Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert! One hubby refuses to move in with his wife


Married at First Sight: Spoiler Alert! One hubby refuses to move in with his wife

The honeymoon is over, and now that they’re back in DC they’re *SUPPOSED* to move in together. They’ve had a week to try to get to know each other, and although they shouldn’t be in love yet, they should maybe start to form crushes?!? Friendships!? I dunno……I definitely started to feel something with Doug on the honeymoon. Let’s take a look to see what’s happening with these guys.

Happily Married??

Did ya see how he acted on the bus ride back to the airport?! He not only told everyone on the bus to “eff off” but he also said it to Taylor?! NOT COOL DUDE! Ay yi yi, this isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians!!! But seriously, I get the pressure and stress from being Married At First Sight, and all that comes with it, but STILL…no need to react this poorly. If he’s going to treat Taylor and everyone else so poorly a week or so into their marriage (when most people are on their best behavior) who knows what the future will be like with him? To me, it’s a HUGE red flag.

But, it seems Taylor is willing to give him another chance. Not sure how genuine his apology with the flowers was but I guess we will have to wait and see…Fingers crossed for these two!!! Maybe he’ll be moved in the next episode?!

This isn’t……

Zach is STILL talking in circles. He talks and talks but I literally don’t get a WORD he says! And anyone else notice he just throws big words around in his sentences? Ha! He’s not attracted to Mindy? But he said she’s beautiful and checks all the boxes? Someone needs to explain this to me because I can’t wrap my head around this one.

Zach doesn’t want to live with her, but this is MARRIAGE! If he wanted a girlfriend at first sight he should have signed up for or any other dating app because THIS IS MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT!!!

Listen- I get not being attracted to someone right away, but this to me seems like he’s not even trying and he clearly doesn’t know what he signed up for. You can’t “take it slow” in the sense that you live separately. The point of the experiment is to live TOGETHER as a MARRIED couple.

Do you all remember the wedding day when Mindy said to her friend that Zach is the PERFECT guy for her?? Sisterrrrr, I think ya spoke too soon!!

Have patience Zach!!! & maybe try putting in some more effort?

Tears shed & hugs given?!

Was it just me or did Michael and Meka hardcore judge each other’s living spaces 🤣 from Michael’s cabinets to Meka’s fluffy pillows 🤣 I mean, I get having different living styles but these two crack me up with finding little things to hate on like it’s HGTV and they’re House Hunting. lol.

BUT, did Meka & Michael FINALLY have a breakthrough?? They talked about kids and we found out Michael wants to adopt – I can sooo relate and I think this is really genuine. I hope he gets to do that!!! & Meka even said she would consider it! Let’s see if this dream can become a reality for Michael.

Meka still DOES NOT trust Michael, though. So much to the point where she kept questioning him about the ultimatum he made on the plane on the way to Panama. “We have to have sex on the honeymoon or else I don’t want to be in this marriage,” is what Meka SWEARS he said, but he doesn’t think so. Wow! I DON’T think Meka would make this up?!? So why can’t she just get a confession from him? I’m glad he finally showed his emotional side though because those tears proved to Meka that he has another side to him….we hope.

Meka’s hug when he was crying was SO sweet and proved that she is willing to make this work! I am definitely still rooting for these two!

Honeymoon phase over too soon??

Katie & Derek went from being soulmates to ROOMMATES! I’m kinda shocked that Derek has a timeline on when he feels he can fall in love!! I mean, I guess if you’ve never been in love before you don’t know what to expect so maybe he’s just guessing, but it’s probably not a good sign for these two! Eeek!

Katie is STILL ATTRACTED TO HER EX?! Ut oh! Maybe Derek is actually just trying to protect himself so he isn’t hurt later on if she decides she wants to go back to her ex? It sounded like that door was closed though, so I guess we have to see!! They def need to build a foundation before it’s too late!

I would have to say that these two seem mature about it all – I mean Katie even unfollowed her ex on social media and cut off contact. I feel for her, she’s healing, but I also feel for Derek. NO ONE wants to be in a competition for a woman.

Ok! Next week things continue to get HEATED.

Zach & Brandon get interrogated by their spouse’s friends and apparently Derek told Katie he will never love her?!?

I’ll be back next week to chat more!


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