Ep 14: Questions for Jamie


Hey, frans! Jamie here. Doug couldn’t join me today (except for a quick intro), so you get to hear from just me in this episode! I might have been just a little jealous that Doug got to do his very own Q&A episodes, so it’s my turn today. Since Doug wasn’t able to be here anyway, it was perfect timing for this episode. I put out an invitation for questions on Instagram, and got plenty of responses that I’m excited to address today, so let’s dive right in!

First up, I’ll talk about whether I’m cleared to start trying for another baby yet. (Not quite, but we’re getting closer.) I’ll also chat about sleep training and whether we ever co-slept with Gracie. We didn’t co-sleep with her, as I’ll explain in more depth, and getting her to sleep was a lot of work. She had to be rocked until she fell asleep, and then even longer to make sure she was in a deep sleep before we could put her down.

Our next question is about my last name, and whether I legally changed it to match Doug’s or kept my maiden name. (Curious about the answer? You’ll have to tune into the episode!) I’ll chat about how many words Gracie can say, whether we enjoy or feel disrupted when fans recognize us in public and say hi, how to stay positive when you see other people around you getting pregnant and much more.

In today’s Q&A episode,  I’ll go from the fun and lighthearted to the deeply personal, and answer as many of your questions as I can! You know how devoted I am to being honest and transparent with you, and this episode is a great opportunity for that.


In This Episode:

[00:58] – Doug welcomes listeners to the show, and explains that this is another Q&A episode, featuring Jamie this time.

[02:32] – Today’s shoutout goes to an iTunes listener who left a review.

[05:29] – The first question of the day is about whether Jamie is cleared to start trying for another baby!

[06:42] – How old was Gracie when Doug and Jamie started sleep training, and did they co-sleep with her?

[11:32] – Jamie talks about whether she legally changed her last name.

[12:26] – How many words is Gracie saying now that she’s 18 months old?

[13:22] – Jamie shares her feelings on being approached for pictures in public, and shares their mailing address.

[16:27] – Did Jamie have postpartum depression or anxiety?

[18:47] – Jamie addresses a question about whether she has found her dad yet.

[21:26] – What is Jamie’s favorite part of LA?

[22:31] – What has been the best, and what has been the hardest, in Jamie and Doug’s marriage so far?

[24:55] – How did Doug’s family react after reading Jamie’s book, Wifey 101?

[23:56] – If it hadn’t worked out with Doug, would Jamie have gone on another reality show to find love?

[26:39] – Jamie shares some advice on how to stay positive as you see everyone around you getting pregnant.

[33:10] – What was it like being a nurse? In her answer, Jamie clarifies that she still is a nurse, and will continue to be.

[34:25] – Has becoming parents made Jamie and Doug stronger as a couple, or has it made things harder?

[35:37] – What scares Jamie the most about being a mom?

[36:56] – Jamie talks about whether she would let her daughter get married at first sight in the future.

[38:13] – Any blood work back in terms of baby-making?

[39:03] – We hear more about the benefits of sleep training in response to a fan’s question.

[40:03] – Does Jamie like the west coast better than the east coast?

[40:47] – Will Jamie and Doug continue trying to conceive, or will they go for adoption instead?

[41:54] – Jamie talks about whether her first impression of Doug still impacts their relationship today.

[42:32] – How many kids do Doug and Jamie want?

[42:53] – That’s it! Are you dying to know the answer to a question that wasn’t answered here? Shoot Jamie your question on Instagram!


Links and Resources:

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight Happily Ever After?

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube

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Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

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