Married At First Sight: One Hubby Wants A Divorce


Married At First Sight: One Hubby Wants A Divorce

Okay it’s been an explosive couple of episodes so far! But it seems like all of the Married At First Sight couples are finally settling in to day to day life! I remember at this point in the experiment Doug and I were just trying to make time from our busy work schedule to get to know each other! I absolutely loved just figuring out OUR routine:) Let’s see how all these couples are doing!

Matt and Amber
Amber is one strong cookie! Not going to lie, in this point of the experiment, if I hadn’t heard from Douglas in almost 2 days, I probably would’ve gotten a divorce… but that’s just me!

My heart dropped when she was going threw his drawers and found his wedding ring… it definitely doesn’t look good for him, but I’m going to give Matt the benefit of the doubt and I’m hoping there’s a reallyyyy good explanation.

Keith and Iris

These two definitely complement each other, where he is weak, she is strong and vice versa 🙂 Unfortunately, Keith’s grandmother passed away, but Iris was being super understanding and comforting. She even cooked him a homemade dinner. I can’t imagine what it would be like going through such a monumental moment with your brand new spouse but I’m so so happy that she got to see them get married and give her blessing.

Jamie and Beth

Dr Pepper to the RESCUE!! Last week was a bit rough for these two and I honestly don’t even know what they were fighting over.

Jamie said he wanted a divorce but didn’t actually mean it. I don’t know about that one…. I definitely don’t think that’s something you just throw around. But I think these two are undermining a wonderful marriage, but I have faith that they can and will work through this!!

The MIA Man is Back

Well, well, well look who’s back!! It doesn’t seem like Matt does very well at communicating. All he said was sorry and his reasoning behind not telling her where he was at was because he had no plans🤷🏻‍♀️

This may have flew when he was single, but I think he’s still adjusting to being married which is totally normal! I just hope he doesn’t leave her in the dust again.

Moving Out….

Okay, if you thought it was over there… you thought wrong lol!! After Dr. Pepper left, Beth decided to go home for the night.

Jamie feels like they don’t have enough sex, but Beth feels like they have too much sex! And she wants to focus more on their relationship and less on physical intimacy for now. I really hope they can come to a compromise because these two are MADE for each other… but for now he’s sleeping in the doghouse… on the couch!

What’s Your Fantasy?! Sexy Card Games, Fishbowls and Lap Dances

Deonna and Greg are up first! And first of all….they’re so so cute together! Right?! All the poor man wants is a compliment lol, he absolutely LOVES his compliments hahah!! I think it’s so so sweet!

Iris and Keith got some *interesting* questions! I felt kind of bad for Iris, you could totally tell that she was SO uncomfortable when every sex question came up.

And that dance!! Get it girl, Beth isn’t afraid to have fun and I absolutely love it!!! Seems like these two are back on track 😉

ONE Month Anniversaries!!

Next week the couples celebrate their ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!! Now when you’re married at first sight, this one month is like being married a whole year!! It’s a BIG DEAL guys!!!

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