Married At First Sight: SPOILER ALERT! It Was Love At First Sight… For One Couple That Is


Married At First Sight: SPOILER ALERT! It Was Love At First Sight… For One Couple That Is

Andddd we’re back🎉 another MAFS season is here!!! This time we’re all the way in North Carolina and I am sooo excited for these 8 new singles to *offically* be married at first sight!! I’m snuggling with Doug and Gracie right now, I have a glass of wine in my hand and I’m READY for tonight’s episode, so let’s get right into it!

Was it Love At First Sight?

So, just to recap, on last week’s episode 2 couples were married and they seemed to hit it off from the start!! It was just about as sweet as can be with a cherry on top. All of their families supported their crazy way of marrying. (I can say that because I chose to get married in the same crazy way.) 🙂

Deonna and Greg were first up at the altar and it could not have gone any better! He thought she was absolutely beautiful and they even sealed it with a kiss. 😉

Amber and Matt were next up to meet their stranger spouses and you could tell right from the beginning that she couldn’t be happier. I mean who else thought that they had an *instant* connection and tons of chemistry?! Cause yeah, me too girl!! I’m a liiiiiittle worried about him because he is more quiet and reserved, but so far, so good!

It’s always a little strange to me to see new married at first sight couples seemingly instantly falling in love. I’ve been that stranger bride at the end of the aisle and it is seriously the most – what’s the right word? weird? – feeling to marry a complete stranger and call him your “husband” two minutes after you meet. But maybe I am the only awkward one because these two didn’t seem put off one bit.

Alrighty, we have the last two singles to say “I do” and boy oh boy am I reminiscing! I remember being in their same exact shoes, 5 years ago, scared out of my mind, thinking I just made the worst decision of my life… but I honestly could not be happier now! Piece of advice for these couples and any of my frans out there losing hope—give the guy or girl a chance who isn’t typically your type and ya never know what can happen!

Elizabeth’s dad was the absolute sweetest! I was starting to tear up because you could tell how much he loves his daughter, but you can also see how excited he is for her! You can tell immediately that she calmed down as soon as she laid eyes on Jamie! I love that they sealed their marriage with a kiss…and a dip!!

Okay I think I said this about every couple but, Iris and Keith may be my favorite couple, they are just so dang cute together! I think Iris may be on to something too..she was shaking it out before walking down the aisle… maybe I shoulda done that and I wouldn’t have cried HAHA, ya live and ya learn, am I right?! Honestly, it seemed like he was a part of the family right from the beginning, I mean Iris’s mom literally called him an answered prayer. Iris is a virgin. Yep, 27 years old and still a virgin. Seems like Keith has some big pressure on him, but I think he can handle it!

Let’s Talk About The Wedding Night

The episode ends with the couples going into their honeymoon suites. Now it comes to the age old question: who will consummate their marriage? …Something tells me we will all find out who went running all the way to home plate night one of marriage on the next episode of Married At First Sight. I mean, it’s hard to keep secrets for long when your whole marriage is being documented for national television. Trust me, I know all too well. 🙂

Plus.. total shocker but Elizabeth and Jamie  ALREADY said they loved each other! Were you guys just as shocked as I was?!

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