Married At First Sight: Which Couples Recommit?!


Married At First Sight: To Recommit or Not to Recommit

So it’s just past one month of marriage and boy oh boy are things getting weird. It’s hard to tell if things are moving forward or backward for some couples. Any episode where Pastor Cal talks one on one with the spouses I am ALL for it. His facial expressions are absolutely everything and he does not hold back…which in this case is a great thing! Some of the hubbies this season need to hear it straight!

Dream Crusher!

I gotta say, poor Derek!!! I genuinely would rather have a dreamer than someone with absolutely no ambition. His dreams are sooo sweet and even if they are unrealistic it’s so nice to have that positive energy going. Katie, girllll, I don’t agree with you on this one! I mean, who wouldn’t wanna write a Christmas song and travel the world?! Sign me up! It seems Katie thinks his dreams are ‘childish’ and she wants a ‘man,’ but I don’t think this is fair! Sometimes I think they go together like peanut butter and jelly (lol pregnancy has me thinking about food all the time) but now I just don’t know!!  

Perfect Grass, Doesn’t Mean Perfect Relationship. 

Is it just me or are Meka and Michael just too different? I mean hey, they both recommitted so that’s good. Butttt are things actually gonna get better? Meka was having none of Michael’s grass cutting hobby. I think a lot of us were wondering what he was doing though haha. Oh Michael… Everyone is hating on Meka but I gotta give it to her for sticking with her gut!! If someone lies to you, of course, they have to earn your trust back! He didn’t just do it once – he did it multiple times. As soon as he gains that trust back, THEN she can start opening up and being emotional with him!


If I had a penny for every time Pastor Cal rolled his eyes at Zach, I would be rich!! Lol- but seriously, even Pastor Cal thinks Zach is the worst husband. I can’t stress this enough – he ISN’T taking marriage seriously at all!!! I don’t even know if Mindy and Zach are friends! Good for Mindy for setting an ultimatum! I mean, when he finally decided to stay the night, I thought for sure this is it! They are gonna finally start acting like a married couple…maybe even share a kiss?! Mindy is seriously the most thoughtful person to ever be on this show. I mean she even remembered Zach saying he loves wings and she bought some for dinner even after everything he has done to her. Mindy was SO excited and nervous and when everything came tumbling down because he wouldn’t sleep in the same room as her, my heart *sank.* I wanted to be hopeful, but for the sake of Mindy’s mental well-being, I say leave him!

“A Game of Chicken”

Brandon and Taylor clearly both have their walls up and maybe they’re both too stubborn to apologize and move on, but what do ya think?!? Are they gonna move past it and try again? I was *shocked* that Brandon recommitted to the marriage. This might be the breakthrough that we have all been waiting for! If they rekindle their marriage I will seriously be SO confused because I thought this was O V E R! Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston over! Like Dr. Vivianna said, it truly is a game of chicken. 

I can tell ya who isn’t a chicken though, Jessica! I love how Jessica she called out Zach when the ladies had their confesh session! I absolutely looveeeee Jessica and Austin and they are really the only stable couple. But actually, maybe she is a chicken after all bc she loves Austin but is too scared to tell him! I get it though, it’s hard to be vulnerable and say those three words if the other person isn’t there yet.


Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon enough and boy oh boy – it is looking intense!

Did Jessica tell Austin she loves him? Did he say it back?? Are Brandon and Taylor BACK TOGETHER? Is Mindy officially over Zach? Ay yi yi, sooo much to see next week! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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