Married At First Sight: Couple’s Retreat


Married At First Sight: Couple’s Retreat

The remaining couples are free from lockdown so here’s to fresh air and a fresh start for the couples on their retreat!! Let’s just say it was far from relaxing for some couples!!

The Not So Happily Ever After

Olivia and Brett chose to go their separate ways. I truly hope that they can each find their happily ever after! I hope they don’t regret throwing in the towel so early on. I love how supportive Amani is! She is the SWEETEST… like girl can we be best friends?!

Henry has been flying solo for the past couple days ever since her accusation of Henry being gay AND cheating on her! I was SO taken off guard, what did you guys think of this?! Woody had the same reaction as me!! Talk about dropping a bomb in their marriage! Honesty is key, especially early on so I can totally see why his red flags have been heightened. Lol I’m with ya Woody, mama needs more wine too!!

Let’s Spice it Up

It’s time for these couples to head on a relaxing retreat to hopefully grow closer together! This is a great time to unplug from all the stress of everyday life and just focus on each other. I’m so glad that these couples all have each other to lean on as well….because ya never truly know what it’s like to marry a stranger UNTIL ya marry a stranger 😉

Christina is really taking it hard that Olivia wasn’t there! Don’t worry girl, let them tears out haha!

Hahah I thought it was so funny when Bennett just *had* to let everyone know he had sex with Amelia!! They are legit one of my favorite couples ever!!

Karen and Miles both have a heavy heart after learning about the passing of George Floyd and the injustices still in our world today. I love that he is making it a priority to take care of himself this weekend! YES!! SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH!

Talk about an elephant in the room!! Henry is making it SO obvious that they are having issues. Hey, nothing to be ashamed with, maybe talking about it will help ya get it off your chest! I love their persistence but ay yi yi this is just painful to watch…. Some people just aren’t meant to be. Do you guys think there’s still hope?!

Dear Younger Self….

I am IN love with this activity I totally wish I did this with Doug!! It’s such a cute way to become more vulnerable and strengthen their marriage.

Bennet kinda ruined the mood by writing all about his Pokemon card instead of Amelia… hahah priorities I guess LOL! My hubby would totally joke around in it too haha!! Don’t worry girl, he still loves ya more than life itself 🙂

I feel like Henry and Christina are just struggling so much with communication and opening up to each other. They both have their walls up and they are just never on the same page! Geesh I just don’t know!

Miles and Woody were getting REAL! I can see where Miles is coming from and I can see how it’s hard to make a decision if he doesn’t know what sex is like with Karen. But I absolutely LOVE that he’s respecting her wishes. Hey…Doug and I didn’t have sex for 6 months so I definitely don’t think this is a dealbreaker! LOL

One Week Left…

Decision day is RIGHT around the corner and the tensions are HIGH!!! Who will stay together and who will call it quits?! Ahhh I am just ITCHING to know!!

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