Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert!!! One Couple is OVER!


Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert! One Couple is OVER!

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It is getting closer and closer to decision day and we had some blasts from the past…aka Derek’s high school photo blown up to the size of a television lol. I remember letting Doug into my past, and even though it was hard for me, we came out of it stronger than ever! I really hope the other couples can dive deep into their emotions and embrace vulnerability!!

Jessica Says the ‘L’ Word?!?!

love, romance, marriage, mafs, married at first sightOk, ok…this is what we have ALL been waiting for, Jessica finally told Austin how she feels! Austin doesn’t say it back but I really think he does love her and he’s just not ready to say it yet, which is OK! 

I wasn’t sure Jessica was even going to say I love you because the two of them seemed to run into their first struggle as a married couple?! I guess we DON’T have another Bobby and Danielle in our hands – hahah! I totally get where Jessica is coming from, no one wants their hubby to travel 2 weeks out of the month! That is a lot! Especially if you’re trying to start a foundation for marriage, and then later down the road when you want to have kids. Jessica did seem blindsided and I felt her frustration but then she still said I love you!! This threw me off guard, so I can’t imagine how she felt!! On the bright side! At least she *loves* him!

Childhood Trauma??

family, relationships, mafs, marraigeErr, Meka and Michael go through the SAME drama every week and honestly, it’s getting painful to see! It’s like a broken record that just keeps playing. I think it’s great that Meka met with his sister to finally get some clarity and truth, but lemme tell ya, Michael better start spilling facts instead of lies! I totally understand childhood trauma and that he felt rejected in the past, but as a hubby, he has to open up to Meka and be honest about EVERYTHING because she is going to get sick of it sooner or later. When Doug lied to me a few weeks before decision day I was SO close to ending it (thank goodness I didn’t). But anyway, point is, things need to change with these two!! What are your thoughts? 

past, high school, love, romance, jealousy, marriageAND we also got to dive into Katie’s trauma from the past where we found out that she had to grow up too fast, causing her to lose the fun, childish, dreamer side of life! I gotta say, I can relate. But don’t ya worry, Derek has enough ‘dream’ in him to make up for it! I felt like I really got to know Katie and she started to let down a wall this episode!!! 

Thennn we take it back to Derek’s storage unit and WOW I did not expect Katie to be this jealous!! I felt this was a great chance for Katie to really get to know Derek and appreciate his past but that was just not the case…

And So it’s Come Down to Divorce?!?

divorce party, mindy, breakup, marriageMindy, girlll, I LOVE YOU! Doug and I support your decision 100% because, at the end of the day, you did what was best for you! No one deserves to be treated the way she was treated. I’m starting to think the reason Zach’s hair is so big is because it is full of secrets (yes- lol – that was a Mean Girls reference). Zach has lied to Mindy, withheld the truth, and basically cheated on her, so yeah, I feel it’s safe to say this divorce is called for!

Thank goodness for GIRL POWER! Mindy’s friends were always there for her through this all, well except for one friend but let’s not talk about that… but seriously, that divorce party actually looked fun! Lol, I had no idea those existed! I want an invite next time! I’m just glad to see that Mindy came out of being Married At First Sight stronger than ever!

Did a Full 180, CRAZY!

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Well well well.. I guess I was wrong about Brandon and Taylor after all! WHO would have known??? Every week, when Doug and I snuggle up and watch Married At First Sight, we always talk about how we are sure two couples aren’t going to stay together, and well, frankly, we thought Brandon and Taylor were on the outs!!! But alas, they SHARED A KISS?? And they’re moving back in together? Did we miss something? Did anyone else’s jaw drop?! I can’t wait to see how this relationship pans out….

Ok! NEXT week can’t come soon enough and boy oh boy – it is looking DRAMATIC!

Some couples head down a dark path. Does Michael sleep in a different room?! Does Katie’s jealousy get the best of her? Are Brandon and Taylor are back to square one?! I’ll be back next week to chat more, but I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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