I was doing laundry bent down to empty the dryer and couldn’t get up without a lot of pain. Some how I managed to damage two dics and I had a bone mass pressing on my nerve. So add that pain to the other and I start the day minus spoons. No one understands what you go through because like my problems there are many invisible diseases out there. There is nothing worse then having someone say you look fine, there is nothing wrong with you or even worse being yelled at for using a handicap parking spot because they can’t see what is wrong with you. I feel in love with Jamie and Doug on their show and was thrilled when Jaime started her jewelry line. I knew she made the spoons originally because they love to spoon and I kept saying I need to get one because I’m definitely a spoonie! My friends are always looking for things with spoons since reading the spoonie theory but never have any of found jewelry. Of course life gets in the way and it was on my list to do but i didn’t get one. Then I checked Jaimie’s twitter and blog ( I swear just a fan not a stalker) and saw her announcement on the spoonie necklace and I swear I cried. I knew I was ordering it no one was stopping me. The whole experience wonderful , the piece beautiful and means so much to us spoonies, the incredible packaging and yep it means something when its done so nice. I bought around Valentine’s day and not only got a sale but candy and OMG I even talked to Jaimie online it cannot get better than that. When I received it again I cried not only does it represent so much to us spoonies but it is a beautiful piece. Very pretty beautiful quality done so well. The funny thing was i had a drs apt the day after i got it and my nurse notices it and asked about it. Of course she knew about the spoonie theory but didn’t know about the necklace. i swear she brought every nurse into look at it and pointed it out to the dr. It has got me through some very hard days that not only did I not have enough spoons but I started the day off with negative spoons. I had undergone genetic testing for breast cancer as its rapid in my family both of my sisters just finished treatment last year. I was not surprised when I tested positive for the marker but I was surprised i also tested positive for cervical and ovarian. I was scheduled for my first surgery after the holidays. Mind you since I got the necklace its never off me unless I shower. It brings me comfort peace. My dr suggested another mri right before my surgery I had one 6 weeks before but she likes to be sure where everything is. I was even more surprised when I went from everything clear to masses on both sides of my ovaries that also came back from the biopsies positive. Had I not had that mri, had not had surgery imeddiately followed by chemo who knows how long things would have sat there or how much worse it could be. I’m very grateful for the testing, I’m grateful I have a chance to fight things that many other women don’t but it has not been easy. You feel like you shouldn’t say I’m scared, I can’t do this, I’m tired because unlike those women before that just get a diagnosis with no chance you feel like guilty complaining. But I have had some very rough days, not an easy time with chemo and all through it my spoonie necklace hasn’t left my neck. I’m honored to wear it and when I realized I didn’t do my review I thought well yes it was bought because I am a chronic pain spoonie but now I’m also a cancer survivor spoonie. I have a couple more surgeries but I’m strong, I got this and on those days I start minus spoons I will always have my necklace so thank you once again Jaime for making these beautiful spoons

  6. Carrie 3 years ago Reply

    I absolutely love my spoonie necklace! Both the chain and spoon charm are high quality. I saw you wearing the double spoon necklace on MAFS The First Year and searched online right away to find out more about your jewelry. I’m so glad you added a piece to represent the spoonie theory. Ive also ordered your mother and daughter necklaces and can’t wait to receive them. I’d love it if you ventured into the “semicolon movement” with your jewelry. You do such nice work! Best wishes to you & Doug! You have a lot of loyal supporters who appreciate your candor and genuine personality.

  7. Tanya Castro 3 years ago Reply

    As an individual with Multiple Sclerosis, I instantly appreciated this necklace. As a person who is highly dedicated to my profession, this necklace will serve as a constant reminder to not do more than I can or I will run out of “spoons” before lunchtime! Upon opening the box I fell in love with the spoon, but was deeply saddened when I went to put it on as the clasp is extremely tiny. I hope you consider making another “Spoonie” necklace with a clasp that would best meet the needs of those with MS, Lupus, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, etc. It is unfortunate that most of us struggle with our fine motor skills. Needless to say, I will attempt to proudly wear my “Spoonie” necklace tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get to wear it at least once a week!

    • jamieotis 3 years ago Reply

      Hi Tanya!

      I am so excited you like your necklace! I hope it brings you strength and happiness each day! I will definitely look into clasps better suited for those of you who struggle with fine motor skills. 🙂

      Much love and happiness to you!