Ep 12: Questions for Doug Part 2


A couple weeks ago, we did an episode where Doug answered a lot of questions from listeners. We really enjoyed it, and from the feedback we’ve gotten, it sounds like you did too! He got so many questions, though, that we weren’t able to cover them all in just one episode. Since you liked that one so much, we’re back with part two to finish answering all the questions we didn’t get to last time!

Jamie needs to head out, so most of this episode will just be Doug answering your questions! If you’ve ever wanted to hear more about him and have him be the star of the show for an episode, this is the one for you, so don’t miss it. He’ll answer questions ranging from the deeply personal to the fun and whimsical, and you’ll get a great insight into who he is.

Doug will start things off by talking about his expectations of being a parent, and how the reality was different from what he expected. As he’ll point out, one of the hardest things is not knowing what you’re doing right. He’ll then talk about how much of Married at First Sight is real as opposed to staged or edited for dramatic effect. At least in the first season, it was all real! (And no, Doug doesn’t get to see new MAFS episodes before they air.)

Other great questions that Doug will answer include whether he feels like being on TV has changed him (and whether any changes were for the better), whether he got much extra attention from women (and ex-girlfriends in particular) after the show aired, what Doug’s best piece of marriage advice is, and even how Doug lost his virginity. Don’t miss this unique episode that lets you learn more about Doug, his perspective, and his experiences as a husband, dad, and MAFS success story.

In This Episode:

[00:07] – Doug announces that he and Jamie want to give listener shoutouts, and explains how to potentially get a shoutout in a future episode!

[01:37] – Jamie chats about how much Doug enjoys this kind of episode, and mentions that she’ll be absent for most of today’s show.

[03:33] – The first question for Doug is about what has surprised him the most about parenthood, and what was easier (and harder) than he expected.

[06:41] – Doug shares the next question, which is about whether Doug and Jamie will do more (and longer) vlogs on YouTube.

[07:52] – How much of Married at First Sight is real? And will Doug and Jamie be visiting Toronto any time soon?

[10:40] – Before MAFS, had Doug ever been close to proposing to someone?

[12:21] – Doug answers a question about whether he gets to see new MAFS episodes before everyone else. He then talks about how he handled the recent miscarriage.

[15:13] – What does the tattoo across Doug’s chest mean? Did Doug end up getting stitches in his hand, after his recent incident with a knife?

[17:00] – Now that Doug is in the public eye, are women coming onto him more? Have any of his ex-girlfriends reached out to him?

[21:05] – Does Doug think that being on TV has changed him as an individual? If so, was it for the better?

[23:25] – What is Doug’s favorite movie and TV show? What is he listening to? Do Doug and Jamie get free or discounted merchandise in exchange for promotions? And would Doug and Jamie get matching tattoos?

[26:55] – How do Doug and Jamie deal with having a difference of opinion when it comes to raising Henley?

[28:52] – Doug answers a question about how he and Jamie get through their losses.

[32:36] – Which bands, music, and singers does Doug like?

[34:31] – Doug explains why he and Jamie are in California at the moment, and whether it’s a permanent move.

[37:00] – What’s Doug’s top piece of marriage advice, coming from the perspective of a guy?

[39:58] – Doug answers a multiple-part question about his dream job, whether he’s a Trump supporter, whether he goes to church, and whether he’s a good dancer.

[42:13] – What one thing should women understand about how men feel during the fertility struggle?

[45:25] – Is Doug’s hair growing back yet? Does he get hit on a lot? Has anyone ever been wildly inappropriate with him in front of Jamie or Henley?

[47:16] – Doug answers a question about why he and Jamie are willing to be so open publicly.

[48:22] – If Doug worked in a prison, what job would he want? If Jamie were in prison, what would she be in for?

[50:22] – Does it bother Doug that Jamie frequently brings up that she was initially not attracted to him? Does sex feel like a chore since Doug and Jamie have been trying to conceive? How did Doug and Jamie lose their virginity?

[53:56] – Doug shares his thoughts on this season’s MAFS couples.

[57:42] – The final question is about whether Doug believes that MAFS can still work.

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