Married At First Sight: First Fights, Ex Fiancés & Late Night Flings


Married At First Sight: First Fights, Ex Fiancés & Late Night Flings

We’re in the final few stages of the honeymoon but the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to be over!! This episode is jam packed full of *interesting* scenarios to say the least so let’s get right on into it!

Elizabeth and Jamie

Okay, have ya ever heard of lizard kisses? Yep neither have I haha but these two start off everyy day with one, hey you do you!

Anddd they did a wee bit more than kissing on their honeymoon.. they made their marriage official official of ya know what I mean 😉

Did anyone else’s jaw drop a little when Jamie told Elizabeth that he LOVED her! Yep he said the “L” word only 5 days in! It took me 6 months to truly be *in* love with Doug, but I think these two have had a unique connection from the start so if ya feel it say it, right?

If ya thought we were done talking about their fight… you thought wrong. Jamie thinks she feels insecure out their fight which is why she didn’t spill on girls day but he is on her side! What do you guys think? Would you tell the other wives about it?

Deonna and Greg

First off, girlllll don’t refuse a compliment… I practically gotta beg Doug now them LOL! No but seriously, the chemistry between them is through the roof!! They are practically the SAME.EXACT.PERSON!! I mean the matching bathing suits, c’mon that’s couple goals!!

Catamaran with Me

The couples are off and they’re spending the day together! Total side note but Deonna and Greg look so freakin cute in their matching suits!

The catamaran ride wasn’t exactly the boat ride of everyone’s dreams but I loved how positive Amber was!! Elizabeth on the other hand was NOT having it, her divaness (is that even a word lol) took over for a hot second but she made the best of it!

Keith and Iris

Okay, Doug has lost his wedding ring like a bajillion times and it stresses me out EVERY.SINGLE.TIME so Iris I feel your pain girl, that ring only lasted 5 days haha!! I cannot believe that Keith lost his ring but thank goodness he found it!!

Two Fights in One Honeymoon?

Well, seems like that wasn’t the first and last fight Jamie and Elizabeth were having this honeymoon. She snapped at Janie and told him to go f himself. In her defense though he was making some *pretty* iffy jokes if ya ask me. But these two are able to talk through anything and that is KEY to a successful relationship so props to you guys!!


Matt and Amber

These two had a pretty heavy conversation over dinner on their last day in paradise. She shared that if he takes an oversees contract… it may be a dealbreaker for her!

Deonna and Greg

Deonna shared that she has never lived with a significant other, so their move in together will be pretty interesting to say the least! But Greg dropped a total bomb at dinner!! Like OMG, rewind!! An ex fiance?! I bet there’s sooo much more to the story, but he was totally open and honest with Deonna about it! It’s been 2 years since they broke it off, do you think that’s enough time to fully heal?!

Move In Time!!

Ahhh move ins are probably my favorite episodes!! I love that they’re getting into the swing of things and seeing what it’s *really* like to live with each other! But, move in day didn’t seem to go smoothly for all the couples…Iris found an empty box of condoms and was not happy about it, Matt seems like he wants to be roomies and Greg seems to make a joke that rubs Deonna the wrong way! Yikes, hope you’re ready for next week’s episode!!

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