Married at First Sight: Sex on the Honeymoon?!?!


Married at First Sight: Sex on the Honeymoon?!?!

WOWZA! These couples are alllll over the place! I mean from sex to crying- I can’t keep up! The funniest part of this entire episode was Amelia falling asleep while Bennett was talking to her inside the fort on the floor they built together! HILARIOUS! I also sense that there is going to be some drama between the couples, but it is too soon to tell? I guess that’s a given, though!

Sisters before Misters!

Ok, I gotta say, Christina telling Olivia that she should watch out for Brett – was this a nice thing to do or was she just projecting her own relationship onto Olivia and Brett? I mean I know Brett’s done a few questionable things, but I don’t think she has spent enough time with Brett to be able to judge the situation, and it is not like her relationship has been smooth sailing buttttt I know her intentions were good!  Whatever it may be, I truly hope she is wrong about Brett. Although, it seems like Amani also gets the same vibe from Brett so it seems like Olivia has a lot of people looking out for her! Women supporting women is the BEST! Us ladies gotta stick together! 

Talk About Smooth Sailing….

Oh my goodness! Every week I am like can Amelia and Bennett get any cuter?! And then there they go! Cute as can be! I mean who doesn’t want their spouse to whip out a guitar and sing to you!? Amelia, girlllll, you have a good voice! 

Kids on the Horizon

Amelia and Bennett get so deep into conversation! I don’t think I have ever seen a couple so good at communication like these two. They make sure to talk about everything- their past, their childhoods, kids, etc.  They are even on the same page when it comes to raising their kiddos! Their love story is worthy of a movie! 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

Soooo, we do have some couples who are moving real slow. I totally get that- I was the same way! I mean at the end of the day, you did marry a STRANGER! I respect that Karen and Miles aren’t rushing into anything. They are really getting to know each other. I thought it was SO brave of Miles to open up about his mental health. Depression should not be taboo and it is important to know that it is common and can happen to anyone. It honestly does NOT make you weak, it makes you so so strong! Karen asking how she can support him or understand him when he is down was a great sign! I definitely think these two are headed in the right direction & people have the wrong impression of her! 

I don’t know if I can say the same for Christina and Henry, but I truly hope so!. Their communication is still lacking big time but it’s also only ONE WEEK into the marriage! Some people just need more time to warm up. But I gotta say, if Henry doesn’t start talking I don’t know how this is gonna go. Christina can’t be the only one putting in the effort! 

Speed Bumps!

Uh yeah.. I’m serious. ACTUAL speed bumps haha! Woody & Amani are SO adventurous and fun! I think having Woody drive on those rocky roads was such a good trust exercise for them! Amani had to put *a lot* of faith into her hubby and hope he wouldn’t steer them the wrong way lol! I can tell by comments & DMs that Amani & Woody are fan favs!!! & I can see why! 

As for Brett and Olivia it seems like they are hitting speed bumps as well- but unfortunately for them I’m not talking about actual speed bumps. Olivia wants an expensive life of travel and he sounds like he wants to settle. I think I was a little bit like Brett to be honest! I wanted kids SO badly and Doug had a bucket list. We decided to compromise and do BOTH! I think compromise is going to be SUPER important for these two. Olivia seems to have a busy schedule already, so she will have to see where Brett fits into all of that, and it might mean some sacrifice! know a lot of people think Brett is a bad guy, but let’s wait until he gives us a reason to dislike him! 

Group Dish Sesh!

Ay, yi yi! Henry has some sass! Clearly he felt attacked about the question of who has been kissing and who hasn’t. Is it a red flag that he barely says anything and then when he does it is because he is upset/angry?! I just wonder if these two talk more maybe when the cameras aren’t there? Because I do know there is a lot we don’t see. Although, I think we can all see that it isn’t going great with these two. I mean Christina compared him to an apple bc he’s good but there are better fruits out there – sheesh! 

I think Brett felt attacked too and let’s face it you could telllll. It was super awkward. I get where he is coming from though – I just didn’t love how he shut down when talking to Olivia about how he felt. I kinda felt like he took it out on her!? But I do think it’s good that she has seen how he reacts to these situations because now they can help each other navigate through being upset/ having miscommunications! Let’s get real, marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and the sooner you know that the better!

Let’s Get Physical 

Oh la la!!! Woody stole the show with his romantic night in! Rose petals?! A bath?! How could romance not be in the air! Amani and Woody seem to be the first couple to have done the deed – and lemme tell ya, they look happy! Any guesses who’s gonna be next?!


And next week the couples head back to REALITY…

 The Honeymoon has to end at some point and now the couples are going to see how to incorporate each other into their lives. Will Olivia budge? Will Woody’s hat wall push Amani over the edge -haha! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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