Red Flags are Flying on Married at First Sight


Red Flags are Flying on Married at First Sight

Ay yi yi, there are ups, then there are downs. The only couple that seems to be flying through this experiment like Danielle and Bobby is Austin and Jessica….the others, I dunno! With their friends and family more in the picture now, things are getting *real!*


Pun is most certainly intended (thanks for that one Katie!) lol Derek seems to tell Katie every time he is going to poop but he somehow isn’t ready to fall in love??? This one is confusing! You’re comfortable enough with her to tell her EVERY single time you need the bathroom, yet you say it is too soon for love? Boyyyy, you had me crackin’ up. Katie clearly does NOT like when he is this comfy with her and then says an 8 week period is too short to catch feelings. Oorr, maybe him telling her every time he has to poop makes her feel like she’s been moved to the friend zone? I mean, it isn’t exactly romantic. Although, to me, it shows he’s comfy with her which is huge. I still think these two will make it, and maybe, just maybe, Derek will fall in love with her before the experiment is over. But playing devil’s advocate here, Doug and I didn’t say I love you until after the experiment ended. I think these two just need to lose all expectations and jump into this thingggg!!! The fact that Katie thinks his lack of ability to say I love you is a red flag is kinda concerning!!! Girlfrannnd, Derek is a keeper (even if he is SUPER picky)!

On a side note- did Katie really say they’re doing the best?!? I dunnnooo in my eyes it’s Jessica and Austin right now!


Lol not in the bedroom for all couples. But don’t ya kinda see Meka and Michale having a breakthough?! I mean, come on! They went spice shopping together for their house, they put their RINGS BACK ON! They even totally loved each other’s friends. It genuinely felt like they had hung out before because that is how well they all meshed together. I dunno, I think things are headed up for these two lovebirds. Michael asking Meka’s mom for advice was the sweetest!! Plus, it honestly showed that he really cares and he wants to make this work…. Unlike someone we know *cough* Zach *cough.*

Nowwww, for Derek and Katie sexy talk does arise 😉 and they brought on the fireee I mean did ya see Katie’s tongue?!


When Mindy’s friend was questioning Zach I seriously felt like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds. Is he the killer? Was she going to catch him in a lie. If Mindy’s friend isn’t a detective, girlllll she should be. Zach was totally stunned and it was slightly awkward not gonna lie. If Doug’s friends had done that to me I would have been so embarrassed! But anyway, I feel like her friends talking to him actually made him realize that he needed to change his ways, so props to her!!! I mean I’m glad that Mindy and Zach finally talked about their situation because ay yi yi it seems like nothing was progressing with these two!!

Zach wasn’t the only one getting interrogated though lol poor Brandon! I mean, Brandon was super rude on the bus, and even though he apologized (was it sincere though?!) Taylor’s friends still had it out with him. I don’t know about you, but his actions in that honeymoon *are* super concerning. I mean, if he treats Taylor like that in front of others a week into their marriage how is he going to treat her when the cameras fade and the “honeymoon” part of their marriage is over?? Yikes. Red flags flying high over his head. Do you see it too?


Ok, so I kind of laughed out loud when Austin said that Zach just talks in circles because we literally said the SAME thing last week!! Ahhh Zach you think you have a way with words but maybe ya don’t?? It seems the boys don’t even understand a word you’re saying, so how do ya expect Mindy to? Even Derek sounded concerned that he isn’t moving in with Mindy. I agree with Derek! How’s he gonna get to know her if they don’t live together?!?? To me this is a red flag and to any wifey whose hubby walks out like that, you know how it usually ends! Once they walk out that door – the effort usually stops. Ugh! It’s only 2 weeks in, listen to Derek and move in with your WIFE!

Anyways, these two seem to be doing fabulously, like usual!!


Anddddd next week, things continue to get heated.

Does Jessica find a red flag?! Is Michael being secretive? Did Taylor and Brandon break up?! I’ll be back to chat next week but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!


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