Married At First Sight: Tristan Threw Mia Out??


Married At First Sight: Tristan Threw Mia Out??

With only 2 weeks left, it’s time these couples start planning for their futures! This is such a crucial time for these couples and ya never know what can happen, so let’s get right into it!

Dave and Amber

They’re into normal married life and they seem to be in a super great place together!! I’m so happy for them and I think they’re def a power couple when they’re on the same team🙌

Mia and Tristan

Mia seems super stressed between work and being newly married and I love that she was open with him and shared this with Tristan👍

Bobby and Danielle

Danielle is out on a work trip, so Bobby is meeting up with his friends! His friend had a great point and even though they’re in the “honeymoon phase” you can tell that they’re super into each other and are all in🎉 Especially for just being married at first sight!

Making Huge Decisions… Without Your Partner

Yikes… okay I gotta know, do you guys talk to your partner before making any big decisions? 

Doug and I always always talk to each other before making any big decisions because we want to do what’s best for US!

Tristan deciding to cancel his health insurance, is definitely something he should’ve told Mia about. Mia seemed to really open up and communicated with Tristan that she feels overshadowed by him.  I think the first step to fixing this is acknowledging each side of the issue and I’m glad they’re trying to talk about it.

Wow!!! But, when Mia said that she doesn’t even want to move to Houston I was shocked. Andddd Tristan just went ahead and walked out. This does NOT seem good at all😱

Gardening Makes The Heart Grow Fonder💗

I thought it was so sweet that Dave and Amber started their own little garden. And ya can totally tell that Dave is trying to make Amber feel more at home which is great! I hope this couple stays on the positive path and keeps going forward!

A Sweet Little Note

Omg melt my heart!!!! Danielle’s note to Bobby was the absolute sweetest!!! I love that she really opened up and shared with him how she was feeling😊

An Ultimatum

Tristan told Mia that she either had to go to Houston or she wasn’t allowed to stay at their home and basically she was thrown out. I know, crazy right?!

I feel like there’s a lot more going on than just about the insurance issue, so I really really hope that they can communicate with each other more and move past this.

Dr. Jessica and Pastor Cal to the Rescue

I love that Mia reached out to Dr Jessica for some help and it just seems like they’re having the same issue of communication.

Tristan talked to Pastor Cal and shared that he’s one foot in and one foot out. Now those are some heavy words. Pastor Cal is amazing and I love that he wants to sit down with Tristan and Mia to try and make it work!

When Tristan said he doesn’t think he’s right for Mia, my heart shattered and I was NOT expecting that reaction. But Pastor Cal was there to help them work through this so I think that they’re gonna make it past this!

Romantic Dinner Date for 2







I think Dave and Amber are in a really good place right now! They seem to be communicating and focusing on the positives which is awesome!

MAFS Field Day🙌

It’s Bobby and Danielle vs Dave and Amber for married at first sight’s first ever field day! And it’s all about TEAMWORK!

10 Days Left😱

This season has flown by!! And next week the couples have a little vacation in store next week! Even though it sounds super great… Mia tells Tristan she wants a divorce! Talk about a cliffhanger!! Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to see what happens!

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