Married At First Sight: A Not So Blissful Mini-Moon


Married At First Sight: A Not So Blissful Mini-Moon

This MAFS season is coming to an end and these couples have been through a lot in just a couple months. They went from strangers, to husband and wife, to living together and then to possibly falling in love all in a matter of months. This last week is crucial for them! I’m so excited to see how it all turns out, alrighty let’s get into it!

Dave and Amber seem to be in such an amazing place together! I think that they are growing to understand each other slowly but surely 🙂

Bobby and Danielle are in Broken Bow for their honeymoon and they seem to be enjoying their time together 🙂 But Bobby really wants to hear Danielle say “I love you” and I think that when she feels the time is right she’ll open up to him!

Overall, I think that these second honeymoons were much needed and such a good idea because they can really just focus on their marriages for a couple days!

On another note, Mia and Tristan aren’t having a blissful second honeymoon to say the least. Mia reached her breaking point and decided to leave the hotel in last week’s episode. Tristan really wants to move forward and talk in person. I would have to agree that saying I want a divorce are some pretty heavy words and I’m not sure how they’re going to move past this. They both seem to still care for each other and Tristan believes their marriage is still salvageable. I hope this mini-moon will help them recover from this 🙂

Decision Day Doubt

There’s only one week left!! And trust me, knowing that decision day is right around the corner makes everything so much more stressful!

Dave believes that  they have only committed to eight weeks and not to each other yet. Dave said that he didn’t know if he would want to be there if he didn’t “have” to. I’m kinda shocked to be honest and I don’t really understand why he didn’t answer Amber’s question, but maybe it just wasn’t the right time, who knows! I just think that they both have different ways of viewing the experiment and I hope that they can both get on the same page before decision day!

Omg!! What do you guys think of Dave acting mad at Amber the whole day!? I was so shocked when he said he was just kidding!

Mia and Tristan are having a cute little picnic together and it seems like no matter what they are 100% committed to each other! I think the best part of their marriage is that they both know they’re not perfect and they’ll make mistakes, but at the end of the day they’re committed to each other 🙂

Bobby shared that he will do anything for Danielle and that he loves her unconditionally. While Danielle isn’t ready to say I love you, it’s obvious that she truly cares for Bobby.

Back to Reality…

Welp, the mini-moons are over and with that comes a huge decision… to stay married or get divorced?! This is going to be the second hardest decision of their life! I cannot wait to see how this season ends, hopefully we’ll welcome three new couples into the MAFS family 🙂




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