Married At First Sight: One Hubby Cheats?!


Married At First Sight: One Hubby Cheats?!

OH boy! This week is one to remember for sure. Brandon & Taylor are pretty much over, Zach emotionally cheated and lied to Mindy, & Katie & Derek get into a little fight. They have only been with each other for a month but it really feels like it’s been way longer! Trust me, been there, done that! The one month anniversary definitely feels more like 3 months….


ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR…and so are relationships!

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant & hormonal, but I found this episode to be sooo romantic for some couples! I mean who wouldn’t want to receive a gift to swim with dolphins or come home to a room of flowers?! *hint* *hint* Doug if you’re reading 😉 Michael took about 10 years to finally tell her what the gift was lol…but when he did boyyy did I smile! Meka is definitely still skeptical of Michael but I mean can you blame her? He did LIE to her face multiple times. She cracks me up because she seems so unimpressed with everything he does. My fav part is when she said she “doesn’t like breakfast.” Girlfraannd, I don’t blame ya for being scared. Wouldn’t you be too if your husband lied to ya like that?

& then you have our golden couple, Jess & Austin who are clearly so cheesy but SO adorable! Like HOW FREAKIN CUTE! I pretty much fangirl over these two! And of course, our runner up couple is Derek & Katie. I am shocked with the gifts these hubbies whipped out! Seems like there’s a lot of travel in all of their futures….well probably not for two of the couples. *cough* Mindy & Zach and Taylor & Brandon *cough.*


Ok, if I’m being honest, this was soooo awkward to watch! Brandon AND Taylor need to apologize to each other again. It’s gotta be verbally and just be more sincere! I don’t feel either one of them means anything they say. Taylor couldn’t even say it to his face so she wrote it down! I gotta say Taylor saying she would have been okay with the video if he posted it is kinda odd. Even if she didn’t have an intention to hurt him she clearly did. Also, him calling her “kiddo” pretty much sealed the deal that they are over….


Katie doesn’t trust the fact that Derek is all in so she’s backing out a little by keeping her apartment. At least that’s how I feel about it! Holding on to your past like that is a big indicator to me that she’s keeping something from him.  I dunno maybe I’m being too hard on her! I think they’re both pretty frustrated so I can’t side with either of them. The one thing I admire about these two is their ability to talk through their problems. I mean Derek even made her cry (happy tears of course!). It was so sweet of him to get her all those gifts and the photos were seriously something extra sweet. If Katie doesn’t want Derek, I’m sure there are TONS of ladies that would love to be his girlfriend! Buuuuttt fingers crossed these two make it because they really are a good match!


What the heck is Zach even talking about?!? Mindy has NOT been dishonest! I’m 100% with her, he has to be making it up! Why not tell her the so-called “deception.” And when Mindy said “sorry things ended up like this” and Zach said it’s fine…I nearly screamed!  HE should have apologized! Not her! Zach is the one who is practically emotionally cheating behind her back with one of her “good friends”!! This blows my mind that Zach doesn’t see his faults. And as for Mindy’s friend…uh ah sister! Mindy deserves SO much better!!


And next week who KNOWS what’s gonna happen! I honestly don’t know how to feel anymore! Are Austin & Jessica in a fight?! Did Zach physically cheat? ay, yi, yi… I guess we will have to wait and see. I’ll be back next week to chat more (and I’ll live-tweet), but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!


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