Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert – Reality HITS HARD!


Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert- Reality HITS!

Ay, yi yi! THIS is the episode that matters! This is where we see all of the couples in their natural habits – lol 🤣 This is when you get to really know your partner. Their style, their messiness, their EVERYTHING! 

Going back to New Orleans 

I gotta say, I think having the couples move into an apartment that is new and really their first place as a couple is SO much better than them deciding whose place they want to move into! And Amelia is a GENIUS! One bathroom for pooping and one for everything else?!! Lol! 

But seriously, I was thinking about this when I was watching last night…NONE of the couples knew a pandemic would hit and they would be seeing the same four walls for monthsss with their new spouses! It is beyond crazy to be Married at First Sight- but to be quarantined on top of that… sheesh!

Age is Just a Number 

My girl, Karen! I truly relate to her when it comes to moving slow and at your own pace. I think that is totally justifiable considering they just met a week ago. I do however wonder why she is still hung up on his age?! Miles is one of the most mature 26-year-olds I have ever seen!  Girlfreinndd, I promise he is a keeper! You don’t have to be so hung up on age! 

Plus, in my eyes, he is a REAL man, which is hard to come by! The fact that he shows his true emotions and doesn’t play into stereotypical gender roles says a lot. He is ready to cook dinner, do laundry and let you know how he is feeling 24/7? Amazing. I gotta say, Henry and Miles are truly opposites haha! One talks allll about his feelings and communicates thoroughly, the other doesn’t say a word. & I think you know which is which…

It’s Like Pulling Teeth…

Umm, I know technically it has only been a little over a week but can you say snail’s pace?! Christina and Henry are still moving SO slow and it is getting painful to watch. 

Even with the move in it was SO awkward and he doesn’t say anything. It’s like Christina talks and he just doesn’t respond??? I dunno…I *always* try to have hope for all of the couples but man! These two really gotta start putting the work in! Christina must feel like she is talking to a brick wall all the time.

I do get where he is coming from when he says she is impatient- but it seems like that one bad quality has made him shut off? I don’t even know if I feel like they are friends let alone married. & I am shocked that they haven’t even brought up the topic of kids or finances. What have they been talking about?!?

I gotta say though, props to Pastor Cal for getting more out of Henry than Christina ever did. 

Seeing into the Past

This has got to be one of my favorite parts of the season. I get So curious to see their homes and what they are like. Brett made me laugh when he said her place felt…sterile? I was like oh boy, does that mean his house is super dirty?! Because her house looked normal to me! Not abnormally clean!

On the other hand, Olvia didn’t have nice things to say about Brett’s place. I could sense she was being a tad judgemental!! She called it a bachelor pad but like….he was a bachelor until now, what do you expect?!? 

And of COURSE, Amelia and Bennett both live in the coolest places! Amelia’s house was beautiful and so her! Bennett’s tiny house was also so darn cool! I mean he built it!! My heart absolutely melted watching them see each other’s homes because you could tell it made them fall even more in love with each other. I don’t think either one of them has said a negative thing about the other. Still my fav couple! 

If the SHOE fits!

Holy shoes! Miles, Woody AND Karen have a shoe addiction! I love how Karen was calling out Miles for being messy and having way too many shoes/clothes and then she had so many herself! They are gonna need tons of closets in their house lol!

& Amani was not having Woody’s hat collection. To be honest, I think I would say the same thing to Doug though. Hats are for wearing, not for decoration! 

Only Physical Attraction?!

Amani already said she is going to be cautious moving forward because she doesn’t want things to leave the honeymoon phase but she knows it will. Well, Amani, I think the honeymoon stage has officially left the chat! 

Woody dug himself in a hole for a hot minute! I mean he was kinda being rude! I totally see why Amani was annoyed! It sounded like he was relying on physical attraction…and I promise you that doesn’t work out! But seriously, Woody, she is her OWN woman & she doesn’t need your approval! I do completely get that his past made him feel this way because of his previous relationship, but I’m sticking to #girlpower for this one! 

I do think it is GREAT that they had this convo now instead of later!

Breaking Down Barriers

Pastor Cal was on a roll this episode getting each and every couple to talk about uncomfy things. I mean he got Olivia in tears over finances & got her and Brett fighting dirty! I think these two definitely need to work on communication styles so things aren’t lost in translation. When Brett got up, for a second I was like what an ass! Then when I realized he wasn’t storming off and he was just getting her a tissue I felt bad – lol!!

And next week we get even MORE drama as the couples settle into their new lives…

Are Henry’s friends going to be nice to Christina?! Is Bennett’s friend disapproving of Amelia’s need to move away for work?! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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  1. I’m team Brett all the way. He’s a homeowner. If she pays half the mortgage, he could afford to travel once a year. Olivia is way too judgmental.

    Woody better be careful — raised some red flags for me tonight.

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