Married At First Sight: Wedding Rings Off ?!


Married At First Sight: Wedding Rings Off

The Honeymoon is still in full mode – and it’s become SEX-AYYY for some of the couples — pun totally intended, ha! On the flip side, others have fizzled out before they even got started. EEK

Sex on the Honeymoon?!?!

Katie and Derek are definitely one of my fav couples this season! If Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan were married, THIS is what it’d look like! (Lindsay Lohan circa Mean Girls, #amiright?!)

Something tells me Derek brought the “fire” Katie’s bridesmaid insisted she needed bc they got some sexy time in and CONSUMMATED THEIR MARRIAGE ALREADY!!!

Wow! These two are really hitting it off! They seem to really compliment each other, too! I mean he even finishes the food that she can’t finish!!! AND he’s okay with dogs sleeping in the bed with them! Total couple goals!

Spooning Leads To Forking

Doug and I are spooners!  It brings you so close together in the most intimate way without actually having sexual intercourse…buuut, let’s be honest: It definitely can lead to some hot and steamy time in the bedroom! 😉

Jessica and Austin woke up spooning! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say these two REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER. We found out that they have also consummated their marriage (!!!!!) — and according to Jessica, it is great. lol!

If you’re one week into marriage and already waking up spooning something tells me you’re falling head over heels. Let’s just hope that fall doesn’t end up becoming one big knock on the head because no one is there to catch ya! Yikes! Here’s to hoping both Jess and Austin are there for one another at the end. I’ve seen so many couples start out seemingly perfect like these two and then end up a total disaster. Fingers crossed for them!

One last thing I just *have* to touch on about this couple (Jessica in particular) before we move on! I really appreciate how she is an open book. Being open and having honest communication is key when being Married at First Sight. You’re seriously thrown into living with a COMPLETE stranger! If you can’t communicate then you’re in the danger zone because being able to express how you feel is the foundation to any type of relationship! …but this doesn’t seem to be an issue with these two! They were even talking kids and religion on what would’ve been like the 3rd date in real life! (And lucky for them, it seems they’re on the same page with these topics!)

These two act more like they’re celebrating years together instead of celebrating their honeymoon! I mean sheeeesh!! I just can’t think of anything that isn’t going “right” for them…? Wellll,  actually – Jessica is questioning the ease of it all. But to be honest, I understand that. It does kinda seem too good to be true!?! I hope we are both wrong on this one!

Married at first sight NOT love at first sight. 

Zach and Mindy. Ay yi yi, where do I begin? Let’s start with Zach’s hair. Is his nickname “the hair!?!” Are we making that a thing?!

Zach scares me with the way he is “unattracted” to Mindy. First off, she’s super attractive but that’s beside the point. This isn’t love at first sight – it’s married At first sight. But before I keep going I’m gonna put my foot in my mouth bc I wasn’t attracted to Doug and here we are nearly six years later with a toddler and a baby on the way! I’m just hoping Zach can see through all that hair of his and learn to appreciate what God put right in front of him! And she’s up for the catamaran adventure with the other couples soooo she should be receiving lots of brownie points for being fun-loving and easy going!

Mindy, girlfrannnd, the experts are right, DON’T change who you are!! Be true to YOU!

Party Poopers

Michael and Meka didn’t join the other couples on the catamaran excursion. Stinks for them! Not a good sign – especially because we already know Michael took his wedding ring off – NOT OK. I 100% agree with Meka for taking hers off too! BUT, this is no way to build trust and commitment from the start. Is it possible their marriage ended before the Honeymoon even ended?! We saw that with Derek and Ashley from seasons past. I hope history isn’t repeating itself.

Siiike! Just kidding! Turns out, NOT going on that catamaran was probably a GREAT idea for these two. Michael and Meka finally opened up to each other and we see Michael open up way more, which is honestly good, because this is what Meka needed to see! It’s nice to see her finally smiling! There seems to be a positive vibe now, and Michael says he cooks?? That’s a plus for Meka!!! 


Not gonna lie, I’m still worried about these two.

Another Ring Removed?!

AND before we leave the wedding ring topic – Zach took his ring off, too?! Again, NOT OK! To any married ladies out there who have hubbies who randomly “lose” or “take off” their rings I wanna give ya some serious courage to GO QUESTION YOUR HUBBY! And don’t let anyone make you feel “crazy” or “irrational” for being upset by that empty ring finger! I would have been irate if my husband decided to take off his ring or if he just “lost” it on our honeymoon – or any time for that matter!

Drama on the last night in paradise

Brandon & Taylor seem to have all this positive energy going for them and then BOOM! Brandon explodes! YIKES!! He does NOT like the camera and leaves her to pack?! Sooo NOT cool! I don’t know how well I would handle that, I mean didn’t he know what he was signing up for? This would be a big red flag for me. He doesn’t get to just blow up at me (or anyone) when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. Brandon, I’m keeping my eye on you! 

Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon enough and boy oh boy – it is looking intense!

The couples head back to D.C. Let’s see how the dynamics change now that the honeymoon is over and they are having to combine their homes! Is Katie still in love with her ex?! Are Meka and Michael falling apart?! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!


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