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Married At First Sight: Reunion Day Spoilers!!


Married At First Sight: Reunion Day Spoilers!!

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Err, I don’t even know what to say this season. I hate to admit it, but I’m glad some of the couples didn’t stay together! As much as I want them all to find true love and happiness, some of the relationships were just too toxic and full of drama! I remember when Doug and I were in our months in post-decision day. I was still learning to love him and those 6 months without the experts is truly a difficult adjustment! No more cameras around, just you and your spouse LOL!

Fairytale Ending

I cannot get over how cute Jess and Austin are together! and OMG! He proposed! Don’t mind me, I’m over here crying happy tears!! These two are SO silly and know how to joke around with each other in the best way. I am so glad that they were able to work through him traveling a lot for work. I genuinely think that is not the biggest issue – distance truly does make the heart grow fonder! 

I think it is safe to say that these two are officially in the MAFS married club! & I love that they are getting a dog together! Soon they will be a cute family of three! 

Caught Cheating

Yikes!! This seems like a big ole mess! Derek said Katie cheated but she is denying it? What do you think? Who is telling the truth? There was a lot of side taking this episode between Katie and Derek, and then Taylor and Brandon. Not gonna lie, I still hope Derek finds a fellow dreamer to do his bucket list with him! As for the cheating accusation, I guess none of us can truly know what happened there, but girlllfriend, I hope it isn’t true! The way Derek stood his ground was crazy! I feel like that was the first time he really got to speak his piece, even if he was interrupted! If Doug had done that to me I would have had serious trust issues. I think Derek and Katie just didn’t love each other enough or see love happening so their relationship was stuck in the friend zone!

Also, sayyy whattt about Katie and Zach going out to get drinks? It’s totally cool to get drinks as friends, and I know that is all they are now, but it sounded like if he hadn’t treated Mindy so poorly, she would have been all for dating Zach!!! So much for sisters before misters! I find it super unlikely that Katie didn’t know about how Zach was treating Mindy because they had a lot of group girl sessions where they talked about their problems!! Oh well…. glad Katie realized that he could only be a friend.

Spoke TOO Soon!

At the beginning of the season, Taylor and Mindy were HEAD OVER HEELS over their hubbies! Both of them said they felt this could be the real deal, and even Taylor even threw out the word soulmate! During Mindy’s wedding reception her eyes were bright and her face looked SO happy, but the truth is, first impressions, in this case, were so far off. I think Brandon and Zach were not even close to what the girls expected. 

Anyways, you can just SEE the difference in these Mindy and Zach now. They have both definitely moved on, and Mindy is RADIANT and mature like usual! Yesss girl! Love how confident and classy you carry yourself even after having one of the worst hubbies on MAFS (sorry Zach!)…

An he really turned into Michael when he straight up lied to cover up the fact that he did text Lindsay after the show ended…even Mindy was shaking her head in disbelief!! & then Mindy’s friend was so unexpected but so AWESOME! I love that she stood up for Mindy so much in every way. That is what we call girl power!

Sharing a Prison Cell?!

They weren’t *actually* in a cell together, but they were BOTH arrested!! Brandon and Taylor, sorry, but you both seemed to not be ready to be good spouses. Like Mindy and Zach, from the wedding day, things did a full 180 because ay yi yi the beginning of their story looked like a fairytale and then BOOM they got physical in a bad way?!!

I was not expecting these two to get arrested! Who knew!? I gotta ask, why did Taylor go to that bar? I mean she has to know by now that Brandon has a temper…I guess I was right about the red flags!

Meka and Michael Look Miserable During the Group Sesh…

OK, OK…I had no idea the entire crew was involved in Taylor’s and Brandon’s court appearances!! I was just imagining a courtroom with everyone sitting on Taylor’s side of the room and Michael on Brandon’s side haha! Let me tell ya, if Meka and Michael did stay together, it would have been super awkward for them to have differing opinions of Taylor and Brandon and what went down in that bar. I don’t even know who’s side to believe, I mean I know Brandon is definitely a little unstable and I see the red flags there, but I do also believe that Taylor does like a little drama in her life. 

On a happier note, I love allll the girls this season! The friendships they made with one another is amazing! They even got matching tattoos to symbolize season 10! Amazing!! I wish that me and the season 1 ladies thought of something cute like that!

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WOW! Can you believe how crazy this season was? Having 5 couples instead of 4 proved to be insane! Another MAFS season over and we only get to welcome 1 couple into the married club! It was truly a rollercoaster this season and I am dying to know what your favorite and most cringe-worthy moments were?! Whose sides did you take during arguments?  Who did you WISH would have lasted but didn’t? I’ll be back next season to chat with you! 



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  1. Season 10 is the worst. I feel the show has lost its vision and become toxic. It is so sad. Wish the show could back to back to how it used to be; three couples.

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