Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert- Here’s How Decision Day Went


Married At First Sight:Spoiler Alert- Here’s How Decision Day Went

HOLY COW. Decision day is HERE. And spoiler alert: STOP READING if you haven’t watched it yet.

 Ok, now that I gave you an ample spoiler alert and the opportunity to stop reading if you haven’t watched Married At First Sight yet…let me continue! 🙂

What a whirlwind of a season – I mean, how else would you describe it? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down on my couch, getting snuggly with Doug, to watch these guys officially get MARRIED at first sight and now they’ve made another, ultimately life changing decision – stay together or get a divorce? Let’s backtrack and take it from the beginning….

Dinner Dates

I love that the couples got to meet up before decision day. As we flashback to the beginning of the experiment, the whole thing is kind of surreal! All these couples have been through so much in such a short amount of time. I can totally understand that Mia and Tristan are emotionally drained. They’ve been through the most out of the other 2 couples and I’m glad they were all able to get back together and lean on each other during this stressful time J

Dave’s friends had some great advice to give him about married life! I know communication seems to be their biggest issue and even Amber knows that communication is something they both should work on. But, she’s still hesitant because she wonders what if there’s a better match and is this marriage right for her?

Mia and Tristian each have had a very intense relationship… to say the least! From the arrest, to the dating profile to their explosive mini-moon, I’m glad they confided in their close friends and family before decision day. No marriage is picture perfect and there’s always ups and downs!

Bobby and Danielle have been the picture-perfect couple since day one! Bobby would really like to hear Danielle say she loves him before decision day. Okay, now I know Danielle says she’s not sure if he is officially ‘falling in love’ – but guys!! Married at first sight doesn’t necessarily mean ‘LOVE’ at first sight. I mean, that would be great, but we’re not always that lucky haha 😉

Last night

One their last night before decision day, Mia and Tristan went out to dinner and reminisced all about the experiment and married life so far! Even though they’ve had a lot of ups and downs I love that they still have such a positive take on their marriage J

Amber and Dave’s night out went a little unexpected. I could totally feel where Amber was coming from when she said she’s scared that Dave is going use decision day as a way out. But I think that they’re meant to be together!

Bobby and Danielle spent their night before decision day around the campfire together with some yummy s’mores. Ummm count me in!!!

Decision day

The day is here! We are going to find out which couples will stay together and which will get divorced. Now lemme tell ya, there is definitely more at stake today than on wedding day. I remember going into it still 50/50 and so nervous, it wasn’t until I was sitting in that chair on decision day that I knew 100% I wanted to stay married… and man am I glad I did J

Bobby and Danielle

Bobby and Danielle are definitely the married at first sight fairytale! They seem perfect for each other! I literally had to grab the tissues Danielle said she’s head over heels in love with him! This was just what Bobby wanted to hear, she even got the engagement ring she has always wanted! I was so so happy for them!! Ohh anddd they chose to stay married! I am so excited for their future together filled with lots of puppies and babies!

Mia and Tristan

Okay I don’t know about you guys, but I am on the edge of my seat for this decision day.. I feel like it could really go either way! They have had an intense marriage with high highs and low lows, but at the end of the day they chose to stay together too!!!! Here’s to their love story, a crazy one at that, and this is just the beginning! Welcome to the married club guys 😉

UPDATE: Even though they aren’t married anymore, I’m so happy they gave it their all and found themselves at the end of the day 🙂

Amber and Dave

Ahhh I am so nervous for their decision day! I feel like they are so good for each other, they just have different ways of communicating! At decision day, Dave said he was happy and confident, but Amber was confused! AHHHHH but I am so happy that they chose each other and decided to stay married! Wooohoo!!! Time to welcome another couple to the still married club!


Welp that’s all she wrote! It’s been a rollercoaster of a season and I have had so much fun following these couples along on their journey! I love that we get to welcome, THREE new couples to the still married club!! Next week is the finale and it looks like there’s some big news that’s going to be revealed! Any guesses?!

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