Married At First Sight: Dating App Disaster


Married At First Sight: Dating App Disaster

Welp, there’s only 5 weeks left until decision day and this Married At First Sight season is flying by! Lemme tell ya it’s been filled with sooo many ups and downs and this week’s episode is no different! Let’s get into it 😉

I’ll Take Care of You

Going to work is no fun at all, but when your hubby makes your lunch… it makes it a little easier:) I think it’s SO sweet that Bobby makes Danielle lunch EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. Marriage goals!! Am I right? 

Pastor Cal loves telling it like it is… and he doesn’t cut any slack for Mia and Tristan. He’s only been there for 5 mins and he’s getting into the nitty gritty. I feel like Mia and Tristan’s big obstacle since being married at first sight will definitely be rebuilding trust and seems like Pastor Cal would agree. I think the most important thing though would be to remain patient, honest and transparent in order to rebuild trust. In my opinion, the two biggest things in a relationship are trust and communication!! Anyways I’m rooting for these guys and have faith that they’ll be able to do it.

Guys Night Out… With Pastor Cal

I feel like all the guys are enjoying married life so far especially since they were just married at first sight a couple weeks ago! …err, at least Bobby is! I love how the guys got out to do something together, but where’s girls night at? LOL! I thought everything was going super well… that was until they rated their wives and here’s how it went….

Bobby gave Danielle a 10/10! Seems like everything is going super well for these two and I couldn’t be happier, he even said that he’s IN LOVE with her but is waiting for the right time to tell her! AHH my heart! So excited for that!!!

Dave gave Amber a 7.5 — which I think is a GREAT rating! To be honest, I think 10 is a bit drastic. I mean, there is always room to improve. No one is perfect. But anyway, Dave said he rated her a 7.5 because she’s stressed out over insecurities and he wonders if can she comfort him when he needs it. After he explained the 7.5 I wanted to scream through the tv to him: this rating is NOT gonna help with her insecurities. LOL. I can totally relate to Amber and it’s so hard to not let little things get in your head! I was kinda shocked when Dave said that Amber wasn’t a rockstar wife, it’s still so early on in the relationship, so maybe cut her some slack 😉

Tristan gave Mia an 8/10. These two have definitely been through the most in the short amount of time they’ve been married. The funniest part was when he said that she had all the ingredients but she’s still working on putting them together – LOL – sounds like he’s describing a recipe to me! After all they have been through, they still are putting it behind them and working on their relationship which is amazing and I’m not sure if I could do that so props to them!

Rating Douglas

I live tweet every episode and last night everyone was asking me what I would rate Doug. My response was ‘before or after our honeymoon?!” 😉

I am pleading the fifth on the rating for before our honeymoon because I’m an honest person and there’s no reason to hash up the past. BUT, less than a week into our married at first sight marriage that number grew drastically! I wouldn’t say a 10 because, like I said earlier, no one is perfect — BUT, it was definitely no 6 or 7. And now as a daddy … welllll, I’m breaking my own rule because he really is a 10 as a daddy. 🙂

Doug, what would you rate me?? Eeeeek!

From Mine To Ours

I don’t think furniture shopping was the best time to bring up the night with Pastor Cal, but Amber was dying to find out what Dave rated her. Let’s put it like this, Amber was NOT impressed with the rating AT ALL! She said that it was just validating her insecurities and I could totally see where she was coming from!

Later that night, they got into a fight and I was honestly so shocked when Amber said that this was one of the reasons she never wanted to get married- because she didn’t wanna do extra for her hubby. I had to pick my jaw off the floor when she literally told Dave that it would be easier if she wasn’t married! I know she just said it in the heat of the moment, but ya really have to be careful with what ya say because you can’t take words back!

Apologizing Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

Who else was so, so happy  when Amber apologized to Dave? Saying ‘I’m sorry” doesn’t mean you’re weak. So many people will be defensive or point fingers to take the blame off themselves. I really admire someone who can own up to her mistakes. Props to you, girl! …Plus, Dave even said that feelings were developing 😉 YAY!!! So I hope that they can put this fight behind them because I’m so excited to see what’s in store! 

Mia’s Back In the Dating Game?

Now Tristan definitely has some loyal friends that have his back! I can’t figure out if Mia isn’t being super transparent with Tristan or if she is being honest and just forgot it was active. Either way, her being on a dating app isn’t going to help their relationship in the long run.

Even though Mia said that she thought she deleted her profile, Tristan wasn’t having it! He even took off his ring… totally reminds me when Cortney threw it down the drain in my season of Married At First Sight. I think this definitely goes back to the broken trust which is why he doesn’t believe her in this situation. I know first hand how hard it is to rebuild trust so I definitely applaud Tristan for being so forgiving! 

Bowl It Out

I love love love that Mia and Tristan are still choosing each other after all their ups and downs on this season of Married At First Sight! They definitely need nights out to remind themselves why they’re matched 🙂 It is so cute how competitive and playful they are too!

I’m Dying To Know…

If you found out your significant other still had a dating app active  — what would you do?

Well, this week’s episode had lots of ups and downs, but it all ended on a good note! With decision day only 5 weeks away let’s see how these couples will continue to grow! I can’t wait for next week’s episode, and as always, I’ll be here to blog all about it 🙂 And don’t forget to watch me grilling all these couples on another episode of Married At First Sight: Unfiltered next Tuesday! 

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