Married At First Sight: Only 3 Weeks Left!!!!


Married At First Sight: Only 3 Weeks Left!!!!

Okay guys, so the countdown to decision day officially begins! These couples are only three weeks away from making the second most life changing decision of their lives, besides choosing to be married at first sight! Doug and I just celebrated our 4-year decision day anniversary last week where we chose to stay married!! Anndddd I honestly could NOT be happier! Alrighty let’s see how these couples are doing!

Gym Buddies

I think it’s so good that Amber and Dave share the same interest in working out and having a gym buddy is always more fun than going solo! Dave never say never, ya may just be joining that class with Amber and her girlfriends… it looked like sooo much fun lol!

Amber didn’t really like when Dave was talking to her friend Ashley. Maybe she could sense that Dave was kinda into her friend? I don’t know what do you guys think?

It’s a Family Occasion

It’s Bobby’s mom’s birthday and his family got right to the juicy questions haha! Bobby and Danielle shared that they didn’t really have any problems with each other which is AMAZING especially since they were married at first sight! I love how open Bobby is with Danielle and I would love to see her express her feelings a little more and be more open with him!

Bobby’s mom seems to be a little suspicious about their “perfect” marriage but I think she’s just looking out for them and I think that they would totally be able to overcome any issues!

Let’s Communicate!

Dr. Jessica pays a little visit to Mia and Tristan to help them work on their communication. She even brought tapes on how they communicated with each other so they can review it haha!! On a more serious note, I think this is super good for them because sometimes you don’t even realize what you say or do, so for them to be able to look back on it and make changes is going to be amazing for their marriage!

Bobby and Danielle also get a visit from Dr. Jessica this week and I couldn’t agree more with her! I think if Danielle can open up and express more to Bobby it will totally take their relationship to the next level! Dr. Jessica definitely has a good point that they may just be avoiding conflicts, but arguments don’t always have to end badly, they can bring ya closer together! I mean Doug and I have definitely had our fair share of arguments, who hasn’t?!

Dave and Amber are the last couple Dr. Jessica visits! Dave shared that Amber was upset at him for talking to her friend Ashley and I could totally relate to where Amber was coming from! Dr. Jessica showed them their footage and Amber realized that she may just be jumping to conclusions sometimes, I mean who doesn’t we’re all human!

Lunch with the In Laws

I love that Danielle wants to spend time with Bobby’s family and I think it’s so important for them to get along! During their lunch, Bobby’s sister asked some intense questions! Danielle wanted to be honest and basically told them that she doesn’t want to be a stay at home mom forever and I loved how supportive his family was of her! I think it’s so important to respect people’s opinions even if ya don’t agree with them!

Let’s Move to Houston

Well it seems like Mia and Tristan are officially moving to Houston!!! I thought it was such a good idea that Tristan decided to take Mia out to dinner and talk about the move and make sure she was still on board 🙂 Mia is super excited for the adventure and fresh start in Houston and I’m so excited to see where their journey takes them!

Next Week… Planning for the Future

On next week’s episode, the couples are planning for their futures together! That comes with some hard conversations about kids, jobs and where they see themselves as a couple! Also, Mia and Tristan seem to have gotten into a pretty heated argument and he threw her out… next week CAN’T come soon enough!!

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