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Married At First Sight: Couples Retreat…Minus the Fun


Married At First Sight: Couples Retreat…Minus the Fun

Oh boy!!! Aren’t couples retreats supposed to be super fun and positive?? The only ones that know how to really have a dramaless weekend getaway are Jess and Austin!! These two are def NOT having the weekend that they expected. Between Katie and Derek fighting, Brandon and Taylor basically calling it quits, and Meka and Michael…well just being Meka and Michael, this was a TOTAL disaster….but hey, at least Jessica brought a crockpot LOL!


Off on the Wrong Foot…

Ay yi yi, I feel like every second of the first night of the retreat was AWKWARD!! You could feel dark clouds all over the room like the energy was totally off!! Felt like those ghosts that Meka and Taylor hung out with were lurking about – LOL! Meka looked miserable as soon as they walked into the house, and I could tell she was dying to talk to someone about everything that has been going on. Also- are they all taking shots to cope with the awkwardness, because, hey, I DON’T blame them!! Butttt, not gonna lie, I don’t think it was cool of Taylor to try to pressure Brandon into taking a shot…even though later on Brandon acted like a child! But don’t worry, we will get alllll into that! 😉 

Rather Have a Ghost for a Hubby

As far as Meka and Michael are concerned, I 1000% feel Mek’s pain. All he is doing is showing up (sometimes) and that isn’t enough. He signed up to be married!!!!  I mean for real, maybe the ghost does make a better husband than Michael?! If Doug and I had no sense of an emotional connection by the 5-week mark, sorry but I don’t know if I could have kept going with the marriage! I know it takes time to build a foundation but it seems like there is no effort on Michael’s part…and not to mention, Michael seems to by lying again? But at least this time everyone saw him lie, so Meka doesn’t feel as cray cray.


Flirting with Other Wives?!

My, oh, my!!! I kinda feel bad for Katie!! I understand she wants more affection and initiation from Derek but WOW she made things super weird between Taylor, herself and Derek! Derek has tried SO hard to stay patient and make her happy, but I gotta say, sis is a negative nelly!!!  Sometimes I genuinely can’t tell if Katie is mad because she sort of laughs and smiles when she tells Derek to cut it out…but once she storms off huffin’ and puffin’, I know it’s serious. I feel like she WANTS to find something wrong with Derek. First it was the fact that he is a dreamer, now this! It’s like she is used to being with bad boyfriends? Girlfrannnd, you have a good one! Don’t *try* to find his faults (!!!). We want to see you happy Katie!!!

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And oh my goodness Jessica is just a saint. She felt so bad for even being in a happy relationship because she didn’t want to make the others feel bad. And I love what she told Katie…”Derek isn’t a bad guy, he’s a *teachable* guy”. Haha! I think a lot of women out there can relate! 😉

Silent Treatment Leads to an EXPLOSION!

anger, marriage, married, married at first sight, mafs, brandon, taylorErrr, what is even going on between Taylor and Brandon?? I don’t really care who’s at fault the previous night, the way Brandon handled the situation was so UNNECESSARY! Even if Taylor was at fault, which maybe she is, he needs to act more like an adult! First the silent treatment and then full-on child-like rage mode?! My 2-year-old doesn’t even do that!

I mean yikes!!! Brandon seriously exploded and he took it out on the camera crew?! Let me tell ya, you sign up to be filmed and followed around, so if you don’t like it, maybe signing up wasn’t a great decision! Everything about Brandon’s behavior was irrational and I’m just not even sure if Brandon and Taylor should try to fix this…..


Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon. We are one week closer to decision day and things are changing every second between some of the couples!

With less than a week until decision day, the couples figure out what they are going to do about their marriages. Dynamics continue to change and I wonder how shocked we will all be once the day arrives! What are your predictions? Do you think Brandon and Taylor will make amends? Will Katie see that Derek is a good guy with a good heart? I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below! Also, as a reminder, I live Tweet every week during Married At First Sight! 


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