Married At First Sight: All Four Marriages Are on the Rocks!!


Married At First Sight: All Four Marriages Are on the Rocks!?

Decision day is RIGHT around the corner and boy oh boy are things so up in the air!! With less than a week until they make their final decision, so many of the couples aren’t sure what they will say! I thought at least Jess & Austin would be 100% in, but I guess that just isn’t the case!

A Man of Few Words…

Yikes! How awkward was the apple picking date??? Meka would talk, and Michael said NOTHING! I don’t know about you, but I have to remain #TeamMeka on this one! If I was talking to Doug and he ignored me like that, I would have none of it! I feel like Michael clearly doesn’t act married, I mean he seems to only be concerned with his own happiness?

Meka is the only one trying in that relationship yet somehow everything was blamed on her? I almost jumped up at the TV when I heard Meka apologizing to him (but my very pregnant belly didn’t allow it lol). I understand if Meka wasn’t as sensitive to his uncle passing as he would have liked, but he wasn’t trying BEFORE that happened…

I absolutely love how Meka sees her faults and she is willing to improve on those things. She genuinely cares about this marriage and IT SHOWS!! 



marriage, divorce, mafsSay whattttt?!? Ok, I think I am just as shocked as her friends here!!! I really thought Brandon and Taylor were over but I guess that isn’t the case! She seems more sure about saying yes than Jess seems with Austin! I don’t even know what to say about this one….l


Make-Ups & Break Ups

Anyone else feel like they’re at DisneyWorld riding a rollercoaster with these Katie and Derek?! One moment they’re super cute and saving turtles together (Katie actually showed the child in her and Derek was all for it!!!!), and the next moment they’re super unhappy with each other! Ay yi yi, the way she was talking sounded like she ASSUMES they will end in divorce. Probably not the best attitude to have! Katie seems like she really is self-sabotaging because Derek is a gem! 

Katie’s Dad is #TeamDream

Errr, even Katie’s dad loves Derek!!! I got the vibe that he really didn’t like her ex-boyfriends! But Derek on the other hand…he’s a keeper! I feel like even her dad is Team Derek lol! I definitely think that Katie had a lot of expectations going into this experiment, and I gotta be honest, if I had held onto my expectations I would not have let down my wall for my hubby. You have to let down those walls in order to fall in love! We’re still routing for you Katie and Derek!


Not What We Expected…

I’m officially worried about our all-star couple! Jess is clearly super hung up on the fact that Austin will be traveling a lot, and that he hasn’t said I love you. Jesss, girlfrannnnd! I PROMISE he likes you!! You can totally tell! In hindsight, 8 weeks is a really short amount of time to fall in love with someone. I didn’t fall in love with Doug until after the experiment ended!


Last Night Together

marriage, divorce, relationshipMeka, girlllll you have A LOT of patience! Michael FINALLY after 8 weeks had a breakthrough and apologized! It took him long enough to see his own faults.

As for Jessica and Austin, I feel like they’ve been having the same argument for the past three weeks lol I have faith that these two WILL make it! <3

Katie & Derek seem to be leaving things on a great note. They def had a breakthrough on their last night together! I’m nervous to see what happens between these two on decision day!


Ok! NEXT week is DECISION DAY!!! And it can’t come soon enough!

marriage, decision day, divorce, mafs, married at first sight,It’s truly *so* hard to say who our happily ever after couples will be! I am really rooting for Jessica and Austin…the others I am up in the air. I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below! And remember, I always tweet as the episodes air!! 🙂

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