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Ep 1: Our Surprise Revealed


Hey guys, it’s Jamie Otis and Douglas Hehner.

For those that don’t know this is Jamie and Doug from Married at First Sight season one. We’ve been married for almost five years.

Needless to say we are so excited to be able to bring some conversation to our friends because we do respond to everything on social media. We want to respond more and we want to be in touch with our fans.

We also have a lot of things to say about parenting and marriage. We get asked a lot of questions so what a great way to set up a forum where we can chat.

Jamie: I think the real reason everyone is here right now is because I put on Instagram and you put on Instagram, we all threw it out on social media that we have very exciting news.

Doug: Super exciting news.

Jamie: Yes. We should really just share the super big announcement we just keep on talking about.

Doug: That is true.

Jamie: I’m wondering if they guessed.

Doug: Of course.

Jamie: I’m wondering if they guessed already.

Doug: No. I’m just going to say it. We’re expanding the family. Jamie and Doug are now pregnant and we’re going to be parents of two. There’s going to be a big sister and something that we’ve been trying for, for a little while now is finally come to fruition and I can’t wait to meet our little baby boy.

Jamie: Yeah, you hope it’s a boy.

Doug: I do, I do.

Jamie: I love that you said Jamie and Doug are pregnant. I’m pretty sure there’s only one of us pregnant.

Doug: I helped.

Jamie: Pretty sure I’m the only nauseous one. I’m the only one fricking barely able to keep my eyes open.

Doug: You wouldn’t have those feelings without me.

Jamie: That’s very true. Your little boy couldn’t swim. And when I say boy I mean it could be a girl.

Doug: No, I feel like it’s a boy.

Jamie: I want it to be a girl because I want Gracie to have a sister.

Doug: I’m feeling it’s going to be a boy.

Please don’t judge me

Jamie: The other day I was going into New York City because I had this cool event to go to with Vicks VapoCOOL. Not an ad, I’m just telling you guys the story.

I’m on the freeway, going into the city. I knew I had to go pee but I was like, “Oh, I’m going to have to hold it.” Because there was no gas station. There’s no rest stop too go to the bathroom. Then all of the sudden I have to go poo. I was like, “Shoot. I’m going to have to hold this. There’s no place to go.”

Doug: Especially when you get to the tunnel.

Jamie: You know you have to go really bad when your sitting on the edge of your seat as you’re driving plus you’re sweating and you’re heart’s beating really fast and you’re breathing heavy. I was literally changing the station. Trying to occupy my mind so that the feeling that I’m just going to crap my pants would just pass me. All of the sudden it would just pass. I managed to pull into the first gas station I find and I literally run in.

Doug: Do you remember what gas station it was?

Jamie: Do you think I’m going to tell anybody? I’m not going to own up to that. Are you kidding me. I can’t even believe I’m owning up to this story. This is nuts. This is so embarrassing. Please don’t judge me.

I ran into the bathroom and literally I didn’t even get my pants down and I started pooing. It just came out of me. I couldn’t even hold it in any longer. It was so disgusting. I was like who am I.

Then I sat on the toilet staring at the floor like, “I’m someone who just shit on the floor of a gas station bathroom.

Then I went to the Vicks VapoRub, or VapoCOOL event and finished doing what I had to do. In the meantime I called my husband and I was like, “You will not believe what just happened to me.”

This is how I connect with other women and I feel normal because I don’t feel normal after that. I’m like, “Come on, I can’t be the only one that’s ever done that.”

Chemical Pregnancy

Jamie: I think all our frans know exactly how hard we’ve been trying to have a baby.

Doug: I don’t mind the trying part.

Jamie: Yeah I know you love that. But for me it’s heart breaking when I take a million pregnancy tests hoping that one will turn positive and then a couple months ago it did turn positive and then it went back to negative then went to positive again. I’m a nurse so I knew that the chances are very high that it’s something called the chemical pregnancy. It’s just where the egg was fertilized but it didn’t stick in my body but I was hopeful that maybe because we’ve been trying for a very long time now to get pregnant.

Doug: Different techniques.

Jamie: We were so excited.

Doug: Some bracelet that you wear. What is it, the Ava bracelet?

Jamie: Yeah I used the Ava bracelet and I tracked my ovulation with the Ava apps that comes with it.

Doug: I tried to hack into that.

Jamie: Why?

