Married At First Sight: What’s Your Fantasy?!


Married At First Sight: What’s Your Fantasy?!

Well it seems like all of the Married At First Sight couples are finally settling in to day to day life! I remember at this point in the experiment Doug and I were just trying to make time from our busy work schedule to get to know each other! I absolutely loved just figuring out OUR routine:) Now let’s see what these couples have been up to!

I think in a relationship it’s so so important to talk about giving and receiving love, cause if you don’t express what ya want, hows your partner supposed to know? I totally related to Danielle! Marriage is all about little things like she said and it’s so nice to have someone to come home to after a long day of work! Bobby and Danielle stated loud and clear that she didn’t like cooking from day one,  but it’s so cute! Get yourself a man that can cook…. Am I right ladies?! 😉 

My heart MELTED when Bobby said he was in love with Danielle! If any of ya guys are wondering it took me and Doug 6 months to truly be in love! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it isn’t too good to be true because these two seem like a match made in heaven! 

Bobby and Danielle are just so silly together! But after the whole fishbowl exercise… I really think Danielle has to open up and let Bobby in, I know they were just married at first sight, but it’s so important to be transparent with your spouse… but Bobby’s been holding back too, so maybe these two just have to do something to break the ice!

PS Douglas, I love love love the travel scratch off map… let’s plan some more vacays;)

Blondes or Brunettes?

Amber and Dave are just working through some issues and I love that they are so committed and trying to move past the negativity! Every marriage has good and bad days… even my marriage isn’t rainbow and butterflies all the time and that’s okay! Dave really seems to love the all dark look on Amber  but she likes to be a blonde and I mean blondes have more fun!

Let’s clear this up, everyone thinks that Dave just wants a brunette, but he told me on Unfiltered that he just thought if she went  back to her natural hair color it would help the damage.

Let’s Talk Over Lunch

Let’s hope that Tristan has a better experience with Mias dad and sister than he did on their wedding day LOL!! I really love that they are making time for family and that Tristan wants to get to know them! Now they didn’t exactly  have a “light” lunch like Tristan was hoping for… Mia just casually dropped an explosive bomb on her family that they may move to Houston! Talk about a light lunch turning into a heavy really quick! And….. shocker… they’re 100% NOT behind this move of this newly married, on and off again stranger couple moving away to a brand new city together it seemed! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this goes!

And if that wasn’t enough, at lunch, Tristan whispered and told her that he was uncomfortable and Mia decided to share it with her whole family! Mia, don’t throw your hubby under the bus y’all are a TEAM! I really hope this is just another bump in the road because these two have so much potential!

I was so so happy when he said that he just wants to put it behind them and move on! Now Tristan is one forgiving man! But Mia has proven to have sweet tendencies so I can see how she makes it easier for him 🙂

I’m dying to know….

Would you be as forgiving as Tristan?

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t think I would be as forgiving as him!

Girls Day While The Guys Play

So, on girl’s day out Mia shared her argument with the girls about trust and communication and she realized that he yells! Lemme tell ya, you-and all of America- get to know your spouse real well, real fast in this experiment!

Amber also reveals they had a rocky week all over her hair! I love how honest and real these girls are being! Sometimes it’s hard to share about the bad times, but ya live and ya learn!

Danielle says they had no fights and she doesn’t have any advice for them🤷🏻‍♀️ guess they’re just a match made in heaven!

What do ya think?

Are you guys buying that Bobby and Danielle have only had positive moments?

The other girls aren’t buying it though and not sure I would either I mean everyone has issues and it’s okay to admit them!

Golf It Out 

Bobby seems to be in loveeeeeeee and has no complaints!! I feel like he is so open and honest about his feelings which is awesome!! 

On the other hand, Tristan shares with the guys that they had a rough weekend. I think it’s so important that they all get time to hangout with each other because it gives them a chance to step away and think about what happened! Also who doesn’t need mini vent sessions every once in a while?! I know I do! 

Dave shares that Amber doesn’t take criticism well and Bobby encouraged him to keep doing what he’s doing! These guys are so close already and I am so happy they can count on each other!

I wonder how the experiment would’ve been different for me and Doug if we got to meet the other couples throughout the season! 

What’s Your Fantasies?!

Bobby likes girls in T-shirt’s and hats, Amber likes a Viking and Mia wants her man in donuts  talk about some interesting fantasies LOL!!

Sweet Surprise 

So Amber didn’t exactly get her Viking fantasy but she did get to feel like a princess for a day! 

Dave was so sweet and boy did he bring all the bells and whistles… Cinderella move over princess amber is in the house-LOL! I was kinda offended for Amber when Dave said that she smells good but is overpowering… now I will definitely be getting into it on Unfiltered!! Amber was able to turn it around though and I love how she cracked a joke and turned the night around!!!

Bobby’s look on his face when he saw Danielle in a baseball hat and tee was priceless haha!!! Seems like he’s pretty easy to impress!

Tristan came out with a box of donuts andddd donut boxers and suspenders Mia’s dream come true!! But on a serious note, I think it is so sweet that he’ll do anything to make her happy….even if she’s happier to see the box of donuts 😉 LOL Oh my god, I can’t… maybe these two are perfect for each other haha!!!


Next week the couples celebrate their ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!! Now when you’re married at first sight, this one month is like being married a whole year!! It’s a BIG DEAL guys!!! I am so excited to see them revisit where they got married and look at their wedding pics! We’ll have to wait till next week to see how it all goes down, so stay tuned!!!!

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