Married At First Sight: Boston Recap



Married At First Sight is back with six singles ready for marriage in a new city: Boston

It’s BACK! Married At First Sight is on a mission for more successful couples. Last season was arguably one of the best seasons! And if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I am basically brown-nosin’ now. (It’s a long story but Danielle, Ashley, and Anthony will get it!) Lol. All three couples said “I Do” and meant it. By the end of the MAFS “experiment” all three were still together. (However, now only Anthony and Ashley are still together…but, to me, that is still pretty incredible!)

Meet The New Married At First Sight Couples

Jackie and Ryan

Jackie Schwartzberg’s story has tugged at my heartstrings ever since I learned about it. About two years ago her boyfriend suddenly passed away. Jackie is a 29 years old sales representative. I think with a past like that she definitely deserves love…but the burning question is: is she ready for it?

Ryan Buckley is Jackie’s future hubby. (We haven’t watched them say ‘I do’ yet so this is assuming neither of them get cold feet and run away!)  Ryan is a firefighter and something tells me that he has a very caring heart – I mean, how could he not? He risks his life daily for others. I’m really hoping this couple is able to find love!

Molly and Jon

Ok! This couple is HOT, HOT, HOT! They look like Ken and Barbie. I’m not sure why the Married At First Sight format has changed, but I would have guessed these two would be paired anyway. (Context for those of you who aren’t Die-hard MAFS fans: this is the first season we know who is paired together before the show even began.)

Jon Francetic is a 28 year old U.S. Army veteran and former financial associate (he lost his job to be married at first sight – talk about commitment)! It seems like he is 100% invested since he lost his job for love. He said, “Marrying a complete stranger is nerve wracking, but the reward and the payoff of it could be phenomenal.”

Molly Duff is the youngest of the bunch at 25 years old. Some may say 25 is too young to be married – and my 31 year old self wants to agree – but I was married to my married at first sight hubby at 27 and I knew I was ready. I think as I get older hearing of others committing to anything in their 20’s seems so young, but I remember when I was 25 and I definitely felt ready to be a wife and even a mommy. Oh and just in case you’re curious, Molly is a commercial insurance adjuster. Her hubby is going to be unemployed when they meet. I wonder how that goes down.

Side Note: True story – what you didn’t get to see when Doug and I were married at first sight is one of the first conversations. It was the occupation one. We were at our reception sitting down eating and he says “Yeah, so I live with my mom and dad and I finally got a really good job (one month ago) that I can see myself retiring from….” That’s all he had to say for me to FREAK OUT. Hopefully Molly is better than me and is able to stay cool, calm, and collected. 🙂

Shawniece and Jephte

While we’re on the topic of who is actually ready for marriage, let me introduce you to Shawniece Jackson, 29 years old. There is no doubt in my mind she is ready for marriage. And it has nothing to do with her age, you can just see it when you watch her and hear her talk. She continually states she wants to be a “wife.” Like I said before, I was definitely ready to be married, but I couldn’t bring myself to say “wife” that fast. So yeah, I think Shawniece is gonna be ok with the crazy adjustment to marrying a stranger. Hopefully her future hubs is ready to be all-in.

Jephte Pierre is a 26 year old second grade teacher. That makes me gush, “Awww!” I think you have to be a saint to be a teacher these days. If your job description involves chasing kids and helping them learn all day then yep, you’re pretty much a saint. …The only thing that worries me about this future couple is this: it is so clear that Shawniece s ready, but Jephte seems to have some hesitation. First of all, his momma does not like the idea at all! But who would be ok with their baby marrying a complete stranger. I guess only time will tell for these two.


I am rooting for these couples HARD! I want to see more lives changed for the better on Married At First Sight. What do you guys think?

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