Married At First Sight: Bickering Makes the Heart Grow… Fonder??


Married At First Sight: Bickering Makes the Heart Grow… Fonder??

Phew, we are *finally* starting to settle into our new house in Florida so mama is bloggin’ to ya from the sunshine for the next couple months. We currently don’t have any furniture besides some stools, dishes and toys… but you sure know I’m watching Married at First Sight!

Boy oh boy do we have a lot to dig into! All the couples just moved into their own apartments last week and let’s just say it went smoother for some couples (*cough, cough Christina and Henry*), but there’s still hope!

Breakfast in Bed 😉

Alright, this is where real life kicks in and these couples *really* get to know each other!

Wowza!! Amani is one lucky lady… breakfast in bed! What a gentleman, he’s definitely starting off their marriage on the right foot. I mean if he doesn’t win her over with mimosas and roses, I don’t know what will! This man is a keeper! (Ps, Doug take notes… I’d love an omelet in bed with a mimosa too 😉 lol!)

I think it’s safe to say she’s head over heels for him! Lemme tell ya, their week 2 is totally going better than mine and Doug’s lol! I barely let him touch me, let alone lay in bed with me so it’s safe to say these two are on the right track.

Begging for Attention

Karen and Miles *need* to communicate more. I totally get that she wants to move slow and get to know him, but a little compliment never hurt anybody 😉 Words of affirmations are totally his love language. I dunno about you, but I can tell that Karen is working on it and that’s all that matters, a step in the right direction.

I just hope that Miles can be patient for Karen’s sake! I know that’s what made me fall head over heels in love with Doug. He never pressured me or made me feel crazy and I *knew* in my heart he respected me.

The Key to Happiness is a… Mango Pit??

Amelia and Bennett are the cutest, most quirky people I’ve ever met and they are a match made in HEAVEN if ya ask me! Like what couple do you know fights over who gets to eat the mango pit?! Bennet knows the way to her heart though and let her have it lol!

Ahhh her residency placement is stressing me out!! I hope they don’t have to go out of state because I feel like that is a HUGE commitment and too much of a change, but they can make it work! Thank goodness Bennett is super duper flexible and all his work is mobile….I wonder if he can take his tiny house on the road lol?!

His friends are NOT about uprooting his life for a stranger. His friends do not pass the vibe check lol! I understand where they’re coming from BUT things are different now because he’s got a wife!

“I didn’t mean to Pastor Cal You”

Brett is still a little salty about his Pastor Cal visit last week haha! I mean he was thrown every marital problem at once in the course of one hour…. Butttttt I think the problem is definitely deeper.

I dunno about you but I think he feels a wee bit insecure that Olivia makes more than him. I really hope he can get over this and just accept it, I mean we are in 2020 Brett!

Cutting the Tension with a Knife!

Yikes I can *feel* the tension between Christina and Henry through the screen. It is almost painful to watch! Christina is not too happy with the filming aspects
Yikes!! I get that this situation is all about putting yourself out of your comfort zone and that Henry feels like she’s impatient, but I feel like he has ZERO emotion!

Brunchin’ It

Okay I am totally going to Amani with any life advice I may need! This woman is just *full* of wisdom and literally has the best advice! She is not having any of Brett’s ish and Olivia isn’t either.

Woody knows what’s up though, I don’t think our girl Olivia is going from a 5 star life style to a 1 star one and if she can afford it, go for it girl!

The guys are holding Henry accountable!! I mean did you see their faces when Henry told them he called his wife she was high maintenance haha! I think its pretty obvious she’s begging him to take charge more!

Hostess with the Mostest

I think all these couples need a night of FUN! Ahh I really hope that they can let loose and have a little bit of fun with their friends!

Never have I ever…. Taken a shower with a stranger?! Welp looks like Woody and Amani crossed that one off their list together 😉 Does anyone else feel like their friends get a long so well! It’s like one big family!….andd hate to break it to ya Woody, but it looks like Amani is getting her full body massage!

Karen totally wants Miles to be more dominant and I think he has it in him, maybe it will take him a bit fo time to take charge, who knows!

Looks like we also have another pair of spooners in the house… welcome to the club Bennett and Amelia 😉

The Fight Isn’t Over…

Christina and Henry are fighting AGAIN?!?! Ahhh I really don’t know if the pressures of filming are getting to them or what but it’s just painful to watch these two together. I feel like Henry is at his breaking point with Christina. I think there is such a lack of communication between them and it’s really putting a damper on their relationship. What do ya think, can they overcome this?! I’m rooting for them!

Next time….
On next week’s episode, we’re gonna uncover what *true*love is allllll about!
Some couples are in love, others not so much. Christina is secretly struggling?! Anddd yikes Miles crossed a HUGE boundary!!!!

What does it take to be a good wife?

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