Married At First Sight: Secrets Secrets are No Fun Unless You Share with…. National Television


Married At First Sight: Secrets Secrets are No Fun Unless you Share with…. National Television

Less than 3 weeks until decision day and it’s a blast from the past! These couples are headed to their HOMETOWNS!! I remember taking Doug back to my trailer park and it was a roller coaster of emotions for me. It was hard for me to open up to him, but he never judged me or made me feel like less of a person. He loved not only me but my entire family from day one and it means the world to me!! Okay, back to these couples…

Deonna and Greg

Deonna and Greg are the sweetest together, I feel like they’ve been married for years!! You could totally tell that she loves seeing Greg happy. They truly compliment each other and push each other out of their comfort zones which is SO important!!

Errr, let’s talk about Greg’s “mansplaining”…hahah I love that word! Doug, watch out I may start using that word! Anyways, Deonna was not having it and I could see why. Greg, just let her answer the question LOL!!

Keith and Iris

These two are dancing their way closer to intimacy. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered 😉 And DAMNNN Iris has MOVES!!! She feels awkward but, you totally couldn’t tell at all!! I think it’s going to help them grow together. Keith definitely got to see a different side of Iris in tonight’s episode 😉

MAFS Couples Take on NASCAR Racing

All the couples are here and their hearts aren’t the only things racing… so are they!! We’re just missing Iris and Keith, but this is going to be a FUN time!

Yikes, this is off to a ROUGH start! I cannot believe that Jamie told Beth to shut up IN FRONT of all the other couples. Deonna was appalled and so was I, it was like he was scolding his child…but it’s not our place to say anything.

You could totally tell that she was very upset and started to act out now. And for Jamie….Beth is the last thing on his mind! I’m not sure how they’re going to fix it, but I know they will! They always do 🙂

Poor Amber, haha she could barely reach the peddles, but that didn’t stop her!! You go girl!! And we also have adventurous Deonna…. chilling in the passenger seat. She’s definitely got the right idea lol!

Training Wheels Are Coming Off

Keith and Iris are working hard on getting more intimate and being vulnerable with each other! Doug and I didn’t consummate our marriage for almost 2 months after the experiment ended, so just because they’re not physically intimate doesn’t mean it’s the end-all for them!

Dr. Viviana to the Rescue

Jamie is not too happy with Beth… he seems totally mad she ruined everyone’s day and embarrassed him. I feel like he totally turned the tables!! Like what?! You could totally tell that Beth is emotionally drained I mean she literally threw a table at him! These two love and fight HARD!!

If you thought the table throwing was it… you guessed wrong, she was trying to be hip but it came across like she was calling Dr. Viviana a b*itch! Thank goodness she was able to clear that one up real quick lol!!

On the other hand, Matt and Amber are slowing things down. And by that I mean they aren’t having sex. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a step back! There’s so much more than just physical intimacy and I’m so glad they’re working on making their relationship stronger! As long as they still feel connected, I’m all for it!

A Ride Down Memory Lane

Anddd the couples are off to their hometowns!! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions taking your newly married “stranger” spouse to where you spent your childhood! The couples are being totally vulnerability and letting each other in, but in a healthy way. I feel like this was definitely a major turning point for Doug and I!

Beth is really taking it hard, but Jamie is there for her and it’s the sweetest! You could tell how much her being there brought her back to the difficulties of her past.

Deonna and Greg had a little picnic together and it was so cute!! I feel like it’s hard for her to open up but you could tell that she wants him to know that she’s still trying. As long as Deonna wants to continue to grow with him I think that they’re going to go far!!

Iris’s Dirty Little Secret

Okay, okay… this is what we’ve all been waiting for, Iris had a secret that literally no one knew about… besides her mom and the doctors! You could see the suspense on Keith’s face!! Well for all you guys wondering…she swallowed a quarter. HAHAH the look on his face, like really Iris?! I think that Keith was a bit disappointed in that secret, to say the least. I feel like it’s hard for Iris to open up a bit, but patience is key and I totally think they could get there!!

Rocky Relationships

Next week’s episode seems like a rollercoaster of emotions, with lots of tears and disagreements. With decision day right around the corner, will they be able to move past it?

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