Pregnancy Joy, Baby Prep Planning, and 21 Bundles Review


For the first time this pregnancy, I have began truly prepping for the future for my baby. First thing we got: a 21 bundles subscription box. I guess I should share why I’ve waited so long  before collecting baby items and pregnancy needs. (Please tell me I am not the only one who didn’t buy one thing for my baby in the first trimester … my sister had her whole entire nursery, car seat, stroller, etc. before she was in her second trimester….)

Pregnancy Joy

Yesterday my hubby and I had our 12 week check up for our little bundle of joy growing in my belly and everything is going great! Each time we go in to see the doctor and I climb up to sit on that crinkly paper I find myself holding my breath.

The doctor cannot get my baby’s heart beat on the screen fast enough.

The moment I hear my baby’s fast-paced ‘thud thud thud’ a little smile comes to my face.


Pregnancy after Loss

If you’ve ever been through a loss, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s the fear of not knowing if they’ll find the heart beat or enough amniotic fluid or fully developed and functioning organs … I feel like I could go on and on with this list.

When I was pregnant with my sweet angel baby, Johnathan, I was on cloud 9 from the moment I found out I was pregnant until the moment I learned it wasn’t a healthy pregnancy and my sweet boy wouldn’t survive (about a week before we lost him). There was no fear in between. I knew I was taking my pre-natals, trying to get enough sleep, and going to all of my doctor visits. Everything seemed to be going GREAT – even though I did have some red-flags – so I assumed everything was going to be fine throughout my entire pregnancy.

It’s so different this time in my pregnancy. I worry a lot more.

Easier Said Than Done

My husband and I have been trying to choose “happiness and joy” over fear, but that is so much easier said than done. I thought if I said it out loud and tried to actively force myself to choose “happiness” and push the fear aside I could. This actually does work sometimes and it helped me to begin to bond with my baby, but I’m not going to lie and pretend like we are as optimistic as a fluttering butterfly on a beautiful summer day … the truth is, I find myself worrying alone because to talk about your fears is always quickly met with blind reassurance.

It’s funny how fast people will say “Oh, don’t worry! Everything is going to be ok this time!” I know people just want to comfort us and reassure us, but I remember when I began bleeding (first it began with spotting and then it slowly became more and more)  in my last pregnancy I was always reassured with “sometimes women just bleed. Everything is ok.”

I believed it whole-heartedly. The doctor said I was fine. The baby looked fine on the monitor each visit (regardless of the bleeding and red flags) and everyone told me I was fine. Why would I believe anything other than everything being fine. 

What really eased my fears was knowing that my sister who is a mommy of two told me she bled with both of her happy and healthy growing babies so I assumed that although it isn’t considered “normal” it was normal-ish and I didn’t let myself worry about it too much.

I Need Proof

The moment we found out we were pregnant I vowed that I wouldn’t spend the first three months filled with worry and fear and instead we would celebrate and love on this baby, but I guess I kinda failed at that. 🙁

I feel like this time around I needed to see that everything is definitely “fine” rather than just hearing it. It seems like I need proof – like hard evidence – that my baby is definitely happy, healthy, strong, and growing inside me. I want to know that I am having zero complications – literally. Not just “it can be normal.”

Because last time that shade of grey turned into the black loss of my baby.

Not to get all scientific on ya – but I am a nurse so forgive me 🙂 – it’s statistically proven that most losses occur in the first trimester. Even though my loss happened well into my second trimester I still feel so happy and reassured to say that I have had absolutely zero complications in my first trimester of pregnancy (the superseitisous me is knocking on wood right now)!!! And that superstitious part of me also feels totally ok saying this (as long as I knock on wood) because it’s the END of my first trimester (!!!) and I’ve had zero bleeding, zero cramps, and zero issues/concerns from any of my doctors with my ultrasounds.


Ahhh, I just cannot celebrate enough! My baby is is healthy and happy. As much as I wanted to celebrate early (and we definitely tried our best) I feel like it’s more of a genuine celebrate now. Of course we were so excited about our baby the moment we found out he/she was growing inside me, but for so many reasons it was always while holding our breath.

