Married At First Sight: Did One Couple Call It Quits Already?!


Married At First Sight: Did One Couple Call It Quits Already?!

They’re officially on VACAY mode!!! Not gonna lie… I’m kind of jealous right now. I mean who wouldn’t be?! This is the perfect time for them to connect before they get into the everyday swing of things! I remember that is when I actually decided to give Doug a chance and look where we are now! I hope these couples also give their “stranger spouses” a chance because ya never know!!

Okay, sooooo Meka and Michael are off to a bit of a rough start to say the least. I think there’s more to this story than we’re seeing but to sum it up, Meka feels like Michael is two completely different people on and off camera. So that’s definitely a red flag if ya ask me.


They’re not the only couple having trouble in paradise. Zach just blurted out that he isn’t building up any connection to Mindy. I mean…. it has only been 3 days, give the girl a chance!! I love how he is super open with his communication and dialogue… maybe a little too open. But I am so glad that he realized he was a bit harsh! Mindy and Zach have so much potential and I hope they can move past this and use it as a way to grow closer 😉

Katie and Derek have hit the ground running! Sometimes if ya know ya know and these two definitely click! I mean they bonded even more over their love for cheese… ooo la la! I have such a good feeling about them, what do ya guys think… are they soulmates?! I mean, get yourself a man who can give you your insulin shot and sweep ya off your feet. Am I right ladies lol!?

Yikes!!! Taylor and Brandon are not off to a good start either! What happened?! Brandon is being super quiet and off putting for no apparent reason. Weird.

Jessica and Austin are the quirky couple you just can’t take your eyes off of haha! They are a match made in heaven and it seems like everything is smooth sailing for them! Yay!

Girl Group Confesh Sesh

I think that it is so so IMPORTANT to have a strong support system with the people who are going through what you’re going through. I loved that all the couples got to meet up and just vent!

Sex on the wedding nights?

Ya know, a lady never tells but… Nope! Nothing to tell here!! So far none of these couples have consummated their marriages. I mean it has only been 3 days so let’s cut them some slack 😉

On a more serious note, Meka shared with the ladies all about her little mishap with Michael. The girls are totally on her side! But hey, we’re still looking for the positive and want this to work out 🙂

Brandon’s also not having the best time in paradise. He has been blowing Taylor off ALL day!! I’m not sure how she handled it so well! I think I would have totally shut down if Doug did this to me the first couple of days.. but she’s one strong lady! And I guess a little too strong sometimes since Brandon shared that she was causing him anxiety. He didn’t know how to talk to her so he just didn’t. I *really* hope that he can communicate better about how he’s feeling because communication is KEY for a happy and healthy relationship!

All Rings are Off?!

Michael took off his ring? What!! I am so so shocked!! I mean you’re in this for the good and the bad… you can’t just call it quits when the times get hard.

MAFS Family Dinner
They’re all reunited for a little family dinner on their honeymoons and it’s just so cute to see where all the couples are at!

Meka on the other hand feels very forced and I can totally relate to her! But I hope that they can start with a friendship first and build from there.

Seems like Jessica and Austin did the deed 😉 and decided to share at family dinner lol!!

And NEXT week!

It’s the last few days in paradise!! Did Meka and Michael kiss and make up?! Zach wants Mindy to get breast implants? I’ll be back next week to chat with ya guys! xoxo

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