Married At First Sight: A Couple Already In Love?


Married At First Sight: A Couple Already In Love?

Well it’s been 14 days since they have been married at first sight and these couples went from strangers to married to honeymooners to roommates and it seems like it’s all going well! I am in love with all the couples this season and I loveee how different they all are! The couples get to entertain friends and in-laws on tonight’s episode so let’s see how it all went down!

Mia and Tristan: Love Birds Already?

Mia and Tristan have had one roller-coaster of a relationship since being married at first sight and it’s only been two weeks! These two aren’t letting it get in the way though because they’re already saying I love you to each other! WOW!!! I’m still picking my jaw up from the floor… I guess everyone moves differently, so you do you!

Dave and Amber: Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

If you take away one thing from tonight’s married at first sight episode…. Don’t ask your significant other who their celeb crush is cause it may start a fight — at least it did for Amber and Dave. Amber asked Dave who his celebrity crush is and he said, Jessica Biel. Amber, don’t compare yourself girl! You are just as pretty!! It is so hard though not to compare yourself to others so I totally understand where she’s coming from! Thank goodness Dr. Pepper came over to help them she reassured her that it’s needless worries! I looveee that Dave wants to find out why they’re matched and latch onto the positives not negatives!

Fun Fact: My hubby’s celebrity crush is Jessica Alba. Not a chance I look anything like that bombshell. I always loved Brad Pitt, but lately I’m learning towards Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth. Total hotties!

Bobby and Danielle: Welcome to Our House… Of Dogs

Well seems like Bobby and Danielle have a full house… of dogs 😉 I love how well they are getting along! Real life is already setting in and they don’t have any troubles cleaning up after each other’s dogs.. that’s true love right there!

Couples Night Out

Annddddd Tristan and Mia have arrived and they’re the elephant in the room! Yikes!!! They didn’t even address anything… but detective Dave is getting to the bottom of it-LOL! It’s smart of this couple to try to keep their personal life private and move past it because no need to start any more drama!

Will You Take My Last Name?

At dinner, the girls started talking about taking their husband’s last names and Amber was the only one who didn’t! Listen, making the decision to marry a stranger is stressful enough.. imagine adding onto it the decision of whether or not you want to change your last name to someone’s you’ve never met! There’s plenty of time to change it later if she wants!

On our one year anniversary I surprised Doug by changing my last name to his. I didn’t know if we would even work out during the experiment — there wasn’t a chance I’d change my last name before I fell in love.

My heart melted when Dave said that he likes taking care of someone and that it makes him a better person!! On another note…Mia is in love and Tristan isn’t there yet because he wants to establish trust which I totally understand!! But why does he say “I love you” to Mia then? Kinda strange, right? We will definitely be getting to the bottom of this on next week’s Married At First Sight: Unfiltered!

Dinner Don’ts

After dinner, Mia and Tristan got into a fight and she was disappointed in him because he had told Dave he was still rebuilding trust. Tristan, don’t go sharing your thoughts to your friends before your wife because that won’t end good!

Let’s get together… Family and Friends Edition

Bobby and Danielle

OMG, when Danielle said she commutes an hour and 30 minutes to work…wow! If I ever doubted their love, I don’t anymore! Ha! You can really tell that their families get along and ya would never know they only met two weeks ago!

Amber and Dave

Amber had her bestie over and Dave says that whatever is important to Amber is important to him… way to go Dave! Especially since her friend is full of opinions and would barely let her hubby peep a word. Amber says her friend is super protective over her so maybe that’s why? Anyway, she had a little advice for Dave… Amber is always right- LOL! I was a little shocked when Amber said she doesn’t need other friends when Dave wants to hang out with his friends…I feel like that’s just her insecurities coming out because she went anyway! And they really hit it off! They bonded over their kitties.

Mia and Tristan

Seems like their whole issue still isn’t completely resolved so they’re off to Houston so see Tristan’s mom!  Tristan’s mom thinks their relationship is going a little quick and man is her mama bear is coming out—she was really grilling Mia! But Tristan and his mom are super forgiving people and as long as Mia has been completely honest about everything in her past, then as she says…let sleeping dogs lie!

As for next week….

Anddd that’s all for this week’s episode! Next week looks INTENSE..Mia is still on a dating app? Dave rated Amber a 7.5 out of 10? And so much more… but we’ll have to wait till next week for that.

Gotta know! Who is your celebrity crush?

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