Married At First Sight: There’s ONLY TEN Days Left!


Married At First Sight: There’s ONLY TEN Days Left!

Oh my goodness!!! There is only TEN days left until decision day! This is the going to be the second biggest decision of their lives, besides choosing to marry a stranger-lol! I am so glad that these couples get to spend time together on their mini-moons to truly remember why they were matched, alrighty let’s see how it goes!

Hostess With The Mostest

It’s Amber’s turn to host girl’s night and she’s going all out- champagne, cheese and crackers- girl count me in too!! I love that Mia is really opening up to Danielle and Amber:) It’s so good to chat with people who are all going through a similar situation. I would have to agree with Danielle on this one- I don’t think I would’ve moved back in so soon either! But props to Mia for being one forgiving person. All in all I’d say girl’s night was a success!

Bobby and Dave’s Man Date

Dave seems to be super skeptical of Bobby and Danielle’s “perfect” marriage. But I think that they communicate amazingly with each other and I love that Bobby stood up for their marriage! Dave shares that he’s most concerned when times get tough with Amber because she can make them tougher and he says that he’s 50/50 on decision day.

Family Lunches

Bobby has his lunch with his family and shares that he’s a little concerned that Danielle hasn’t said “I love you” yet. I mean ya can totally tell that they’re both head over heels for each other. Aaand I think she’ll say it when the time’s right 🙂

Danielle Facetime’s her mom and I couldn’t agree with her more, they definitely seem like such a natural match together 🙂

Amber was so open with her sister and how she feels and I think it was just what she needed! Sisters always know how to cheer ya up 🙂  Dave met up with one of his best buddies and he thinks that it’s all on Amber, but his friend thinks it’s on Dave. I love that his friend was giving him the advice he needed to hear and I hope that it helps them!

Mia’s phone call with her mom was so sweet and I love that her mom is rooting for them!! She believes that they’re perfect for each other and I have faith that they can work on their trust and make it! Meanwhile, Tristan has some of his close friends over and Tristan is torn about how he feels about decision day.

It’s Time For A Mini-Moon!

Each of the couples picked out a great mini-moon location and I’m so excited for them to get away and just spend time with each other 🙂

On the day of their road trip, Tristan chatted with Dave before the trip and he found out that Mia said he kicked her out and Tristan thinks that she just left. I don’t really know how to feel about this!

What do you guys think?! Are they both in the wrong?

Mia left the next morning after she told Tristan she wanted a divorce and no one seems to know where she went. I truly feel for Mia and marriage can be so emotionally draining at times! But, Mia told Amber that Tristan said he was leaving and she didn’t want to be stranded so she decided to leave! Ahhh I don’t know anymore, it’s so hard because we weren’t there. We don’t know what really happened so all we can do is be supportive and hope they get through this!

Next Time…

It’s their last shot at romance and it seems like a lot is going down in next week’s episode! Mia is back, Amber and Dave seem to hit a bump in the road and Danielle shares she’s not ready to say I love you. Plus there’s only a week left till decision day!!

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