Married At First Sight: Let’s Talk About Sex


Married At First Sight: Let’s Talk About Sex

If you know me, you know I’m the queen of TMI lol! So for me, no topic is off-limits for these couples… not even sex. Our couples are *almost* at the ONE month mark and in MAFS world that is a HUGE deal!! With decision day right around the corner, its time these couples take their trust and intimacy to the next level. Spoiler alert… things are getting freaky this episode 😉

Gettin’ Into the Nitty-Gritty

Karen is ready to go all in with her not so stranger hubby! I was honestly kind of surprised that she was totally down to have sex with Miles. Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s head over heels for him, I just wasn’t sure if she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.

At this point in our relationship, I was so focused on building a friendship with Doug and feeling comfortable that sex was the last thing on my mind (we waited 6 months into our relationship until we finally consummated our relationship lol!). I could soooo relate to Miles! I am not one to trust right away so I understand that trust takes time!

I think we have made progress ladies *insert clapping emojis here haha*!!!!! Henry is slowly but surely chipping away at his walls and I love how patient Christina is being with him. On the opposite end of the spectrum…. Woody is in looooveee, yep you read that right, LOVE!! My heart melted when Amani was so vulnerable and said that her biggest fear is him falling out of love with her. Girl, I don’t think you have anything to worry about… this boy is all in 😉

Things Are Getting Hot’N Heavy

Dr. Viviana is in the house…. And so are Olivia and Brett’s three cats haha! At least they can agree on one thing… they both love cats! It seems like they are creating problems for themselves. Phew!!! Like geez… Brett’s sarcastic comments are just SO immature! Props to Olivia for keeping her cool, I understand that they’re under lots of pressure right now, but don’t act like a 12 year old! All his responses are a bit ingenuine, I don’t know if he’s uncomfortable or what but these two just don’t seem to be on the same page.

Let’s chat real quick about one of their more serious issues… kids! Brett totally wants to be a dad and she wants to consider kids. I respect her opinion and nothing wrong with her decision at all! We love a #bossbabe woman! I just hope this won’t make or break their marriage, at least she’s open to it though—under the right circumstances.

PDA is not it for Olivia lol. He’s very touchy and she’s not. Doug was definitely more into me at the start so I think it’ll just take some time!

Olivia and Brett aren’t the only couple in the hot seat!! Poor Karen! You could just *feel* her uncomfortableness through the screen lol. Sex is a bit taboo of a topic for her to chat about, which I get it lol! No one wants to be so open especially on national TV so I’ll cut her some slack lol! I just hope she’s open to Miles in private. The environment is just so intense and feelings at an all time high. Lemme just say, I think Dr. Viviana had great advice for these two! Sex seems to be stressing them both out so hopefully taking it off the table until decision day will help them open up more to each other!

Talk Dirty to Me

So cheesy and saucy tacos MUST be the way to Amani’s heart lol! I absolutely am obsessed with the way Woody pays attention to the little things… like Amani’s fav position 😉 He locked it in his mind and threw away the key till next time lol.

Christina and Henry are off to a wee bit of a slower start than the other couples, but I think they’re finally on the right foot. He’s not super lovey dovey, but you can totally tell he cares and that’s all that matters! I mean he has been out of the game for a little bit and as long as Christina is patient I think they could have that happily ever after!

Welllllll as long as they get over that “we’re friends who are married mindset”… I think this may be bad. Friendzone is REAL and it could stay there. Christina threw that intimacy ball right in Henry’s court, I just hope he can batter up sooner rather than later!

Amelia and Bennett are seriously a match made in HEAVEN and I am so rooting for them! Anyone else?! Their affirmations towards each other are just so cute! I swear there’s never an awkward between these two, they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Lunch with a Side of Attitude

Yikes!! Here we go again with sarcastic faces from Brett. I’m trying really hard to see it from his perspective….maybe it’s his way of coping?! I really don’t know but I hope so! I just hope he’s not just saying what he thinks he should say not what he really thinks.


Next time we’re joining the couples as they’re celebrating their one month anniversaries!! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!!! Things get a bit hot and heavy and as these couples reminisce on the day that they said “I do”. And Bennett *loves*Amelia!! Will she say it back?! Alrighty, I’m signing off for now but I’ll be back next week to chat all about it 🙂

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