Married At First Sight: O N E Month Anniversaries!


Married At First Sight: O N E Month Anniversaries!

It’s their O N E month anniversary guys!!!! This is a huge deal especially for just being married at first sight! These couples are halfway through the experiment and I CANNOT believe it! This season is flying by! So, let’s see what these couples were up to this week!

Push Me Out of My Comfort Zone

AWW I love how Amber is stepping out of her comfort zone and wants to learn to cook to show Dave that she cares. Thank goodness Dave’s there though to help her figure out what pots and pans to use LOL! Now THAT’S true love right there and team wok makes the dream work

Hahaha Dave making mental notes of what to disinfect later was so funny!! Like nope don’t touch the butter LOL!

I love how Bobby was pushing Danielle out of her comfort zone by going skeet shooting! I think it’s so so important to try new things together as a couple 🙂

Pastor Cal is always helping the married at first sight couples out! I think it was such a good idea that he gave Mia and Tristan the sheet to help them figure out the pros and cons of moving to Houston. This exercise is SUPER beneficial to their communication issues! WOW… now when Tristan told Mia to her face that he’d rather be around his family than hers, I was SHOCKED… like be right back, lemme pick my jaw up from the floor! You guys should focus on what’s best for you guys as a couple!!! I believe that they’ll be able to figure it out!

Let’s Celebrate… Married At First Sight Style!!

I think it’s super thoughtful that Dave decided to splurge on an experience instead of a gift for their one month anniversary and Amber is totally gonna loveee it!

*Fun fact: Doug and I share the same anniversary with these three couples 😉 March 23rd!

Amber’s reaction was so so cute when she realized where they were going!! You could totally tell how giddy she was to go back to the spot where they first met!

A gondola ride!?! I mean how much more romantic can it get!! I think it’s so awesome that Mia and Tristan can joke about what happened in their first month of marriage and just put it behind them! They’re 100% committed to each other and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Even the experts sent them a little gift to celebrate! Bobby and Danielle got such a thoughtful gift!! It was such a good idea to frame their vows with their wedding pictures J They’re the only couple who decided to do a gift exchange… anddddd Bobby got her a DNA test… for her DOG! But in all seriousness, it was such a thoughtful gift because it shows that he listens! Danielle loveeddd the 23 cards Bobby wrote her with 23 things he loves about her! MELT MY HEART… am I right guys?!

I loved how he played their wedding tape at the drive in! It was so romantic!

I remember when Doug and I got our wedding pictures back from the experts and boy were they awkward LOL!!

Okay, I gotta know….

Who’s anniversary date was your favorite?

3 Weeks Left!!

All of these couples have grown SO much since their wedding days and I definitely feel like love is in the air 😉 I’m so excited for next week’s episode! All the couples go on a triple date where they take a cooking class together 😉 Plus there’s ONLY 3.5 weeks until decision day!!! AHHH it’s so close… who’s going to stay together, who’s going to get divorced!? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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