Married At First Sight: Here’s What The Families REALLY Think About The Marriages


Married At First Sight: Here’s What The Families REALLY Think About The Marriages

The couples are FINALLY married!! Ahhh soo exciting!! And being married at first sight was just the beginning.. now comes the hard part.. getting to know each other and each other’s family! Each person made a huge risk but they were willing to do anything to find the love of their life 🙂 On last night’s episode we found out a lot about how the families actually felt about the marriages… so let’s get into it!

Pillow Talk: The Wedding Nights

So, it seems like none of the couples consimated their marriages…but hey, there’s plenty of time for that, LOL! They only did just meet a day ago so cut ’em some slack! I remember when my hubby and I were married at first sight, on our wedding night I wanted to put a pillow between us and pretend it never happened. At least these guys are all smiling!

Their first real conversations together as hubby and wifey doesn’t happen until like 11 pm and their heads hit the pillow. There’s just no time for it at your wedding and reception. So, what went down with their first “real” convos together?

Bobby and Danielle

They had such a cute convo on their wedding night! Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off Danielle. He awkwardly admitted out loud he can’t wait to “explore” Danielle’s body. Yeah, he really said that. But Danielle seems to be pretty into him, too. Ya can really see the chemistry between them! I can’t wait to see what their relationship turns into!

Dave and Amber

I would say outta all the couples, they’re the most physical with each other!! It was so sweet when Dave whipped out the book full of pics of him growing up so Amber can get to know him better!! I mean he must’ve watched our season…’cause Doug did the exact same thing. 😉

Mia and Tristan

I definitely feel like Mia is starting to warm up to Tristan!! I about spewed my drink out of my mouth when she said “I don’t want to kiss him. He could have hepatitis A, B, or C!” This girl isn’t cutting him any slack.I thought it was so funny that they had to memorize each others names—same girl I thought Doug’s last name was Henley LOL 😉 But anyways I loveeeddd how Tristan was trying to respect Mia and even offered to sleep on the couch! Doug was so patient with me and I didn’t even want him to touch me LOL but look at where we are now, so in love and we have our adorable little Gracie!

Family Brunches

Amber and Dave

It seemed a little strange that Dave’s parents weren’t going to the “family brunch” I think there’s more to that story but who knows!! I hope that Amber is gentle on him though with the whole family thing because who knows what really is going on! Hey and I’m all for it.. friends can sometimes be better than family and I love how Dave wants Amber to recognized as a big part of his life!

Tristan and Mia

Wow! It’s like these two families have known each other FOREVER!! Ya can really tell that their families gets along!! They’re already cracking’ jokes too LOL!! That’s exactly how Doug’s family was towards my family! I have always wanted to marry someone with a huge accepting family and I got just that… for the most part 😉

Bobby and Danielle

Danielle’s parents seemed sooo excited for the future and Bobby’s parents seem like they approve!! It was a close one though cause Danielle’s parents almost weren’t gonna come to the wedding.. but I bet they’re glad they did! I’m sure there’s actually more to this story too.. maybe we’ll find out more throughout the season!!


Before the couples are whisked away on their amazing tropical honeymoons.. Dr. Jessica meets with couples to give ’em some advice!! I love how involved the experts are in this season!! You can really tell that they wanna be there for any and everything 🙂

During these sessions..Bobby revealed that Danielle is hard to read and she admitted that it’s something she has to work on!! COMMUNICATION IS KEY PEOPLE!!! If Danielle can’t open up to Bobby.. it may be hard to build on their relationship, but it’s still early, who knows!

OMG did ya guys see that preview!?! What a cliff hanger!!! I can’t believe Mia was truly detained!! I hope that’s not the case… but who knows how this story unfolds! Hopefully Mia and Tristan can make it to Cancun in time to hangout with the other couples!! But we’ll have to wait till next week for that 😉

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