Married At First Sight: Date Night


Married At First Sight: Date Night

It’s a T R I P L E date for these married at first sight couples🎉 and boy do they need it, especially with decision day right around the corner! I am so excited to see this triple date and how it all goes down!

One Month Check In’s

Amber and Dave seemed to really need Dr Pepper! There’s always ups and downs in a relationship! It was so upsetting when Amber said that she just feels like Dave is annoyed with her. Dave really has to open up and be more vulnerable with Amber in order for her to feel less insecure! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… COMMUNICATION IS KEY! 🔑

Mia and Tristan finally aren’t in crisis mode and Dr Pepper couldn’t be more relieved LOL! The move to Houston still seems to be a bit of an issue for these two, but I think Mia is trying to see the positives of moving! Marriage is all about compromise and trust and I definitely think that this move can bring them closer together💗

Anddd last stop for Dr Pepper is Bobby and Danielle’s place! I think it’s so good that Danielle started to step out of her comfort zone and be more affectionate and open towards Bobby! In the other hand…. Bobby seems to be a little overwhelmed cleaning up after their foster dogs 24/7😂

Let’s Swap… Phones

Mia and Tristan both decided to not go through each other’s phones! I think this was so good for them and it really showed the amount of trust they have for each other!

Bobby and Danielle did some light snooping around but all they found were pics of their dogs haha!

Amber was a little hesitant about doing the phone swap… but Dave wasn’t even into it and they both decided that they trusted each other! This is so awesome and shows that they’re on the same page😊

Amber revealed to Dave that he’s the first person she’s ever fully trusted in a relationship! And instead of taking a compliment Dave found it concerning. I mean it’s not right to judge someone on their past. I hope that this isn’t something that Dave focuses on and that he can move past it!

A Married At First Sight Date For Three… Couples

Amber looks terrified in the kitchen, Bobby stole the show and Mia was just fakin it till she makes it LOL!! But on a more serious note, I felt so bad for Amber when all she was worried about was if she was good enough for Dave and what he’d think!

Mia almost burned the whole place down hahah!!! It definitely lightened the mood for Amber and it seems like all the couples had an awesome dinner night🙌

I wanna hear your thoughts  💭 

Do you guys like double dates or just dates with just the two of you?

Until Next Week…

All these married at first sight couples seem to be on the right track and I’m so so excited to see how their relationships grow even more! Plus decision day is so close and I’m dying to know how it all ends, but we’ll just have to wait and see 😉

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  1. I feel MAFS is portraying the women in a bad light. Amber is not as inept as shown, Dave is looking passive aggressive. I can understand her insecurity as Dave is hesitant (at least on screen) and quite cold. He is acting more like an annoyed judgmental brother. I feel for her.
    Danielle is doing enough. If this were Danielle doing all of the housework, cooking, dog chores, etc-Dr Pepper and fans would have no issue. It is because it is the man. Mia is edited to look bad. The show needs to be more real. We can see through the created story lines. Jamie-you are the best thing about this show. You are a talented interviewer and are doing a terrific job. You are a natural. And look great on screen. Good job. I am getting quite annoyed the anti-woman slant of the show . I hope they knock it off. In this day of “me too” and equality-they are walking fine line. I hope the producers come to their senses and see this is not a good way to portray the women. They are better than that. I see a pattern with the show and will lose viewers if they continue this slant and storyline. It is not a way to hopefully gain male viewers, it is only a path to losing female core viewers.

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