Doug: I wanted it to show everyday was a fertile day for you.

Jamie: I get way more into getting busy in the bedroom when I know that I’ve got an egg hanging out.

Doug: It wasn’t so easy to try to hack into it. I was trying to make every day a fertile day.

Jamie: You’re so funny.

Doug: Every day’s a fertile day in the Hehner household.

Jamie: That’s what you wish. We were just in Disney. A lot of people were like, “You can’t be pregnant because you were just riding a rollercoaster.” True story, I guess I was pregnant when I road the rollercoaster.

Doug: You didn’t know.

Jamie: I did not know. I drank wine a lot that trip.

Doug: Well only the first couple days though I think towards the end you were …

Jamie: I didn’t end up taking any pregnancy tests because I was like, “I’m not taking an early pregnancy test.” The heartbreak of a chemical pregnancy … I mean, depends on how you look at it. It just felt like I was losing a baby when I got my period. In all honesty typically you don’t even know about a chemical pregnancy because you don’t take a pregnancy test early. The egg would just wash out. A lot of times a chemical pregnancy is not a healthy pregnancy. There’s a reason our body expels it. Needless to say, the hormones are still running rampant in your body. It was heartbreaking for me. I’ve been trying to be pregnant for …

Doug: I think the feeling though is kind of when you take it and it comes out positive and you take five or six more that come back as negative, kind of a high and then a low then just a “Well, let’s wait and see I guess.”

Jamie: The positive news it that we got over that and got through that.

Doug: Baby number two is on the way.

December 20th

Jamie: Our first born son, Jonathan, I don’t know if everyone knows about him but he’s our little angel baby in heaven. I delivered him at 17 weeks and 1 day and he pretty much just went to heaven immediately.

Our daughter, we found out about our daughter, Henley who’s our rainbow baby, we found about her the day that he was due, December 20th. I found out I was pregnant with her.

Doug: Which was awesome.

Jamie: I kid you not … Yeah, which was amazing. It was the only blessing for that day because I was almost dreading the day because I knew that I was supposed to be delivering a healthy happy baby boy and instead …

That was the most depressed I have ever been in my whole entire life absolutely without a doubt.

That was the hardest time that I have ever gone through in my whole entire life. I felt absolutely just empty inside. When you lose a baby like that it’s just soul crushing.

When we found out we were pregnant with Gracie on his due date that was literally the only thing that could be a blessing.

Doug: Literally the only thing that could really bring happiness to that day.

Jamie: It is amazing. Long story short, we’re pregnant. It’s confirmed and it’s just so exciting.

Doug: We can’t wait to continue to update.

Finding my father

Jamie: I’ve been on the journey to find my father. I had no idea how many people are missing parents or they’ve been adopted or whatever the case may be because I always felt very alone that I didn’t know who my father was.

Doug: Since I’ve known you, you haven’t stopped the search though.

Jamie: I’ve thought about this a lot actually because my father has no idea he has a daughter. He’s out there someplace and he has a daughter and he probably has no idea.

My mom said that when she got pregnant with me it was at a party. She was drunk and she tried drugs for the first time.

This is the story I’ve known since I was a little girl….

Obviously I am a product of drugs and a drunken night and probably a one night stand. I don’t care.

This is my father. I know that I have traits from him that makes me who I am. I don’t necessarily believe that I am a product of rape. I think that maybe my mom …

Doug: You got a test.

Jamie: I don’t believe … well my mom says she doesn’t know. That’s the other thing too, I don’t want to dismiss what my mom says. Especially any woman who claims sexual assault. I don’t want to dismiss that obviously because that’s not okay.

Long story short, I am so excited because I did send my DNA off and I did get a match, a pretty strong match, with a woman. I don’t know rather or not she’s from my father’s side, my mother’s side.

Doug: But this is the first time that results have come back where you didn’t have ties to your known family.

Jamie: Yeah.

Doug: It’s like a whole separate arm, branch.

Jamie: I did get a chance to talk to this woman on the phone. We kind of put some pieces together of the puzzle. There’s still … this is like a 500 piece puzzle that we have three pieces together.

Doug: There are pieces coming together which is kind of cool.

Jamie: It’s the first time there’ve been pieces ever put together.

I’m so excited to kind of share this journey of finding my father through the podcast as well.