Coming out of my doctor’s visit that was the very last one of my first trimester my hubby and I couldn’t stop smiling and kissing. And then we’d each kiss our little kiddos face on a ultrasound pic and just stare at how miraculous our little baby Hehner is. We I were just gushing with joy and overflowing with emotion. We made it to the end of our 12th week of pregnancy with absolutely zero issues!

We can finally breathe!

Baby Prep

My hubby and I have A LOT to do before this baby comes in 6 months. First of all, we are living with my in laws. We need to get out of this financial crisis we are in. (I haven’t shared much on this because we are dead in the middle of it and we’ve just been trying to “handle it” as Olivia Pope would say. Scandal fans, anyone?) So yeah, first thing we need is to fix our finances and get our own home so we can begin designing a nursery for this little kiddo. Oh YAY! 🙂

I don’t know if this makes me sound crazy, but I haven’t bought one thing for this baby yet. That’s really not for any reason other than A.) we are saving money right now and B) I’ve just been so focused on getting through the first trimester. I remember with Johnathan we had a swing all assembled for him (among a few other things) but the worse was having to un-assemble that swing because our baby wouldn’t ever have the chance to be in it. 🙁 Simply devastating.

But now that we are in our second trimester I feel 100% more confident in my little saying that I am “pushing fear aside and choosing joy.” (I’m not gonna try to be so tough and pretend like I won’t worry at all anymore Because that’s really so unrealistic… BUT, I am really, truly feeling so much more confident!) I feel like I don’t have to hold my breath as much. AND I am so happy to begin prepping for this baby!

21 Bundles

The very first thing I have gotten for me and our little Baby Hehhner is 21 Bundles. A friend who works for 21 bundles reached out and asked if I had tried one of their boxes yet. To be honest, I hadn’t even really heard of them (other than through her). I went to their site – – to do some research on it. I fell in love. 🙂

21 bundles is a really awesome subscription box (I love subscription boxes – it always feels like Christmas morning when you get them in the mail!) that delivers you a box filled with natural and organic goodies that are catered to each month of your pregnancy (and after for when baby is born and growing). So fun!

I think I fell in love with them when I learned that they literally search world-wide and hand select the healthiest & safest products for moms and babies. I feel like it can be so overwhelming to research every single product you end up needing while pregnant/for a newborn. It’s so nice to know that I don’t have to worry about any of the products in this box and I can just use them! (God knows I have so much else to worry about!) 😉

My 3 month 21 Bundles box

So for my very first box (just so happened that I received at 12 weeks precisely!) I got the perfect goodies! The first thing I noticed in my box was “Bright Eyes.” It’s a 100% natural and 100% vegan eye mask that helps brighten & de-puff your eyes. Doing another twirl of excitement for this! I have been non-stop EXHAUSTED this whole first trimester. I’m excited to use this before our next date night so I look some-what refreshed! 🙂

Another item that caught my eye immediately was the Erba USDA organic Mommy-to-be massage oil. I cannot wait to lay in bed in my nightie and give my hubby this bottle of oil. Do you think he would catch the hint??? …Get your mind out of the gutter – I am way too tired for any hanky panky! I just want a nice massage with oils that help calm my tired and aching muscles! 😉

A few more favorites: Ellovi butter that is made with just SIX ingredients, Yorba Organics rejuvenating body wash, and Argan Oil Sugar Scrub … I’ve actually been meaning to get this from the store but that ‘pregnancy brain’ everyone talks about – yeah thats definitely a real thing. I’ve been to the store like 10 times and somehow keep forgetting to grab this. SO excited to see it in my box!

Partnered with 21 Bundles

After I received my bundle box I reached out to my friend who works for 21 bundles and asked if she thought maybe they’d be willing to give my amazing frans a discount code. I really think you guys would LOVE this. I’m SO happy to let ya know they were happy to offer you guys 20% off your first bundle box with code Jamie20. YAY!

