Married At First Sight: Last Night of Freedom!!!


Married At First Sight: Last Night of Freedom!!!

And just like that…WE’RE BACK! Wedding bells are ringing in New Orleans and we have FIVE COUPLES ready for commitment (so we hope…)! I have Hendrix in my arms and I’m ready to watch! & boy oh boy… I know I always say this, but this season looks WILD!

Meet the Couples!

Bennett & Amelia
 Mike Lirette Photography

Ok…I hate to pick favorites but so far I LOVE these two. I have no idea how they will interact together but I mean c’mon! They are both alternative, and quirky and they seem like a match made in heaven! Amelia’s friends are worried that she won’t find someone as quirky as her but let me tell you that’s just what she’s getting! Her perfect match! He picked out a fun suit, she picked out a fun dress, how can they be so similar?! I can’t wait to see how they react at the wedding next week! Eeee! Fingers crossed here!

Karen & Miles
Kinetic Content

Ay yi yi… when I first started watching I thought this is a Danielle & Bobby situation! Unproblematic!

I can totally see why these two were matched…she was in a long term relationship and he LIED to her about having a kid so she has trust issues but that is okay because Miles is an emotionally caring guy that seems to be a perfect support system for Karen! But alas, now she knows who she’s marrying and she doesn’t want to go through with it! She seems like a nervous Nellie and I question if she is even going to go through with it! Karen, you can’t judge a person solely by their social media! Give the boy a chance and you might find the love of your life <3 

Olivia & Brett
Julie Verlindon Photography

Olivia seems like the ultimate sweetheart. Brett…I’m not so sure. His title of ‘Serial Dater’ really showed at the bachelor party when he was hitting on OTHER WOMEN! You’re an engaged man now! Strippers are one thing but straight up hitting on other women…I’m a tad concerned! 

The one plus I am seeing is that they both love cats and they both have loving family members!

Amani & Woody
 Mike Lirette Photography

I call these two the FASHIONISTA couple! They are stylish and fun and I can’t wait to see them meet next week! I know Woody’s friends are concerned that he isn’t ready to settle, but it sounds like he had a hard life and he wants stability and support in his wife. This is the exact vibe I get from Amani so let’s see where this crazy love story takes them!

Christina and Henry
Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Lemme tell ya, girl knows what she wants! She isn’t messing around anymore and you can tell that she just wants TRUE LOVE! Plain and simple! I truly think Henry is a great match for her because he is the *nice* guy that she is looking for! Maybe nice guys don’t finish last after all! I would love to know your thoughts about this couple in the comments!

Bachelor Parties Gone Wild??? 

WOW!  For Season 1 we didn’t have all the fancy bachelor/bachelorette parties, and dress shopping experience, but man do I wish we did!! These parties looked like a great way to let loose the night before making the craziest decision of their lives! Although Christina didn’t want to loosen up, at least the others did! And Olivia was so sweet! I don’t know how I would have reacted to the strippers though!

The hubby’s party on the other hand went from being heart to heart conversations and then it took a full 180! Like I mentioned before, I think there is already a red flag with Brett. I mean he’s already acting like a player! Let’s hope it’s just pre-wedding jitters! 


Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon enough because it’s the WEDDINGS!!! 

Who’s going to walk down the aisle and who is going to get cold feet?! I can tell you one thing, I pray it’s not Amelia and Bennett! 

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