I feel like one thing I really believe in life that I’ve found through, I guess, being so open and honest about our marriage and our struggles and this and that through TV and also my blog is just that the amount of people who feel isolated and alone and they don’t feel like …

You just feel isolated and alone. That’s the best words for it. For whatever the case may be.

I always felt like I was the only person who didn’t know my father. I always thought I was the only kid in school without a dad. I’m sure I wasn’t. Just no one talked about it.

Jamie: Just encourage you to don’t give up because there is hope. All I knew was a dark haired man and I might have a link now. It’s amazing.

Nursing Career

Jamie: Oh, is that another exciting announcement for me is that I am now turning my nursing … I don’t know if you all know but I’m a registered nurse. I work in labor and delivery. I’ve been a nurse since 2009.

It’s a bitter sweet moment. I’m hanging up my scrubs and I’m putting all of my nursing expertise here on this podcast and on my blog.

Doug: Consulting services mostly.

Jamie: Yeah because I don’t have time. I also am a TV host. I’m flying to LA all the time. I’m not able to commit to the hospital the way that I once was, which is really sad because I love bedside nursing. I love being in the labor and delivery room.

Doug: You really do.

Jamie: I’m not giving up on nursing and I hope that my fellow nurses don’t give up on me. I’m going to stay in the nursing community. All my passion is going to be focused here on the podcast so I can be home with my babies. Babies, I love saying that. I’m going to be a mom of two.

Jamie: We are so happy to have you guys join us on this podcast. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support that you guys have given us. I’m telling you the only reason that we start a podcast or that I keep blogging or that we stay on social media is because of you. Because we get so much love and support from you guys. It feels like an extended family.

Doug: It’s great to comment.

Jamie: I can’t tell you how many people that I actually send Christmas cards to that I actually know their faces now. I can recognize handles and things like that, different social media handles. It’s just so nice to be able to have close friends in you guys. It’s amazing.

Doug: Those of you that have been with us since day one are going to continue to stay with us while we become a family of four.

Jamie: Those of you who have just started to join us, well, welcome to our franily!

Doug: Yeah. It’s okay.

Jamie: Franily, friends, fans, family. I like that, franily. I think I might change frans to franily.

Future episodes

Doug: Anyway, we’re going to have some really cool guests that are going to come on and a lot of suggestions and a lot of questions and topics are seriously coming from all of you guys. We’re an open book.

Jamie: Send us your suggestions and topics and things you want to talk about, please. Anything nursing related, I don’t want to hang up my scrubs indefinitely. I want to stay in the nursing field. Anything you’ve got for me throw it at me and I’ll get you.

Also we wanted to end each episode letting you know what’s happening next week. Next week we have prerecorded a podcast with Ashley and Anthony D’Amico. Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico from season five of Married at First Sight. They’re pregnant. They’re about to have a baby.

Doug: So exciting.

Jamie: We’re so happy to have them on.

Doug: That’s right.


Doug: Think about what we covered today. We covered a brand now announcement of our babies.

Jamie: Babies.

Doug: We’re growing.

Jamie: I’m hoping for twins. Oh my gosh. It could be twins. We don’t know.

Doug: That’d be awesome.

Jamie: It could be twins.

Doug: We talked a bathroom story.

Jamie: That was unexpected.

Doug: We talked about father finding and we talked about some parenting stuff. Even more to come.

Jamie: Yes. So please do subscribe. We’re so excited to have you guys on this journey with us and we love you guys. We’ll be with you guys chatting with you right here next week, same time.


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  1. I’ve been with you guys since day one. Love ya’ll. So excited about your new baby. When are you due? God bless ya’ll. Many blessings for 2019.

  2. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I’ve been a big fan of yours from day 1 of Married at first sight. I was one of the first ones to buy your ‘Spooning’ necklace.’ I just love it and get comments on it all the time.
    Congratulations on baby #2. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Very heartwarming, fun and lovable duo! Thank
    You for being so open, honest and vulnerable. Makes the rest of us feel like we are ok too! That gas station story was classic!!! Appreciate you opening the window into your family and lives and looking forward to taking the journey with you via the podcast!

  4. I seriously love you guys!! I have followed you (and rooted for you) since day one on MAFS!! I love love hearing about you all. And SOOO SOO happy about the new babie … I can relate so much to you Jaimie and what you’ve been through! I can’t wait to see what life has to bring you!!

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