Baby Hehner

I am so happy that we have safely made it to the end of our first trimester. Among the things to-do is plan a gender-reveal party, begin organizing a baby shower, and then putting the diaper bag together and getting the car seat ready for DELIVERY day! Am I missing anything?? Oh, so much to do. I am really just SO excited for the next six months! 🙂

Are you pregnant? What are some fun things you have done to prep for your baby? I feel like I could use all the advice I can get (especially if you’re pregnant after a loss). Please comment below any tips and tricks you have! 🙂





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  1. Jamie,
    I am so happy for you and Doug. You two were always my favorite couple and still are! Baby Hehner will be blessed to have you and Doug for parents. I have lived with my mother-in-law during a financial/health crisis. It was not so bad but I understand you wanting your own place. It is healthier for you, but the stress takes away from the health. If things are going alright where you are, my suggestion is become debt free before you move. It might be a double blessing because you would have help in those first months when you are so sleep deprived. The key will be for you to go into your room and close the door with Doug and Baby everyday to have YOUR family bonding time. Dates (some with and some without Baby -all WITH in the beginning) will be important too.

    I do have a question for you. My husband wrote a couple of books as well. When his were sold through Amazon he did not make anything off the books. Is that the way it is for you? If so, is there another way to buy your book? I want to purchase one but want you to be paid!

    1. aww, thank you so much! And thanks for wanting to read my book – means a lot to me when there are so many great books out there and so little time! 🙂 You’re right – I barely make anything from selling my books on amazon so I began offering a signed copy on my store. 🙂 It’s …Thank you again for so much love and support! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Jamie,
    I’m so happy your pregnancy is going so well. You’re gonna be a great mommy and Doug’s goofiness will be make him a fun daddy.

    You asked where we’d like you guys to visit, I’d love u guys to visit Atlantic City. I’m disabled so it’s hard for me to travel but I would love to meet you guys and give you a hug. I think you’re amazing, kind + incredibly strong. It’d be nice meeting Doug too, he always makes me laugh lol..

  3. Jamie,
    Everyone is different. Some get everything ready and some like me had very little prepared. I had just a few things. Plus 2 months before the baby was due I started getting pampers every time I found a coupon. Truth… I think you will get so much from friends, Family and fans. Also i think all of us hold are breath until we hold our babies. You can keep your fingers crossed up until they say push and all thought goes out of your mind except listening to the Dr. instructions.

  4. I Know this doesn’t apply but the number one thing I am preparing before our little one is due 9/27/17 is to get our 2 year old to sleep in his bed for the entire night! Ha but alongside you I haven’t prepped anything for our upcoming arrival yet because with my extreme morning sickness and distancing myself I’m just waiting for the worry and panic to rest and to where I can know everything will be just fine this time. I’m extremely happy that you finally got through all the worries and fears and are in the second trimester. Your baby is already so loved and blessed. Among everything else.. It will come naturally, especially when you start nesting 😉

  5. Wow Jamie, I’m really loving reading your blogs. And have been following for some time now. I was pregnant with my first when i read about your loss and i was absolutely devastated for you.
    Then i lost my boy. I was 24 weeks and he was born sleeping on Oct 21 2016. I then felt your pain. It’s excruciating and i remember wondering if it wven got any easier.
    My due date came and went recently and on the very last day (the day i would of been induced if Max had decided to stay in the oven) we found out I was pregnant.
    I quickly thought of you – and since i hadn’t read your blog in a while i thought I’d see how youwere going.
    I’m so pleased that everything is going well and you have a rainbow baby on the way.
    Our little men in heaven sure blessed us with these rainbows. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. I believe they were handpicked by our angels for us.
    Please keep documenting.
    My anxiety in this pregnancy so far is quite high. Reading tour blog is a fresh reminder that i am not the only one out there foing through this! ❤❤❤
    Teagan Harris

  6. This is all so amazing! I’d love to talk with you about more products that are safe during pregnancy. While taking care of your wonderful piece of heaven it’s also important that you take care of yourself as well! My husband and I are going to be trying for little babies in a few months and will totally be all over 21 bundles! I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Jamie,
    I loved your book and I can somewhat relate.
    After my first marriage I met mister right but like you my past caught up to me. I thought that everything my ex did to me my current husband was going recreate those fears in my head and heart. I was waiting for the bottom to fall out and all those past fears was going to return until one day I realized that I was sabotaging not only my happiness but the happiness for my children from my first marriage. I could rattle on forever about it but now I am so happy to say my husband and I well, we including my children made it through. We have been together for 17 years and married for 15. Like you Jamie we did have mister right…not mister right now! Sweet blessings to you all and much love to Johnathan in heaven and baby Hehner. Congrats on making through your first trimester and now on to two and three then baby!!

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