Married at First Sight: Marriages Falling Apart?!


Married at First Sight: Marriages Falling Apart?!

Alright sooo, this week is filled with even more ups and downs than last week. I swear I don’t even know what to think anymore! One moment Zach & Mindy seem to be on good terms doing face masks, but another one he says he still won’t move in with her? Meka & Michael go through the SAME things every week…and well, at least we have one constant! Jess & Austin seem to be gliding through their marriage!


Ok, Ok….I am SO conflicted here. I think Meka is catching him in lies, but when he is confronted about it he just seems to shy away. I completely understand why Meka can’t open up to Michael. Opening up and trusting someone who isn’t completely honest is hard! I get that Michael wants her to be more vulnerable but how is she supposed to do that if his little white lies are catching up to him? These two are getting nowhere in their talks and it is starting to look very familiar….



First off, how good did that meal look?!?! Doug and I should seriously take a cooking class too lol! I gotta admit, I wish our season had more Married at First Sight get-togethers! I think it is super nice that they can get together and talk through everything because after all, they’re the only ones that can really understand each other. Friends and family are great, but they aren’t actually in the position of marrying a stranger! Also, a lot of tea was spilled during this cooking class! I could sense the awkwardness when Zach said he is not living with Mindy. Ay yi yi, everyone in that room KNOWS he is just not 100% into actually being married. And how cute were Austin and Jess feeling bad for not having any major problems like the rest of them! It seriously gives me such Danielle and Bobby vibes!


Taylor and Brandon are on thin ice, to say the least! They’re both so wrong and unless one of them says sorry and moves on from this all, I don’t see things getting any better for these two. I gotta say I was shocked by how Taylor still doesn’t think that she did anything wrong; even her friends justified it!! Girllfrannndd, sorry but I have to disagree with ya!! Maybe it’s a defense mechanism against Brandon’s lack of proper communication. Needless to say, they both need to apologize in order to move past this. Brandon leaving was probably not a good move but I also kinda understand why? It must be frustrating to sit there and have someone say they are NOT sorry for a malicious post. 

On the other hand, she must have had a good reason to post what she did (still don’t agree with her actions) but I know Brandon isn’t exactly an angel here either. I could feel Dr. Pepper’s frustration with these two and boy let me tell ya she does not agree with either of them. When Taylor said she hasn’t stopped “trying,” I think the rest of us were left thinking she kinda did stop trying by posting that video… what are your thoughts on these two? Will they forgive?

I could also sense Dr. Pepper’s annoyance when she completely called Zach out for not living with Mindy. He tried to talk in circles again but it honestly looked like he was scared of Dr. Pepper haha!


Oh la la !!! Did ya see that lap dance Austin gave Jessica?! Things were definitely getting pretty heated…in a good way 😉 For Mindy and Zach, I think their sensual tantra exercise was the best move for them to begin to build an intimate relationship. Maybe Zach will finally see Mindy as more than just a friend! 

And next week as the 1 month anniversary comes around, we see that some couples are doomed. What does Zach think Mindy is hiding? Taylor and Brandon can’t even be friends? I’ll be back to chat next week but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!



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  1. Hi! I’ll be the first to comment. I’m very disturbed with Zach, who I’m quite sure did the show for his narcissism. These professionals are supposed to be trained to notice these things. I think MAFS should somehow compensate Mindy for being hooked up with a liar and cheat who just wanted to be on TV to try to get more publicity. It is just wrong. She did not deserve to be treated like this, and everyone obviously knows that Zach just wanted publicity. He should be sued if he had to sign paperwork to show that he was sincerely interested in a “real” relationship. I know the show’s over, but still he needs some legal action against him for false information.

    Mindy is a sweetheart. And she’s very intelligent, beautiful, and I can see why her family did not want her to participate. I did see the photo of her visiting Zach (after the show) and I think she needs to just break it off and find a “real” boyfriend. Zach is a user and fame hound. I don’t think he’s a sociopath, but he’s definitely a narcissist. I’m really surprised the professionals didn’t notice that, or maybe they did and “thought” somehow that he’d become “normal.” This is one of the worst series of this show that I have seen.

    Maybe it’s time to either figure out how to pair people up, or just stop the show. If they can’t figure out that this guy who plasters his photos all over wasn’t actually interested in being married (I suppose it “could” be possible) but he somehow slid through the application process.

    It seemed like in the beginning their interview process was a bit better. Or maybe it’s just hard to find people who want to be on the show nowadays.

    Anyway, the point is that Zach is a phony and he has intentionally hurt Mindy. I think she wants to be friends with him because she feels attracted, but she really should be meeting other men. Maybe Dr. Pepper can help her with that.

    Thanks! And Jamie and Doug, I’m so happy for you that you have settled in to happy married life and parenting. 🙂

  2. What are your thoughts on the previews for next week — specifically Zach and Mindy? I was starting to feel like there was hope for them.

    My opinion of Taylor has changed in an unfavorable direction.

    I love Jess and Austin — if they lived closer, I’d be inviting them over for Sunday dinner.

    Derek and Katie are adorable. I don’t like the previews but I have to think producers want things to appear worse than they really are.

    Michael and Meka — trainwreck!

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