Married At First Sight: Sex, Love & Crossing Boundaries?!


Married At First Sight: Sex, Love & Crossing Boundaries?!

2 weeks down, forever to go!! The couples have officially lived together for a little over a week and wowza things are getting intense! Also, a little update on our living situation… we *finally* have a little sofa so we are able to watch Married at First Sight on the big screen! Cause ya know we wouldn’t miss it 😉 

Stomachs are the key to a successful marriage! 

Ok…Amelia and Bennett will always be AMAZING in my eyes! They are just so compassionate towards each other and I can see this quickly falling into love! Amelia’s love giving language is def acts of service! Her buying Bennett ginger because he wasn’t feeling well was everything! & then making him a surprise picnic?! *heart melting* & Bennett hitting the pinata – PRICELESS! 

Miles bringing over his chef friend to cook with them was absolutely adorable. I can sense how much effort he is putting in and how patient he is with her. I def sense Karen slightly judging Miles for his cutting skills tho…

Finally a breakthrough?!?

WOW! I did not see this coming! Christina totally opened up to Henry about her mental health. I gotta give big props to her for telling him about it- especially because they truly don’t seem that close…despite sleeping in the same bed every night 😉 

I do want to note one thing and it is that Christina should NOT blame herself solely for the issues she has been having with Henry. Even if her ADD makes her more impatient- I do see why she is impatient! The man doesn’t open up! I have mixed feelings on this one because he’s not taking accountability for the way he handles things too. She isn’t the only one to blame…

Woody & Amani getting their toes done has to be COUPLES GOALS! Or maybe the fact that Woody said he LOVES Amani! LOVES! These two are just meant to be on so many levels & hey, I’m glad they got their pedicures in before the pandemic ;). I can’t wait to see what they did about their nails once quarantine hit! Lol!

& as if we don’t already have tons of cuteness Bennett said he loves Amelia! Although Amani and Amelia haven’t said it back yet, they both have made it super clear that that is where it is headed! And as of right now, as far as we know, these two couples are the only ones that have had sex! Amelia pretty much blushed while telling the camera. 

Communication is KEY

Yikes! So you know what the successful couples have that the other ones don’t have? Communication! Probably the most cliche thing ever but c’mon people! If Doug and I hadn’t talked through all of our issues and laid things out on the table early on, we wouldn’t have worked. That’s just how it goes!  Brett doesn’t talk about his feelings or get vulnerable but instead makes a joke out of everything which is super annoying. I see why Olivia gets so frustrated! 

Then we have Henry & Christina who are finally starting to communicate. I know Christina is finally beginning to see why they are matched and I wonder if he is. I mean I don’t even know if I see why they were matched… I am still trying to figure it out. I still don’t know if I can confidently say that I see it.

A Brand New Start…

Wowza! Maybe Henry & Christina needed golf all along! Who new this would be the way to get some emotion out of Henry! His reaction to her being good at golf was *adorable* and I hope we see more of this Henry in the episodes to come! 

Having each other’s backs 

Remember during the Honeymoon when Christina told Olivia she was weary of Brett? Well now she has Amani and Woody who are also skeptical of his behavior! I think it is very telling that 3 people see red flags! Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t seem like a bad person, and neither does she. They just have a lot to figure out and they need to have more meeting with Pastor Cal to figure it out…that man is magic! haha!

Crossing Boundaries…YIKES

Ay, yi, yi! Miles! I was rooting for you! We all know he is an absolute gentleman, but I totally see why Karen does not want to be pressured into sex. I was the same way with Doug when we got married. I wanted to take things suppperrr slow, which is SO understandable if you just met! They are only 2 weeks in so I really don’t think there should be a physical pressure- well ever really. I totally get that he was kidding around, but I can tell that this isn’t a joke to Karen and she felt disrespected. 


And next week on Married at First Sight, things get SPICY! And perhaps not in a good way….

Did Miles cross a line with Karen!? I am dying to know how the conversation went after he put ‘sex with my wife’ on the calendar!  I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below! XOXO

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  1. I know that not everyone is on board with Brett. Actually, I kind of like him and his quick wit. I get it. And I think his financial goals are good ones to have! I think Olivia is a little too emotional about everything.
    Karen… She is just too suspicious about every single move and word Miles says. She actually kind of gets on my nerves. She has zero physical or emotional animation. I think Miles is really genuine and I like him.
    Then we have Woody and Amani. Winners all around! Amelia and Bennett, winners all around! I’m hopeful for Christina and Henry. But, there is no telling how this union will go.
    And those are my thoughts. I tried to be succinct and concise and not ramble too long haha
    Love you Jamie and thank you!

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