Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert- DRAMA in paradise?! 


Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert- DRAMA in paradise?! 

Seeing the cast go on vacay is giving me serious travel fever! I dunno about you but I am dyinggg to go on a vacation! These couples are *so* lucky that their honeymoon happened BEFORE the pandemic! This week’s episode felt super long and I think it is because so much happened! 


Ok, so Bennett’s definition of YOLO (you only love once) is clearly not the version most of us know but I mean how sweet! Gosh, he just has to be the nicest hubby ever. He seriously seems like he wouldn’t hurt a fly! 

But then I think Bennett got the hang of what YOLO means because he went for a swim in his underwear lol! Did he forget him swimming trunks?!

& oh man, Henry and Christina really brought YOLO to a whole new level. I mean tequila shots?! I think Christina was hoping that the alcohol would loosen him up. Hate to say it, but it doesn’t seem like it worked! 

Do Opposites Attract

I really am seeing a theme of opposites here! I think the experts really believe in the saying ‘opposites attract’ – well except in Amelia & Bennett’s case

Olivia is super reserved when it comes to dating and has given herself 3 years to find herself and stay single (yessss girlfriend!! Love that for you!!). But on the other hand, Brett has dated dozens of girls in the past YEAR!!! Hopefully, this will be the last girl he dates! 

Ay, yi, yi, then you have Christina & Henry. Doug says this is his least favorite couple because they are so awkward to watch. I can’t say I disagree. I am really hoping that their opposing traits balance each other out! I love Christina’s adventurous and fun side and I hope that she helps Henry let loose and explore new things! I mean who doesn’t want to slide down a mud cave?!?!

Past relationships…

My oh MY! The ladies this season did not have the best experiences with their past relationships! I mean Brett has been engaged before and can you believe Amani found out her ex-boyfriend was married while she was with him?! Amani is so chill and relaxed so I can’t even imagine what her reaction was…but I hope she listened to some T swift or Carry Underwood to get some revenge ideas lol. 

And then poor Karen! I understand why she is so reserved! Her ex had a kid while she was with him? What is up with these dishonest men! At least we know the boys this season don’t have secret kids or secret wives! 

OK, Miles seems much older than he is! He is super mature but wow when he said that he has been in 10 serious relationships in his life and he is only 26….I got to question it. Plus I pulled out my calculator. How did he manage to do that! I don’t know if Karen should be worried or impressed. Let’s hope that this doesn’t mean that he is picky.…

Friendships Forming

I think one of my favorite parts about the recent seasons is seeing the friendships blossom between the couples! I love love love Bennet & Woody being so friendly! It’s so nice to see and I hope they can all be life long friends because this is truly such a unique experience and these are the only people going through the same thing as you at the SAME time! 

Speaking of friendships, towards the end it seems like Christina and Henry finally building a one?!? & Henry also seems to be building a friendship with Olivia, or at least he seems very protective of her! He made it a point to be wary of Brett because of how he acted at the bachelor party. I see where he is coming from!

Let’s Talk About SEX Baby…

OH LA LA! When Woody and Amani got in the shower I thought for sure they had consummated the marriage! But then they said they haven’t yet and I kinda love how close and intimate they are getting without actually having sex. It may be a really good way to build a relationship! & then we have Karen & Miles all cozy in the hammock- Gosh, I LOVE, love! 

I wonder who the first couple will be to consummate the marriage. My bets on Christina & Henry 😉

Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon enough and boy oh boy – it is looking intense!

The couples soak up the sun on their last few days of the honeymoon! There are soooo many questions that I have. Is Brett hiding something?! Is Karen going to be there for Miles?! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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