Married At First Sight: Decision Day Spoilers!


Married At First Sight: Decision Day Spoilers 

Decision day is FINALLY here and we cannot be more excited, right?!? Like WOW! If ya haven’t watched it yet, stop reading and come back once you’ve watched it because I am spilling allllll the tea!
I remember when Doug and I had to make the decision of a lifetime- stay married or get divorced. Let me tell ya, it’s INTENSE! You’re nervous, confused and scared the day of, even if you have a good idea of how you are going to answer – wink, wink Jess 😉 ! This season has been a full on soap opera & I wish it could have had a better outcome…

Jessica and Austin

married, marriage, mafs, decision day, jessica and austinThese two have had a fairytale start and only a few hiccups along the way! I feel like decision day is *so* important because of the fact that they actually get to choose one another! The power is 100% back in their hands and *drumroll please* I am SO happy to say they will continue with married life! Welcome to the MAFS couples club Jess & Austin! I didn’t expect anything different from the two of you! You communicate through your issues, and really calmly address situations which a lot of people can admire. & him saying I love you just brought tears to my eyes!! Now Jess and her twin can *finally* go on all the double dates they want! Congrats on staying married!

Taylor and Brandon 

I was nervous that they were going to stay together. Last week they were unexpectedly cuddling and getting cozy, and it seems like when the cameras aren’t there, they thrive!! Buttttt, Taylor, to my surprise, said NO to staying with him! I wish it could have been different but this was the best decision for them both considering the amount of drama there was. No healthy relationship starts with this much chaos. I don’t like the way either one of them acted at certain times, but especially the way Brandon would lash out. I gotta stick to my gut and say there were major red flags!

Meka and Michael

I wasn’t surprised here, Meka needed more out of the relationship and it seems they only really had one good day, which truly wasn’t enough! I was questioning my marriage with Doug and we had tons of great days! So I can’t imagine only having ONE! 

Meka…YESSS girl!!  I don’t think you deserve to put up with someone that is constantly lying. I agree he did lie and she did grow! I love how positive she is in seeing that this was a good experiment to go through and she is leaving without regrets. You could just tell she was at her breaking point these last few episodes. Michael was starting sound like Zach the way he was talking in circles… ay, yi, yi. And saying he was as “open and honest” as he could have been? I don’t think so…ugh. This one seems to be for the best.

Katie and Derek

Katie and Derek have definitely had their fair share of problems. From their fights over Derek having too many dreams to their fight during the couples retreat. Honestly, I like them together! But errr, sometimes I don’t know! But I genuinely know they can make it work if they both compromise. 

Annddd their final decision is…they are STAYING married!! I knew there was hope!! Katie sees the potential and she truly wants to make it work, which is great because they could make an amazing team! They’re finally dreaming together for a wonderful and happy future! Congratulations Derek & Katie! Welcome to the Married At First Sight #stilltogetherfam! Seeing them move into together was such a significant moment…they are taking the next steps into marriage and it is truly only the beginning for them! It’s also important to note that being Married At First Sight does not necessarily mean “love” at first sight and I am soooo glad these two figured this out 🙂 


Zach and Mindy

Yikes! This was the first time they saw each other since the separation…and I gotta say, Mindy looked AMAZING! Divorcing Zach was the best decision she could have made and I love how she didn’t regret it one bit. She stood her ground and girlllfrand, RESPECT! All these couples have been through so much in such a short amount of time and I can tell how emotionally draining it has been for all of them, but honestly, these two look refreshed and better than ever. Hands down the best decision this season! I mean from Zach’s cheating to him not wanting to live with her, Mindy has been through A LOT.

One Last Group Sesh!!

It’s nice to see them all together one last time before they start their new lives…minus Brandon? Who knows where he went lol.  For our two couples that stayed together, WELCOME TO THE STILL MARRIED FAM!! Doug and I are so happy for you!! I think some people came into the experiment without truly wanting to find love because they did not put in the FULL effort and it showed. At the end of this all, we learned A LOT about them all and I am sure they all learned a lot about themselves. Hopefully they take what they learn and move onto the next phases of their lives. 


And that’s a wrap of the 8 weeks!! Another season of Married At First Sight down in the books! The final episode next week will be the reunion and we will see how far they have come in their married lives (or not so married lives)!  I would say marriages is pretty good! Can’t wait to chat next


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